memories made with love……..abigya destiny (epi 21)

Here is our episode

Pragya, Aliya n Preethu left to hospital…all three enters the hospital….having their chats while walking….suddenly, nikhil stops pragya.pragya stepped back by seeing him..nikhil was about to speak.but Aliya cuts of him n scolds.he tries to apologize…but next preethu starts to scold..pragya infer’s them n says leave it gals..nikhil ur apologize was accepted..n left the place.Aliya n preethu starred him n moved behind pragya…then, their day passed as well..

Few days passed….
Pragya was busy in her works….Aliya n preethu were helping her.Bulbul were busy in her anchor job n shoots….as well as purab too.he was the another head of channel. He too helped her….Abi was busy in his schedule n add shoots..sometimes, abi misses pragya n calls her.but in busy she wont attend he misses her badly..pragya too misses him.but thinking about her dream she moves away from him…Tanu too busy with him n shoots…..meantime Bulbul tries to patchup Raghav with pragya.but always pragya escapes…Raghav understood her n moves away from her…..

One day,pragya slightly feels changes in a doctor she can feel it n knew it too..she walks on the road by thinking her changes.suddenly she feels dizzy n falls down.some people helped her.same time Raghav came ter.he noticed that pragya was sitting n some people helping her…he gets down from car n moves to her..Raghav,pragya what happen..r u k n holds her to get up.pragya, ya am k…Raghav, come I ‘ll drop u.pragya, it’s k Raghav.I ll manage.Raghav, no problem. U just come with me n takes her to car.they started…pragya was keepon thinking about her I no…

but y am feeling such changes..if am pregnant means what I ‘ll do….I need to finish Bulbul’s marriage without any problem..oh god plz help me…Raghav notices her n calls her.but she does not response.again he calls loudly. Pragya came back to sense.pragya,ha Raghav tel me.pragya, any Problem. Think so were tensed.pragya, no alright..Raghav thinks something she s hiding from me..they both reached hostel.pragya, pls don’t say to Bulbul.then she ‘ll give a big lecture for me.Raghav smiles n say k k.u take care n left the place.pragya decides to take a pregnancy test…later on Bulbul comes there n hugs pragya.Bulbul, di how are u..y r seems like tried.pragya, nothing k.Bulbul, k di shall v go for shopping. Only few days let for my marriage….I ‘ll inform everyone to come.pragya, k baba. As per ur wish.pragya leaves to get ready.Bulbul informed everyone including Abi.all arrived the hostel and also she informed to Raghav.Abi said the he’ll join in mall..same Raghav too said….all other got ready n moved to mall……

Sorry friends, am in half sleep….next episode ‘ll b arriving soon….sure I ‘ll make it long… pain too ‘ll ter…..really am happy….

I ‘ll explain in upcoming episodes…..

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  1. Nice. Pls upload a long one..

  2. It’s too short yaar…. Bt nice one

  3. interrsting epi….

  4. really super waiting for next episode….

  5. Omg when abhi comes to know about pragya eagerly waiting for ur next episode

  6. Ohhhh…wat yaaryaar plzzz upload d next part soon….plzz I m eagerly waiting…and also unite abhigua soon……

  7. Pls give long epi n update early yaaa waitin kill us, when abhi realsed pragya? One thinks pls abhi accep as love 4 pragya not 4 baby yaaaa…

  8. Nice episode

  9. Nice episode yaar plzzzzz update next part asap …

  10. Wow….prags is pregnant??

  11. superrrr yaar but too short plss try to mke it long waitng fr the nxt epi…………. sooooooooon

  12. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice….

  13. Hey very short update yaar. Update long and early….

  14. Sabi it should arrive today otherwise I will come to pondicherry and kill you

    1. oh….god… no….sure I ‘ll upload. A.K…….pls save me friends……

  15. The epi was quite short but was amazing eagerly waiting for next epi..hats off to your efforts emmy

    1. thanku sweetheart

  16. sorry friends… trying to post my ff..but I can’t. ..Dont no what was the problem nu…..I ‘ll try

  17. Superb episode

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