Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 6)


Our Episode 6:

Bulbul n Purab gets shock of seeing eachother.Pragya closed the door again seeing all..Bulbul was about speak bt Purab stoped her.Purab, hw u r here.Bulbul,Mr.tis is shopin mal whoever can it na thn mind it.purab gets angry n starts shouting both started their argument.Aliya n Preethu tried to explain bt both never gave a chance.Pragya too calling frm her frm inside bt she hears the argument of bulbul.oh god….tis bulbul na ll never leave anyone.even the stret dogs.Opens the door in fumes.Pragya shouts stop it guys..n stands keepin her hands in waist.Bulbul, di tis guy always irrating me..pragya,mind ur words bulbul he was preethu’s brother.bulbul gives oops reaction.pragya,ask sorry to him.Bulbul,sorry.Purab melts in her expression n say u r always my pleasure.k di by the way what s tis.ur dress.Aliya,ya di i too thought to ask abt tat oly.any fancy dres compet ah…Preethu,haa di….is it.pragya stares Bulbul.Bulbul oh god.tes guys will dig a pit fr me n too they itselfs ll make me to lye in tat.Bulbul,k guys see u later…n tires to send they started to speak more.Pragya fumes. shouts.all noticed her.Aliya,k bulbul tak car of di.v r leaving.already late na.Bulbul,already u all digged a big pit fr me.nw saying to tak care a..very nice guys.saying she turned n finds tat pragya was staring her lik a fire.Bulbul gives the leggnes.pragya pulls n abt to get in the was a hell surprise.Abi was watching all the happenings n smiles.pragya remembers their hug n then left without giving any expression.Abi thinks what happen to tis gal y she was reacting lik tis.better v shal sort out on holi.Both finished their shopping n walking in the road.Bulbul,di thanku so much.really u r the best in the world.Pragya,oho…see bulbul how am looking n too am walking with tis dress in mean.oh…..god pls help me.Bulbul,whts tis di.u should b thankuful fr me.see how i have changed u.u r my world mom,dad sister,frd,welwisher evrything u should b always special.Pragya gets a drop of tears.Bulbul,oho…no.sorry di…says lik a child.Pragya smiles at her childlish look.Bulbul,tats lik my sistr.hugs her.come di lets have a pani puri.Pragya,hey dramaqueen pls growup.Bulbul,come di.lets go n drags pragya.

In MM:
Abi gets inside in home with a strom of tat time Aliya come ter n asks bai do u need cafe.Abi,no i want Pragya.Aliya shouta bai…..Abj came to sense.Aliya bai u want di..oho.wait let me tell to dadi n runs to her room.Abi started to chase her.both entered her room.Aliya hides beside dadi.Aliya dadi u knw what,bai found a babu fr u.Abi,nothing lik tat dadi.she s a lier n chased her.they were running arround the dadi who was standing in the middle of them.meanwhile Abi mobile rings.he winks at aliya.Aliya bai u escaped now.Abi silently left the room by attending the cal.Dadi finally left a great breath n sat on bed.Aliya lies in bed n keps her head in dadi lap.beside sees her parents photos n had a small tears in her eyes.Aliya,dadii y its happened in our life.y our parents left us in tes world.y dont no how a parents love,care n affection would be…missing them a lot n started crying.

In Road:

Pragya n Bulbul having the pani puri.Meanwhile Nikhil crosses them in car.he seen a gal who was so gorgeous.tat too in roadshop n stoped the car to see her.suddenly a wide smile comes in face.Nikhil oho…its pragya..?really none can beat her in beauty…he got down n walks towards pragya.Pragya notices him n hides behind bulbul.Bulbul,di what r u behind me.if u drop any strain then u oly have to wash my dress fr a week.Pragya,hey dramaquen.stop ur bak baks.becoz of u am gettin in a prbms.Nikhil,come out pragya i have u,no need to hide.Pragya no nikhil nothing lik just searching fr……fr….Bulbul shouts cockroach.Pragya gets fear n asks whr is it..Bulbul gives a evil smile.Pragya stares her.Nikhil,ohoo….no.pls stop the way u r so cute n lovly.pragya thanks nikhil.Nikhil k pragya am leaving.shal i drop u.Bulbul its k bai.v will go.Nikhil its k.tak care.bye n gets in the car n says tk himselfs dont worry pragya sure i will make u mine.i wont leave u at any cost.i am ready to go at any extrem to get u in my life.wait till tomo.ur entire life will b changed..someone hears tis beside him n stares pragya.

Credit to: Emy

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  3. Nice yaar… Bt y thr s no abhigya scene yaar I mean thr conv n cute fight between thm I missing it yaar.. Um not saying it as a complaint episode s nice only by I missing abhigya cute fight n lovely conv a lotttttttttttt

    1. thanks durga….sure i ll kep in nxt epi….

  4. Next one epi todays itself pls

    1. sure di….by eve i ll update.

      1. Thank very much…. Update regular iam waiting 4 ff,very nice story

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