Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 7)


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here is our episode.

Pragya n bulbul walks to hostel.Bulbul thinks hw to ask abt purab.if in asked wt di ll think of me.Pragya notices her.both reached hostel n left to their rooms.Pragya messages to Purab to come hostel along with Preethu.Abi calls to purab to ask abt a meeting.Abi,hey purab.whr r u.Purab,am going to meet Pragya di with Preethu.Abi,what happen evrything k.Purab,dont no abi.nw oly am moving.Abi k.thn i too will come.said n disconnected the call.

In Hostel:
Purab n Preethu reached the hostel.Preethu,bai u just wait here.i ll inform di.After few mints,preethu comes along with Bulbul n Pragya.Purab was mesmirsed in bulbul beauty.both pragya n bulbul was wearing same colour saree.Prethu,bai pls close ur mouth relse dinosor family will get inside ur mouth.Purab stares her.Preethu,sorry.bad tat time Abi arrives.He notices pragya frm the enterence n mesmerisd in her beauty.He walks towards pragya.she too forgot her in his eyes.Goes closer to her.their eye lock was broken by purab.Purab,welcome.Abi,nice to see u man.k guys y u all gathered any problem.pragya,actually i called u all to speak abt bulbul’s marriage.Purab n Bulbul got shock n sees each other.Bulbul,whats need of marriage nw soon.nw oly i have got a job.Pragya already i have choosen a guy no more arguments.Bulbul,di….vo.vo.Pragya,enough sister.i know what to do n when to do.all shocked of pragya’behaviour.Bulbul had a tears n run to her room.Purab was about to speak bt pragya cuts off him n says actually i need ur make arrangments fr her marriage.Purab hides his tears n k di..sure.Abi notices it.

Pragya shouts leave my hand Abi.whats wrong with u.Preethu,di who was that boy.Abi sees pragya.Pragya folds her n says Purab.Purab,haa…di.Preethu,i asked his name.Pragya,ya sweety purab.Preethu thinks n later she got the name.Preethu started to shout n jumps.di….u r so sweet n hugs.Abi,hey Purab what happen to tis gal.y reacting lik tis.whether u cooked effect of ur cooking.Purab stares hi.Abi sorry dude.i knw u r nt in mood of listeing jokes.Preethu,areey stupid bai’s.Abi n Purab looks each other.Pragya n Preethu smiles.Preethu,di i think these two were worlds biggest fools.they can start a fool’s association under them.Abi hey Purab ask her to stop.relse i wont leave her.Preethu shouts bai,di says u are the one who was going to marry bulbul.Purab was surprised.dont no how to react n hugs pragya.Abi gets jealous.hello purab she is not your bulbul,my pragya…all notices him differently.Abi gives oops reaction.Pragya sees him lovly.Abi i mean our pragya.same colour of saree does not she was bulbul.whether ur eyes got blink in love.Purab,sorry di.i ll say to her.n left the place.

Bulbul was crying in her room.purab knocks the door.she wipes her tears n opens the door.seeing purab bulbul turns towards opp direction.Bulbul,anything important.Purab,ya i have one last wish.Bulbul,what.Purab,can i hug u fr a last time.Bulbul leaves a tears.

In downstairs,pragya n preethu were chatting.Abi watching her lovly.In room suddenly Bulbul turns n hugs him n crys vigrously.Purab smils n so u r loving me tis much ah.Bulbul,ya nw evrything was got over use of tis love.Purab,k Bulbul tis s my last hug as nxt time it ll b as ur husband.Bulbul breaks the hug n sees him wit a confusion.Purab patches on her head n says Bulbul di fixed the ur marriage with me oly…Bulbul got happy n hugged him tight.i have to say thanks to di n runs frm ter.Purab follows her.Bulbul runs n hugs pragya tight.Thanks di.pragya,how was my surprise.Bulbul,di…it was a shock nt are unbelivble di.Purab comes n sees her happiness.pragya kisses bulbul forehead.Abi was surprised of pragya act.

Pragya,Purab your marriage should b held within a few days.Purab,k y.Pragya am leaving india bt nxt week.i ll return aft 3 oly.i wish to see her hapiness soon.Bulbul,its k di.v shal have aft ur arrival.Pragya,listen bulbul.u r nt my sister,my daugter.from the childhood i have seen u lik my daughter oly.whenever am suffering fr our life ur smile makes my pain vanish.when was am lik u,i have undergone many pain n failures tat time love gives me the success by ur happiness,my joyness n evrything in single word my world was oly u n had some tears on lifetime duty was seeing ur happiness.i dont need anything other that.i trust purab a lot.he sure care u lik me n more thn me..even nw am running my life sake of u oly..Bulbul got tears n hugs her.di….u r nt my sister…my god n mom di…….Abi was melted in pragya’s words.Purab wraps bulbul n says dnt wry di.sure i ll fulfil ur wishes.i can understand ur feel.Preethu hugs pragya aside n says haa..di bai was rite.dont wry.sure v ll care fr her.purab,come on guys lets have a group selfi..Abi stands near pragya.while taking phots suddenly Abi holds pragya waist.Pragya got shock n hold his to his grip was strong..she turned to see bt melted in his eyes….both had a eye lock fr a moments….

precap:Nikhil calls pragya to his cabin n thinks tday u ll b in mine.

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Credit to: Emy

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  7. Awesome ?????…and i love how Pragya shared her thoughts to Bulbul!! ??

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