Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 4)


epi 4:
Pragya n Bulbul were travelling in taxi.Bulbul started her baks baks abt her collage n frds.Bt,Pragya was stil in abi thoughts.Bulbul called her but she did not responsed Bulbul shouted,di…Pragya came back to sense,haa bulbul.Bulbul,wher u lost di how long am calling u.Pragya,nothing bulbul am k.They reached hostel.Sarala waited fr them,as soon as got down frm car she hugged sarala n said’miss u maa’had little tears.Sarala ‘dnt worry,beti evrything will be fine.Pragya,Already its too late bulbul,u have ur dinner n slep soon.Bulbul,di u too come with us v shal have sime fun.Pragya,sorry bulbul i have important operation tomo so need to go soon.Bulbul,whats tis di am angry.Pragya,sorry Bulbul my sweety na….hugged her.Bulbul,mmmm its k di u are forgiven.Pragya,tomo evening v shal go for shopping.Bulbul,pakka.Pragya,pakka.pragya left by saying happy night for both.Sarala n Bulbul finished their dinner n had chit chats.

Pragya waked up n got ready early to leave hospital.she almost got ready and looked for her things.but,she found tat her coat was missing.later she remembered tat she missing in tat spot.Pragya’damit,what u have done pragya already its late now see your coat was missing you are gone.saying tis herselfs left to Bulbul room.bulbul was slepin peacefully,pragya smiles’sory sweety tday sure v shall go out n kissed her forehead.Bulbul jerked n waked rubbing her eyes she sees pragya near.Bulbul,gud mrg di do ur operation wel dnt kill tat person.pragya smiled n throws a pillow over her.enough bulbul wakup.Bulbul,haa….di forgot to say i have got a call for an interview.Pragya,ohh…kkk mam do ur interview wel.k bulbul am geting late see u at eve.Bulbul bye di n again lyed in bed.Pragya got an auto n moves as her car was in hosptial.she reached the place whr she left the coat.pragya thinks whom shall i ask becoz it was her lucky coat.someone clicking her tat time,she was watching a smal gal playing with a doll.suddenly tar doll was fallen down.tat gal begin to cry.seeing tis Pragya goes near to gal,took tat doll n gave to tat gal.she stopped crying and started smiling.Pragya kissed her’see you are so cute while smiling,so dnt cry hereaft’.Gal kissed her cheeks n says’k aunty’.suddenly a boy came to pragya n gives her coat with bunch of pink roses.(she loves pink roses)she gets a wide smile in her face which cant b expressed.(Raghav was seeing tis frm his car n thinks be happy jansi rani,tis what i want from u)Pragya,who gave u tis coat n roses..?Boy,one sir gave me bt he left as soon as he gave tis.Pragya,thanku so much’.Boy,its k di.Pragya thinks who would hav been hiven tis.says pragya somewhat u got na,be happy n left to the hospital.

In hostel;
Bulbul gets ready fr interview by tat time sarala comes to room.bulbul,maa am gng to interview so pls bless me.sarala,dont wry always my wishes will b wit u.Bulbul,oh god its getting late see u maa n left the hostel.bulbul reached the was a big mnc company she gets happy n goes inside.In Front Ofice,Bulbul,mam acutally i came here for an can i meet your boss pls.Front off gal,Mam pls wait fr a while.let me check n cal u back.Bulbul,thanku mam.Bulbul was about to turned by mistakly bumped wit purab.(guys purab was head of zee tv channel so he has a small tieup with tis company as due to some add shots)Bulbul was about to fall bt purab holded her.they both share a eye lock.badly it was broken by front off gal.They both came to sense,bt their chains wer collided with each other.both tried to remove bt cant.finally purab putted his chain in bulbul’s neck.purab left the place by seeing her,bulbul too miss him.Thn she came to tst gal.Front off gal,Mam u can go inside n shown her way.Bulbul,thanku n lefr the place to boss cabin.atlast Bulbul was selected as a anchor for the zee award function.she was in cloudnine happiness.Boss,miss.Bulbul pls wait outside for a while.

In hospital;
Pragya receives a cal.”Hello Miss.Pragya ,if u want to your sister come to tis xyz place”pragya got panick.she informed nikhil tat she has a important work n left.Nikhil called her bt did not responsed.

guys nxt part s on the way,stray tuned….
realy thx fr ur comments guys…..cloudnine happiness….

Credit to: Emy

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