Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 8)


Here is our episode….

All took photos.Pragya,k guys its already too late.u all leave nw.Purab n Bulbul sees each other.Abi,areeey romiyo u can have ur romance later lets leave nw.Preethu,haaa abi bai was rite.relse another dinosor family will go inside.All confused of her words.Bt Purab stares her.All left to their homes.Pragya n Bulbul were getting to slep.Bulbul hugs pragya.Di u r really my best di.dont no what am going to do for u.Pragya,i just want tis smile till the end of my life.Bulbul,sure di.i too ll kep u happy.Both slep.
In Abi room:
Abi smiles seeing pragya’s are so cute,never expected tis.such a strong lady lik a jansi rani.smiles n sleps by seeing her photo.

Nxt morning.
Pragya gets ready to hospital lik a jet.Bulbul wakes by rubbing her eyes.gud morning di…Pragya,gud morning sweety.i have a important am leave soon.see u n left the room.

City Hospital:
Pragya reaches her cabin.Suddenly she recives nikhil call.Nikhil,pragya can u pls come to my home.i cant come to hosptial,few important reports are with me.can u come nw.Pragya,no problem nikhil i ll b ter in few mints.Pragya takes her bag n leaves hospital.

Nikhil Home:
pragya reaches Nikhil home.someone has been following her.Nikhil’s servant say her to wait fr a while.She waiting in hall.Servant comes n ask her to go upstairs as he cant come down due to fever.Pragya goes to upstairs n opens the was a shock to her.Room was fully decorated with roses……entire room was with roses on floor fr her way.the wall was decorated with pink n white roses.she walks in with confusion.Pragya,Nikhil wher r u n moves forward.Nikhil,welcome my sweet heart.he stands near by door n locks it.Pragya,Nikhil y closing the door.y did u lied to me.Nikhil,sorry one was here except u n me.the stranger informs someone tat pragya was in trouble n asks him to come.Pragya,whats wrong with u nikhil.pls open the door.Steps backward.Nikhil,pragya u know what,i love u a lot.i thought to confess when i saw u yesterday i cant control myselfs.comeon ter na.dnt get scared.Steps towards her.Nikhil holds her hand.Pragya,pls nikhil u r my frd.tats it.i dnt ve any feel on u.pls leave me.dont spoile my life.Nikhil,ohoo…no.dnt feel pragya.sure i ll make u one can stop me.Holds her both the hands nears her.pragya shouts help me…….Nikhil shout how much u no one will come n nears her to kiss.suddenly he hears the sound of door was broken.Pragya was shock to see was Raghav.

Nikhil,hey,who r u,how u came inside.He was continously seeing Pragya n her tears.Raghav eyes turns to red.Raghav,leave her.Pragya tries to leave bt nikhil holds her tight.Raghav gave a tight punch to him.Meanwhile Nikhil pushes pragya to the wall.She got hit n about to fall n bt raghav holds her.her head was started bleeding.Raghav ties his kerchief on her hand,makes her to sit on a chair.Raghav goes to Nikhil with a peak of volcano lava heat n him towards dead.keps his foot on nikhil’s chest n says dont dare to turn pragya side relse i ll burry u.Pragya tries to call him bt faint n falls down.Seeing tis Raghav got panick n takes her to hospital.

city Hospital:
Raghav bring Pragya to hospital.Aliya n Preethu comes by tat side speaking abt a report.Seeing Pragya with blood they shouted di……Aliya,sir what happen to it happen.Raghav,can u pls cal the doctor.she was bleeding.Preethu(crying tone) ya di.he was rite.first call the doctor.later v can ask abt tat.Aliya k.k.i ll b back soon.pls tak care of her.Aliya left the place fr calling doctor.Preethu cares pragya faces n crys.Preethu,di….pls wakup.meanswhile she informed to abi,bulbul n purab.Aliya came n doctors took pragya inside.Raghav,Aliya,prethu were in tension.finally doctor came out.Aliya,how was she nw.Doctor,nothing to worry.she was perfectly all rite.just fainted becoz of blood lost.need to b in rest fr two days.All three gave a deep breath.Preethu,thanku doctor.Aliya turned Raghav side to ask abt he was soon he heard she was fine,he left the place.By that time,abi,purab n bulbul arives hospital.Abi n Raghav croses each others….

Bulbul,preethu wt happen to di n starts crying.preethu hugs her.dnt wry bhabi.she was fine.nothing to worry.Abi can v see her.Aliya,no bai.v need to wait fr a while.Abi,how it happen.wher tis stupid went.Preethu,v dont no bai.some unknown guy oly brought her here.Nurse,u all see pls dnt distube her.all rushed inside.Abi was completly lost seeing pragya in tis condition.Bulbul hugged her n started cring.di…what happen to i ll b without can u leave me alone in tis world.who s ter fr me di.crying hardly.Pragya,wipes her tears n breaks the hug.listen see fine.nothing happen to me.Aliya n preethu hugs r u nw.Pragya,aerry all joined in dramaqueen gang a.dont make me as a doctor.Pragya notices abi’s silence n understood tat he was hurted.Purab,di…how it happen.whr u went.Pragya thinks tat incident n hides her tears.nothing purab.leave it.Abi notices tat n says k guys let her tak rest.come.lets wait ourside n Abi closes the he sits near pragya.Abi,how it happen pragya.Pragya,it was an accident.Abi,see my eyes n say.

Pragya,wipes her tears sees his suddenly hugs abi busted out in tears.Pragya,Abi y it happen to me.i never thought tis ll happen.tat too to me…is tis yhe way of world seeing me..its better to leave my soul.becoz if bulbul oly am still here.Abi keps his hands on her mouth.Abi,dont say lik tat pragya.v r here fr u.wt happen.y saying lik tis.Pragya crys hardly.tat nikhil…….nikhil……..again crys vigirously……y abi.its becoz i dont have parents one ter to save.without my parents am suffering a lot.if they were here means i ll not b happen to me…see my condition nw.i have never shown tis to bulbul.i wants her to b happy.see how the world is seeing me.i dont have parents r relations..crys lik a child..Abi too had tears on his eyes.he wipes her tears n makes her to see his face.Abi,see pragya v r here fr u.always fr ter.i ll nt allow anyone to hurt dont my slep..pragya got relief by his words.he cares her face…slowly pragya slept..Abi kissed her forehead n left the room.all waited outside.Abi narreted the incident.evryone got anger.Bulbul,am gng to kill him.Preethu,am going to do trial operation on him.Aliya,am going to denote his organs on behalfs of my di.purab,guys enough first v shall leave thn v shall think abt tat.

Abi was in peak of angry.all were ready to go nikhil home.but on the way of the a room nikhil was shouting in pain with big bandages n frature in leg.anger which was in their face was vanished n became happy.Aliya,he deserve this…how dare he can touch my di lik tat.Purab,k guys.its who hitted him lik tis…

precap:pragya meets raghav…….

Credit to: Emy

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  1. sorry guys… really upset….maximum i ll try end my ff vry soon… as shortn sweet…thanks fr commenters guys…sana,durga,maya,di,sri,sheerd n few more…..
    thanku guys.

  2. Awesome emy superb episode abhigya scenes were amazing

    1. thanks vaishali…..

  3. Very nice and intersting emy!! ????

    1. No emy ur ff is very nice just keep gg but don’t end this just becoz u feel the comments are less… i can understand how u feel when the comments are low but the point is u are writing to bring out ur imagination and don’t put a full stop to that jus because not many are commenting…may be it takes time and also there is so many ffs out here now as compared to last time. Everyday there is one new ff is coming out! So may be it’s kind of confusing to keep track of the ffs…I myself am confused of which one i read and i also try to follow up jus with te ones that i like the most! My holidays are also ending n i don think i will have enough time to go through evry single ff but for sure i will read urs! So just continue….a kind request from ur friend…if u consider me as one…

      1. sure maya….already u r my frd oly… getting confused.whether u all guys lik my ff r nt….so oly.

  4. Wow….really….really….really….superb yaar…. I loved it soooo….much….pls continue this ff…pls don’t end this…pls….this is my favourite ff….pls don’t end this….always iam waiting for ur ff….
    Pls don’t end this….pls…

    1. thanks sana…sure i ll contiune with ur hope….

  5. Give long epi, pls

    1. sure di..let me try in nxt episode.

  6. Nice yaar bt loads of questions abt tat character raghav who s be wat relationship did he hv with pragya thn how he knows pragya bt she don’t know oh my god tat character eats my mind… Anyway I’m eagerly waiting for NXT episode not 4 their meeting bt to know whether their vl b any hint abt tat raghav…

    1. ha ha ha……in upcoming episode sure it ll b revealed…..dnt wry durga……

  7. Abhigya scene was nice 🙂 . Don’t give any twist in the pair pls ☺..

    1. sure sanju……bt, lets see……

  8. Nice yarrr pls dont stop this….

    1. thanks karthu….

  9. Views so sooperb please reaveal raghav’s character ya can’t tolerate suspenae

  10. Pls dont stop, pls conit pls my fav ff also.. Iam mobile old mol so tat com is less

  11. Divya chandru

    Hi its so awesome yaar, plz break the suspense of raghav, who is he , superb ,

  12. Loved it so much! Can’t wait for next one! Best

  13. superb emy. waiting for. the next. episode. eagerly. ??

  14. I think it is a square love story as three male lead and one female lead

  15. Reshma Pradeep

    Plz don’t end this soon yaar……..Its Really Superbbbbbbbb……… Waiting for your next update……….

  16. Wow its so nice pls don’t end it

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