Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 5 part 1)


Guys,Here is our Episode.


Pragya reaches hostel,wipes her tears n goes inside.Suddenly Bulbul hugged her frm back n says,di am the happiest person in the aim was fulfilled.But Pragya was stil thinking about Abi.Bulbul,di diiiii………….Pragya came Back to sense. Pragya,haa….Bulbul tell me.Bulbul,what,tell me ah.di am shouting fr past 10mints.what happen.r u k n checks her temperature. Pragya kkk relax dramaqueen am k.nw tell me. Bulbul,u knw i have been selected as anchor in zee tv tat too am the one who is going to host the zee awards.Pragya gets a smile by seeing her mean time her mobile rings Pragya,Heloo….caller,u r in cloudnine happiness rite…?Pragya,Mr.who r u.dont waste my time. Caller if u want to knw thn cme to tis place.Pragya,sry i wont.caller its about Raghavn disconnects the call.Pragya Heloooo heloo hold on…Pragya thinks who ll b he.who s tat Raghav.stil on thinking.Bulbul,come di v shal out somewhr,really am so happy nw n too the treat ll b mine.Pragya,k mam as per ur order.both left the hostel.

Shopping Mall,

PRagya n Bulbul waits fr the lift in Mall.Finally lift with 8 people.Bulbul come di lets go.Pragya,itsk bulbul u go i ll come in nxt turn.Bulbul k di thn i too ll come wit u.Pragya hey dramaqueen enough am nt a kid k am a u go i ll b comin.Bulbul,thn ur wish n say bye to her by waving hands.Pragya waits n thn lifts cmes fr her turn.she got inside n about to close bt suddenly a hand stops the lift.then she again opened the lift fr making him to come she got a shock to see was abi.Abi hey pragya what are u doing here.Pragya came shopping wit Bulbul.what about u.Abi,Tanu was she called me fr shopping.Hearing Tanu name Pragya got Abi noticed tat.she tries to hide.Abi what happen pragya.Pragya,nothing Abi just feeling uneasy.tats it.Abi. r u k n checks her temperature. Bt inbetween Pragya stops his hands n says nothing Abi am fine.Saying tis she tried to open the lift.Bt Abi draggs her towards wall n pinned her.he comes more closer which makes her heart beats upto uncoutable.Abi what happen pragya y u r avoiding me.Pragya without seeing his eyes,pls Abi leave me i have to go n moves but his arm were enough strong to block her(actually his hands were blocker her both the sides)pragya tried to move bt hitted in his chest.abi gets more closer.he could feel how her heart was beating.Pragya too feels him n places her hands on his shoulders.abi come too close which makes their breath feel n combines.Abi takes her hands n kisses.Pragya closes her eyes in warm of his lips n body which was almost too her.he again places her hand in his shoulders.pragya looks down in shy.Abi kissed her in forehead n lifts her face n cares her cheeks n brushes her lips wit his thumb.abi brings his face towards pragya face…both of the lipss were almost near n just a sec gap between their lips.Pragya bow down due to abi slowly kissed in her side of the shoulder which makes her to lift her face..he cupped n brings her face to kiss her………….lips were vry near…..

Guys i know u dnt lik my getting vry less hurts me little… really happy to see those few comments n thx to silent readers too…..thx frds.

Stray tuned fr nxt part.

Credit to: Emy

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