memories made with love……..abigya destiny (epi11)


Here is our episode:

Pragya started to cry hardly by holding Gowri’s photo.Raghav too had few tears in his eyes but hided and placed his hands on Pragya’s shoulder.suddenly she kept her head on Raghav’s chest n cried vigorously.Raghav hesitate’ s to touch her.he cupped her face n says pls don’t cry.if u cry means my mom also seems to seeing her in ur happiness.pragya realised n moved back.Pragya, thanks.Raghav, I oly need to thanku both bcoz u made my mom n dad to alive.Pragya looked him puzzled. Raghav,the profession behind ur name was making them getting my parents smile by ur smile.Pragya, it’s getting late.Bulbul will search for me turned to leave.Raghav, will u accept me as ur friend. she turned back to see..but it was a big surprise for her.his hands full of pink rose in bunches.automatically a smile came in her face n nodes yes.she was about to ask how he knows between, Raghav says my mom said everything about…Pragya smiles.Raghav, I will drop u.Pragya, it’s k.I ll leave.Raghav,u r my mom’s sweetheart. so it’s my duty to care that my mom ll b happy.Pragya can’t say anything n just nodes yes.Pragya moves n Raghav follows her.Pragya thinks really he is a genuine guy.Raghav thinks whatever Pragya atleast I just want to b a part in ur life n share ur happiness n everything.

In car:
Raghav helps Pragya to sit in car n he too settled n started driving.Pragya thinks how to ask him about his arrival. Raghav understood her thinking.Raghav, actually I have appointed a guard for u from ur college his information oly I came ter.Pragya, what….guard…??? for us…..? Raghav, the way do u love anyone..?Pragya a thinks about Abi n his memories.Raghav, Pragya…..??? Pragya, memories are made with love….all my memories are my love..Raghav,thinks really smart.same time Pragya mob rings. it was Abi. Pragya, haa, where r long am waiting here.stupid. u r not well then y went out.come here I ll kill u..Pragya, k baba. ..relax am safe.few mints I ll reach.Abi, k come safe n disconnects the cal.Pragya smiles herselfs.Raghav notices.they reached hostel.

Abi was waiting in the Hal of the hostel. he hears a sound of car.he rushed to see.Raghav got down from the car.Abi wonders who was he n y coming here in tis time.wait wait. I have seen him somewhere…n thinks.Raghav helps Pragya to walk n brings inside.Pragya patches Abi’s shoulder n brings back to sense.Pragya, what are you thinking. Abi without sense says’ about him’.Pragya, what…he realised. Abi, vo…..vo….actually who was he..gets jealous of seeing Raghav holding Pragya.suddenly, Abi drags Pragya towards him n holds her shoulder.pragya feels his hands were too protective…Pragya, he was Raghav. my frd…Abi, I know all ur, who is tis new friend.Pragya,stupid he is the one who saved me.Abi,oh…..anyways, thanks.Mr.Raghav..Raghav, it’s my pleasure.k Pragya take care.let me leave..Pragya, thanku sir…Raghav, don’t b me Raghav.abi was irrated by his act n moves to him n says actually Mr.Raghav.she will get shy at the first sight to speak with a stranger. leave it..Raghav,understood the motive of Abi..Raghav,k guys am leaving. .its getting late.Raghav was about to leave.Pragya stares Abi..Abi, hey y seeing me lik tis,am I looking hot n nears her.Pragya, stupid. tis is the way of behaving.what he will think. but Bulbul enters.bulbul, di…who s tis.Raghav smiles at her.Pragya, Raghav….he is the one who saved me…Bulbul, stops him.really thanks sir…u have saved my di on correct time.Abi was irritated by all praising him.Bulbul, sir, somewhere I have seen u….Pragya slowly moves to her n whispers something on her ears.Bulbul got tears in her eyes..Bulbul, sir……Raghav, don’t b me Raghav.Raghav, k guys am leaving. .its getting late.Bulbul, pls b here for somemore time sir..Raghav stares her.Bulbul, kkk….Raghav. now happy…bulbul hugs him…Raghav,that’s like my gal.k bulbul I have to leave.see u later.Abi was confused by their activities.bulbul left out to sendoff raghav.Pragya, pls b here Abi.few mints.Abi, k.sat with confusion. Bulbul came back n sees Abi was in confused state.Abi was about to Bulbul cuts off him..bulbul, I know what u trying to ask n explains everything. Abi was. completely much pain she have been crossed…Abi had a small drop of tears.Bulbul signs that Pragya was coming. Abi wipes his tears.Pragya, it’s getting late n.a…go home.Abi, actually I came to take u.Pragya, again ah…where.Abi, to MM.Dadi wants to meet u.Pragya, listen Abi.even I can’t walk properly. Abi, haaa. ..oly he can support u ah….I too can.Pragya, he…? who…abi, leave it.see now.Abi lifted Pragya in arms.Pragya was surprised by his act.she was feeling like in heaven n keepon staring his eyes.Abi was made her tis sit in car but by tat time his dog tag chain was strucked wit Pragya dress.they shared a eye was broken by phone cal.they both tried to remove.but can’t.finally he placed in her neck.Pragya felt something special. AbI was speaking in cal.she touches the chain n staring Abi. Abi finished his cal n started the car.Pragya thinks about the chain n smiles.Abi noticed that.Abi, hey Pragya any good news, seems to b happy….Pragya, nothing Abi…Abi thinks about their romantic Times n smiles.

In MM:
Pragya n Abi reached mm.Pragya was somewhat trying to get down from all are trys are got failure.Abi, wait I ll help u.Pragya, no Abi.let me try.relse often u are lifting me like a toy.Abi gives a naughty smile.Abi, it’s k…I ll support u n mummers as u seems weightless so what can i do..Pragya, that’s fine…hello Mr.Abi I have heard.better shut ur mouth n come.Abi, aerry tis doctor becoming too smart now a days.Pragya, am always smart their kids fights they enter inside.

precap:Abi lifts Pragya n takes to his room…..

really thanks for ur valuable comments friends.I know I had done few mistakes in tis really sorry.typed in hurry. .so oly…sorry friends…
.thanks for ur supports too….

Credit to: Emmy

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  1. Episode was awesome ???… Abhigya scene was superb ☺☺… We can feel the love bond between abhigya and friendship between raghav and pragya , so finally we are clear in the relations ????????… On a whole wonderful episode …

  2. Super….next one update soon plz ….

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  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb……..

  7. emy its just awesome dr…..i think ragav consider pragya-bulbul has his sisters….

  8. Arey…how much time we have to wait…pls update the next episode yaar…pls…

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