Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 4 part 2)


Here is our part 2:

meanwhile abi came to hospital.Pragya,sorry abi i have a important work see u later.Abi thinks what happen to her,whether she is angry on me…?Pragya started her car bt it she rushed towards auto n reached xyz place.unfortunly,it was a office.Seeing tat Pragya gets confused.Again she gets the call frm the same person.the caller guided to a cabin.finally she reached n opened the cabin door.Voice,welcome she could not see him as he was turned towards opp dir of her.Pragya,whr s my sister,who are u,wht the hell u need now.Thn,atlast the seat turns towards her.Pragya gets shock n say,u…?who r u,y chasing me lik tis,wht u need,y torturing me,whr s my bulbul n started crying.Raghav moved frm his seat n goes towards pragya.seeing him,she stepped back,bt he pinned n blocked by placing his hands both side of the wall.Raghav,listen my sweetheart she was completly fine n even more happy. saying tis he cares her hairs bt she turned her face.Raghav made her to see his face n asked am look a wrong person,no pragya,am always been as ur well wisher,fulfilled ur sister’s amibition too.shown her through the window wher bulbul was being in cloudnine happiness.Pragya got relief n felt relax by seeing her happiness,took a deep breath n had a small smile n thinks her aimbition got fulfilled.Raghav got mesmerised in her smile.Pragya,sir can u pls give the way.Raghav lost in her thoughts n gave the way.Pragya,sir whoever may b you are,thanks for my sisters happiness.Pragya about to turn bt Raghav says,ya i know she is so oly i made u happy by her happines.Pragya cant say anuthing n just left.Raghav smiling n saying himselfs u saved my soul so its my duty.

Pragya walks on the road in the lost of Raghav words.Abi sees her while driving,he calls her bt she did nt listened.Abi get downs frm car n stops Pragya.thn she came back to sense.Abi,hey pragya whr u lost how many times i have to call u.come i will drop you.Pragya,its k abi i will go.Abi,dadi wants to meet,so come.Pragya cant say goes with him.Bt,Tanu was sitting in the front seat.Tanu gives a insulting smile to pragya.Abi,Tanu u sit on the back seat.Tanu was about to speak bt pragya cuts off n says i will sit at back n sat.Abi started driving.while driving he sees pragya throw mirror.Tanu notcies tat n tries to kep her hand on abi’s shoulder.Tanu,Abi i really miss u darling.wants to b wit u lik tis till the end,love u baby.Pragya sees tis n gets tears in her eyes bt sumwht hides.thinks about bulbul happines she gets a smal smile on her lips.Abi sees tis by miror n he too smiles.they reached MM.

In MM:

all three enters mm.Aliya sees pragya n comes down.Aliya,how r u di n hugged,y seems tried,are you k n..?Pragya,hugged her back n says am gud Aliya whr is dadi.Tanu,Dont you have eyes Aliya am standing here for a long time.Aliya,come on Tanu y getting angry just chill.Aliya n Tanu Left u Aliya room.Abi takes Pragya to dadi room.while steppin in steps Abi,Pragya are you angrg on me..?Pragya understood wht he was trying to ask,nothing Abi y am gng to get angry on u..nothing lik just tried.tats it.k abi u leave to ur room i will meet dadi n leave to hostel..saying tis she left to dadi room.Abi thinks sure she was u console her…he sits in bed n thnks.better i shall drop her in hostel,while gng i can speak wit freely…
Pragya,dadi how are u…y u called me suddenly…Dadi,come in beti.made her to sit nxt to her.Dadi,Pragya y seems sad any prbm.Pragya,nothing lik tat dadi just tried.tats all.Dadi,k our home holi celbratin was gng to ur presence should b must.Pragya,sure dadi i ll come.its getting late dadi i have promises bulbulntat i will tak her to shopin.if not u itselfs know what she will do nu.Dadi,oh….ss.kk beti.u go safe.shall in ask abi to drop u.pragya stood for a mint.dadi again called her.thn she came back to sense.Pragya,its k dadi i will manage.getting blessing from dadi pragya left the dadi room.pragya came down frm room by witout gettin in Abi’s eyes.successfuly came out.
In Abi room,Happily abi comes out frm his room to tak her.reached dadi room n asked Dadi whr s pragya.Dadi,already she left, Abi.y what happen.Abi,nothing dadi just asked.Pragya thinks about Abi while going in auto.few drops of tears comes frm her eyes…
scene stopped by flashing both Abi n pragya faces.

precap:Nikhil trys to misbehave wit pragya.

guys really lik my ff.sure soon i ll reveal about Raghav….thanks fr al ur comments.happy a lot….pls say if am draaging tis story…….thanku so much guys.

Credit to: Emy

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