Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 5 part 2)


Guys,Here is our nxt part.sorry for the delay.

Abi was about to kiss her.Bt suddenly Pragya mobile rings.Both came back to sense.Pragya,vo…vo….again mobile she attends the cal.Pragya,haa Bulbul say.Bulbul,whr r u,r u sleping in long u ll come.Pragya,buz buz going to get down.Bulbul was roaming here n tere near by lift.mistakly bumped into purab.without seeing him.Bulbul,whr r u all comin from,always bumping wit me..stupid.saying tis she turned to purab was already seeing her n melted in cute scolding n smiles.Bulbul,hey stupid am scolding bt u wer smiling have u gone the way here s ur chain n gives his chain.Purab,its k no prbm better u itselfs have it n left the place.contiunously she was calling bt she did bt responsed.Bulbul,how stupid he is.get lost.fine whr s this di.think she has been settled in lift.
In lift,

pragya attends bulbul,while speaking in cal she left the lift without saying anything.after.Thinking about the incident n smiles.on the way bumped into Bulbul.Bulbul shouts,di….hw long u ll come.have u got settled in mean u r.Pragya,hey dramaquen enough shall v go fr shopping r back to hostel.My sweet di na….come lets go inside.Pragya n Bulbul goes to the section were Abi n Tanu was.Abi was continously thinking about incident which happen in lift.Tanu showes him many he was in out of mind.Tanu shouts at him,Abi wr u lost.hw long am calling u.Abi,haa Tanu n says Pragya name.Tanu fumes in angry lik a volcano.Abi realised as what he said n gives oops reaction.Meantime Pragya comes ter fr sesing dress.Abi sorry Tanu n hugges her.pragya sees tat frm a distance n small drop of tear escapes frm her eyes.she wipes n thinks y its happening fr me.y i have allowed him to kiss me.listen pragya they both love lift it was happen by better ur such feeling n consoles herselfs.leaves from ter.Bulbul,di i have selected a dres fr promise me tat u will see a trial.Pragya oh,promise ah..which kind of dress u have selected,asking promise.Bulbul,k di u dnt trust me na.k cme lets go back to hostel.come.

Pragya aree dramaqueen,enough.giv it let me try.Bulbul gives the dress.Pragya got shock.sorry Bulbul sure i wnt wear it..u knw abt me na.Bulbul,sorry di u have promised no otherway.go n points the trial room.Pragya,listn Bulbul am a doctor.hw can i wear such type of dress.Bulbul somewhat convinced her aft a long argument.Pragya too accepted with lots of conditions.Aft,few mints Pragya opens the trial room.Bulbul di u look so beautiful.Pragya was in black colour partwear dress till knee which has the sleev on end of the shoulders.curl hairs n without specs.Entire hall looks at her.Abi n Tanu croses tat section.Guy 1,hey see her hw stunding beauty.Guy 2 ya u r rite really she s awesome.Abi heard tis converstion.
scene shifts,Bulbul tries to pull her out.di come out how long u ll b in trial room n brings her.she was feeling uneasy.Pragya Bulbul nw happy na see hw all are seeing me as a doll in gals section.Bulbul di theyba admiring u.Pragya anyways i ll change my dress nw.But Bulbul takes her dress frm room.Bulbul di come out.relse i ll leave hostel with ur dress.Pragya,oh god tis bulbul na am going to kill her.k bulbul atleast bring a leggin.Bulbul,tats lik my di.n leave the place fr taking leggin.Aliya n preethu came to the same section n too to waits near pragya’s trial room fr trialing a dres.Aliya knockes the door.brfe aliya speaks pragya opens the door tat bulbul oly knockin nu bt tat was a hell shock fr was Aliya n Preethu.

Even they got shocked.purab too seen her frm Aliya n preethu behind.Aliya,Preethu pinch me whethr its dream r someone have hited hrr frm back.Bulbul di here s the dress.Pragya went again fr wearing.inbetween they trio had chits chats.purab comes ter wit few dres fr preethu.he was speaking with preethu bt he did nt noticd bulbul.both got shocked seeing each other.

Credit to: Emy

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  3. Nice and interesting… I think u are gg to give some interesting epi nxt so eagerly awaiting for it!!??

  4. emy i like ur ff very much…..ur lines r lovely….plz update regular and big also dr….

  5. Hi Emy,

    Today only i got a chance to read ur ff .. It was very nice , i have read all ur previous episodes and I’m waiting for the upcoming episodes.

    Keep going 🙂

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