Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 9)


Here is our Episode.
Purab,k guys v r happy bt,who done lik tis to him.Aliya,tat unknown person.Unknown person..?dont blabber…Preethu,ya aliya was person oly admitted her.brought her in his arms.Abi gets jealous tat he brought her in his arms.Bulbul,have u asked anything to him.Aliya,no bulbul.Bulbul,how mean u r.he saved di bt u dnt thanked him…rite.stupids.Abi,lets ask to pragya moves egarly to room.Purab stops him.Abi lets her tak rest.v shal ask her later.Aliya,ya bai purab was rite.Abi stares her.Aliya notices tat.Aliya k guys am running late.i have to go class..see u all later.preethu are u comin with me r nt.Preethu,ya comin.v ll see di after our class hrs.Bulbul,i ll b with di.Purab,ya i too ll b.Abi,what about me.Purab,Abi u having a important meeting.first finish tat.Abi keps his face lik.pours..Purab,hey comeon abi.v r here na.v ll tak care.Abi,k purab.if anything important call me soon. n left the hospital.

In Room:
pragya wakes up n sits in bed.Thinks how Raghav saved n brought her to hospital.says to hereselfs pragya u have to thank him.but hw.i dont have his number.even i dont no wher he ll b.sudenly his thought was broken by a call.she attends the cal.pragya,helo.stranger,hi…pragya was ur health.Pragya,am fine.who are u.stranger,its me.if want to know y he saved means u must be here tis time.Pragya,who are u.stranger disconnects the call. meantime, bulbul enters the room.seeing pragya sitting she run n hugs her.Bulbul,di……di. how are u. Pragya,hoi dramaquen small fine.purab, are u k di.Pragya, ya am fine purab. evening v shall leave.Purab, k di I ‘ll complete all the formalities n back.Pragya, come back soon purab. I can’t tolerate tis dramaquen.purab smiles n left the room.Bulbul, it’s not at all fair.Pragya laughs.Bulbul got relief after seeing her smiles.After completing formalities they left the car, di shall I inform to other that u r going home nu.Pragya,k purab.once v reached the hostel v can inform.

purab n bulbul helps her in walk.bulbul made her to sit in bed.Purab, k leaving.if anything don’t hesitate to call me.Pragya, sure purab.u take care.Bulbul went with purab to send off him.Pragya, was keepon thinking about Raghav n wonders who was he.that time Bulbul enters the room.Bulbul, di…….di…..n shouts.Pragya came back to sense.Pragya, say bulbul.Bulbul, di.u take rest.I have a screen test for my shoot.I ‘ll b comin late take care.I ll inform to Sarala maa. Pragya, it’s k Bulbul. already she was not fine.I ll manage.don’t worry.Bulbul k di.see u n hugs her.Pragya thinks about the incident n had a tears in her eyes.after sometime, she receives Abi’s call.Abi, how r u Pragya.Pragya, am fine.Abi, eve Ill come to see u.Pragya, no Abi am in hostel. just now I came back.Abi started to scold her…Pragya hey enough enough..Abi, k take care.I ll ter at evening.Pragya, k Abi.Later she was got ready to meet tat stranger.

In XYZ place:

Pragya reached the place. bt it was a big bungalow. quite confused. somewhat gathered her courage n went it was very dark.she got scared, went inside bt calling, sir is anyone inside.pls come scared of dark.suddenly a bunch of rose petals flows on her.dim lights were switched was very beautiful.ful of rose decorated.meantime abi was ringing her cal.she disconnected.Pragya continued sir.pls come.Again abi calls.she attened.Abi, hey stupid wher u long am waiting outside of ur hostel lik a watchman.Pragya, am busy now.better u sit with watchman itselfs.i ll b back in few mints n disconnects.Abi,hello. … mean she is. she can see a shadow of someone.Pragya, sir who are you.shadow turns. Pragya was in little only called me here ah.Stranger,ya am only.Mr.Raghav singhanv.suddenly all the lights were switched.pragya was fully surprised by seeing which was surrounded her.That hall full of Pragya’s photo..From the first day of her college n till now all the photos which was more presious to her n too few photos which gave a wide smiles(her sister arrival, their sweet conversation in airport, in road while searching fr coat with innocent looks, kissing the child, getting the coat with pink roses with her plesense of happiness,her sister exciting happiness when she was selecting in zee tv, her sentimental smile when seeing her sister happiness,naughties which made by her sister in mall for wearing the dress, the look after wearing the dress,in road while having pani puri n many more cute photos which makes her to get tears.atlast she notices a was a family photo n Raghav too was in tat.Pragya keep on staring the photo n sees a women. she touches her photo n remembers a incident.Pragya, who was that lady. how u know her.Raghav, she was my mom.Pragya was in shock to hear tis.

precap:Raghav starts his flashback.

thanks for ur comments guys.sure I ll continue fir the sake of few friends…thanks for ur support.
next episode will b back soon….sure suspense will b broken….

Credit to: Emmy

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  1. Episode was nice ?… Pls don’t cheat abhi yaar ??????… Don’t give any twist in the flashbackkkkkkk … Waiting for next one…

    1. ha ha ha ha……no no….always pragya n abi oly will n paired……

  2. Super n thanks 4 conth, it was inter,.

    1. thanku di……fr u all oly,am gng on…..pls comment it both postive n negative.

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Awesome yaar…………I am sooooooo Excited to read the next one………

    1. thanku reshma……

  4. Really superb….pls make it longer…it is too small….pls update the next episode soon…pls…

    1. thanks sana….nxt episode will b flash will b oly i made tis short.sorry…..

  5. As always excited to read the next one!! ??????

    1. thanku maya……♣♣♣♣

  6. Its nice..keep going..

    1. thanku arshi fan…..

  7. I am desperately waiting for flashback so nicely written yaar chanceless daily I am eagerly waiting for ur ff thanku so much for giving such good episodes and Abi watchman ha ha aha

    1. really thanku so much sheerapthinisd…..

  8. Awesome yaar bt somewhat missing abhigya scene yaar I mean frankly to say I felt abhi a not a pair 4 pragya nu I thk sometime yaar really while reading I HV full of fear tat @ end ur ff vl make abhigya as a pair in their memories only not in a real life I mean wat I’m trying to convey u vet I hope so anyway I’m excited to know abt tat raghav coz of tat character only I felt lk tat

    1. no durga……..dnt wry.nothing lik tat.

    2. after few twists,they will join..tats it.

  9. Pls dont let ragv to cime inbtwn abhi n prgya… nice epi darling. Bt pls unite abagya…♥♥♥♥

    1. sure tina…..dnt wry…i too lik to gather them…….

    2. sure tina…..dnt wry…i too lik togather them…….

  10. Frndz. Pls anyone can tell me about panipoori. Most ff had mntioned about panipoori.actualy im 4m sri lanka. I think pani poori is not availble here so i love to know how it taste…

    1. hey it’s golgappa yaar….. haven’t u heard it??

  11. Amazing

    1. thanku sharaya

  12. very nice interesting…..

    1. thanku sugan….

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