Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 3)


hi frds….thx fr ur comments…here s the nxt epi

City hospital,
pragya was taking lecture in the class.suddenly al students reaction was changed.noticting tat she turned to see.a wardboy was standing wit a mask.wardboy,mam nikhil sir called u can pls cme.pragya,k u go i ll b in few mints n thnks y his face was familer to me.’students i ll b back in few mints pls b quite said n left the class.while gng in corider someone holded her hands.she turned to see who was tat was tat wardboy.pragya,hw dare u n abt slap.wardboy removed his mask which was coverd on his nose.pragya,wt u dng here,y came abi…?so becoz of u oly my students reaction changed a.abi,ya whn a rockstar suddenly appeared means their reaction ll b liktat oly,u left so soon frm home.i thought to speak wit u.pragya,tanu came to see so i thought nt to distube(hesitated tone)abi was about to speak bt pragya cuts of asks y u came,dadi s k.?n abi contiuned to speak bt tis time nikhil cuts off n ‘hi abi,hw u r,y u came here suddenly,is evrything k,.pragya,am too asking the same bt he was nt repling.nikhil,by the way whn u joined in our hospital saying tis both nikhil n pragya laughed gave hifi by standing near him.abi get jealous n drags pragya n puts hus hands arround her shoulders.pragya feels the protection of abi n lost in his thoughts.nikhil feels jealous n says comon abi y u came here.abi,ya pragya i frgot to say abt Holi celberation n ur presence should b it..nikhil thnks sumwt i ve to separate abi n pragya,thn he got an idea abt aboard confernce n suddenly says pragya,nxt week u ve to go fr a conference in aboard no one can as perfect lik u so u must go.pragya,no prbm nihkil i ll.abi,hoi chashmish wt abt holi.nikhil,dnt wry abi meeting was nxt to holi oly.abi,tats gud my boy.k chashmish am leaving leaving r u comin wit me.pragya,bz of u my session s broken so am gng to contiune.see u.abi,hey chashmish tis s nt al fair.i came fr u bt u left me fr yr clases i hate u chashmiss.pragya,thanku…see u at eve.cme to pickme.abi,get lost i ll see at eve.pragya’s session n leftover bending wrks too finished n waited fr abi.she txted him bt no decided to call.she called bt the cal was attend by tanu.tanu,hi pragya wtsap hw r u.pragya,am gd hw abt u.tanu so gd n cool in kashmir.pragya,oh ve u gone fr any modalling assignment.?by the way hw u got tis tanu cuts of n says am n abi came here.abi brought me here fr a date.such a great suprise.k fn pragya v gng u later.pragya,bye njoy.tanu thnks,pragya u deserve tis n smiles.pragya lost herselfs in road n thnks y he nt said to me y he came fr me mrg y he made me to feel securty y am feelin hurted y am feeling alone n a drop of tears came frm her eyes.completly lost in her thoughts.suddenly a car came to hit her.someone holds her hand n drags towards him.all the hairs crosses on her face.he slowly removes the hair.its our handsome Raghav.

guys hope u lik tis…..nxt was on the way.stray tuned……………pls comment wtever u feel.pls support me……

Credit to: Emy

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