memories made with love……..abigya destiny (epi 20)

Here is our episode….

Pragya screams n wakes up from sleep.she suddenly sees around her….thn she notices Abi sleeping peacefully..her face was ful of sweat in fear.many questions running in her mind..thinks I can’t tolerate him avoiding me…whatever happens am not say anything.if he asked a single word against me without trusting means sure I ‘ll dead at that moment…it ‘ll me at the worst extend…I love him.that’s enough. Am not going give him any trouble. If he said the same words as like my dream means what I ‘ll do…cries little bit thinking of her position…I can’t see him getting hurt becoz of me…slowly cares his face n placed a kiss on his forehead. Love u Abi….am going to move far away from u…….

Pragya gets fresh up n moves out of his room…..she thinks to see Dadi n speak about Bulbul marriage..moves to Dadi room.Pragya, Dadi may I come in.Dadi, come in beti. Y asking permission.Pragya, Dadi actually I came for speaking about Bulbul’s marriage.Dadi, ya pragya I too thought to cal u for speaking about that.pragya, sits on floor n keeps her head on Dadi’s lap.Dadi, what happen Pragya. Is everything fine. Pragya, see Dadi ever v don’t have anyone to speak about the marriages n everything…y tis god gave sure a worst pain for me..a lonely tears escapes from her eyes.Dadi slowly cares her head.Dadi pragya, sure god ‘ll b ter for u in each n every step of ur life.pragya thinks about Abi n leaves few tears.Dadi wrips tears n cups her face.listen pragya v r here na.don’t worry.consider me as ur Dadi..Aliya enters the room.Aliya, ya di.consider as ur that u can enjoy our torture daily..aliya wraps pragya shoulders.pragya, Aliya is it u….waked up so soon. Aliya, ya di……just like that..k Dadi.come on say about the chatter box marriage. Am eagerly waiting for the enjoyment.Dadi,ummm… the way pragya, next month v shall arrange marriage for them….pragya thinks one month s enough for me..I shall take the Few steps….Aliya calls her loudly.di….where u lost.Pragya, nothing Aliya….k Dadi…am leaving. Eve I ‘ll come for the speaking about the further arrangements for marriage. Dadi, sure Pragya u can come at any time.Aliya di u r leaving for hospital na.Pragya, ya Aliya. Aliya just wait for few mints.I too ‘ll come.pragya sees her from top to bottom.(Aliya was still in nit dress) Pragya, actually am going now not in evening……u r still in nit dress.when u ‘ll get ready n ‘ll come.Aliya, just 2 mints di….I ll b back soon n runs from ter.meanwhile she bumps with Abi.Abi, hey lighthouse dont u have eyes.Aliya, sleeping worm am in hurry. Not like u to slept till noon….Abi was about to speak.but Aliya ran fro ter.Abi, u come.I ‘ll burry u…oh….she need big pit na….how I can dig that big saying tis he goes to Dadi room……pragya was about to leave.both tried to open the door n bumped each other. Abi, what happen to u all….always. bumping wit me.just now that lighthouse bumped with u…..pragya was lost in his talks….Abi shakes her.pragya came back to sense.without saying anything she left…Abi, Dadi what happen to her.Dadi,nothing Abi.she was just thinking about Bulbul’s marriage. Abi, oh….kkkk Dadi.pragya thinks while getting down in staircase, am sorry doing tis for the sake of u….pls forgive me….becoz I love u Abi.hereafter I should act like normal. So oly he ‘ll not suspect me……fine pragya.relax…..everything ‘ll b normal…she calls n informs about the marriage….Bulbul, di am happy…Pragya, k Bulbul.I ‘ll inform to purab too…Bulbul, no dI.I ‘ll give surprise to him…pragya, oh mam…….Bulbul, diiiiiiiiiiiii…….Pragya, kkkk Bulbul.u say leaving to hospital..Bulbul, k di…….pragya was about to say bye.Bulbul shouts again di di.don’t disconnect the cal.pragya, ya still in line.Bulbul, di whether Raghav said anything….pragya understands what Bulbul means.pragya, no Bulbul.Bulbul, k di….U go meet him by evening. Pragya, no can I.Bulbul,’s k my order n disconnects the cal…pragya, helo helo…..Bulbul…..Tis Bulbul na…always taunting me….meantime Aliya comes….same time preethu too comes ter…..preethu, di…u r here…..Aliya, let’s go di….preethu, where……? Aliya, to hospital….preethu, no Aliya. Pls bunk the class today…I hate that rat class…….always pointing m for questions….Aliya, no am goin……preethu n Aliya starts their kidlish fight……pragya got fed up of Tis n moves.preethu notices n asks di.where r going.pragya, better u both finish ur stupid fight n then cal me.I ‘ll come n pick u……preethu n Aliya rushes to her..holds their ears n says sorry…….pragya smiles n says k baba….come.let go….don’t worry preethu. I ‘ll speak to ur staff….preethu, so sweet of u di….love u….hugs her.Aliya, hoi white cat leave her.she was my di n pulls pragya her side…..preethu, no my di n pulls towards her side… were pulling like tis…..pragya gets irritated. Shouts pls leave me Gals.atleast I need to b alive til Bulbul’s marriage….both were not in mood of hearing her…..finally Abi comes ter….Abi sees tis n laughs…..pragya, Abi pls save from tes mad gals.Abi, kkkk wait…..n holds Aliya….preethu, see Aliya atlast di came my side..pragya gets tried……purab comes at the same time….Aliya moves to pull pragya towards her side….she pushes Abi hand n goes to pragya.pragya, oh no….am gone.pls save me……again both started……Abi holds Aliya. But he can’t. Purab was confused by their activity…Abi, hy man.y standing like a tree……pulls preethu aside….these gals were gone mad……purab, what happen Abi…y u were playing morning itself….pragya, I look like playing now…these gals were killing me….soon they murdered me…pls save me….nearly 1hr am suffering….atlast, Abi n purab pulled their aside….finally, pragya sits in sofa n gives a deep breath.Actually what happen….pragya explains everything happened….both Abi n purab begin to laugh…..she stares both…..meantime, Tanu comes in…Tanu,Abi……how r u….I have a surprise for u….Abi hugs back n says what’s that Tanu.pragya gets little sad..Aliya n preethu sits aside of pragya.pragya, hey gals pls leave me….am tried a lot…Aliya it’s all becoz of u…I would have been left.but becoz of u oly….both holds their holds pragya’s Hand puts their head on her shoulders…..she slowly cares Both of their face..Tanu, v are going out of station for a week….Abi, y Tanu with hesitated tone….Tanu,v are going for Add shoot…….n hugs him tight…..tis hurts pragya a lot….but hides that…pragya, come on gals lets leave…Abi sees Pragya. But without noting him, she left the MM with Aliya n preethu.

Hi friends, I just thought to share with u a few incidents in my life….considering as my friends n sharing tis….am a gal of 23yrs from pondicherry, Tamil gal Sabeenia.actually I loved a guy..he too loved me back..but I waited for 1yr for his reply. He was my neighbour..later v loved for 2yrs..really I loved Him a lot…..crazy like anything…daily v use to speak at every hours…I was more attached to his even in a small decision, his mom use to ask me..but she don’t no that I love her son nu…sometimes he ‘ll drop in college….whenever he crosses my home, he ‘ll give the horn sound by bike r car…v use to chat with my sister n his sister…sharing chocolates n many thoughts were completely filled with him..with much possessiveness, love n care….v were connected by our heart’s…..I just cared him like a son n mother in each n every step…..such a caring person….no words can b enough to say about him… u know guy’s in my life that black day…..which I can’t forgot ever n ever In my life….even after my death.

sorry friends…..just thought All u as my fiends. ..

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  1. Today epi as really awesome yaaarrr….
    Soon make then together..
    & u.. I’m happy for u all the best for ur lvu… Always be happy.. May god bless u both…

  2. & one more thng congrats for ur 20th epi…. Tdy tht fight was toooo cute yaar

  3. Superb episode…oh it was a dream

  4. awesome yaar but what u said black day that u can never forget plz tell us we r your frieonly. sory I know I dont have right to know about someone life ..par once again

  5. No problem tq ufor considering us as ur Frnd nice story pls do end pragyas sadness

  6. epi was nice but can u say us that in which epi they r going to unit it was really hurting

  7. Super epic

  8. Superb episode.

  9. Conz 4 20th epi…nice yaaaa

  10. Nice yaar bt tooo sad 4 pragya when all tz problem vl get solved yàar…

  11. emmy the epi was fabulous mind blowing and the cute fight between then was awesome…I’m happy to hear about ur love life but dear what is that black day that u can never forget??I m soory to ask about ur personal matters but as above u considered us as ur friend so due to that I asked..

  12. Ok I know I am commenting after a long time…ya was so busy with and got the time to read ur prev epi back to back…all were wonderful and awesome! ??And ya i can feel u r a lovely person thr ur words but wht was the black day tat u had mentioned? If its vry personal to share then its ok yr…but as a frnd u can tell us

  13. Today’s epi was amazing and thnks for the long update..and i didnt understand why its black day but one thing is sure every love story begins in a wonderful way but we are not sure whether it will continue in the same way or not some may end in the middle some may continue for life time..whatever life has to move on and have to enjoy each and every moment because only 1 life..its in our hands to make it the best than the rest..sorry if i talk more..anywayz keep going..

  14. Super emmy and ur love story was so sweet but what happened? Why u said its black day? Dont mind asking u like this

  15. Awesomeree ya waiting fr nxt epi…..

  16. epi is awasm as usual.

    i am really happy about your love story.. but what’s that black day yaar.. just share it with your friends. if itz something about pain,it will reduse if you share it.. what ever happens we are here with to be your strength

  17. Please unite them yaar its my humble request in real kkb pragya already suffering from to much sadness because of that tanu so please make them happy yaar.

  18. Nice episode… Thank god. That’s only a dream sequence.. Waiting for another episode .

  19. Would…nice episode unite Abhi-Pragya and be happy always don’t regret for anything all r destiny I am saying it as a friend just think all incidents led to a good one and keep going

  20. Nice epi but unite abhigya soon yaar…..I can’t tolerate pragyas sadness ore plzzz…..

  21. Emmy…superb episode yaar….. so cute fight……hahhh and dear now u shared about ur us by considering we all r ur friends….. it means a lot to us…so, plz share ur pain with us…it feels u better..dear and onemore thing….plz don’t regret for that…it’s all DENSITY game…just think positively…. i really hope u will get what u want…..but we r here to support u…forever and ever…

  22. Nice episode plz unite abhi and pragya

  23. today awesome…….

  24. No prob in sharing this with us…….. but to frank I’ve never had even a crush on any boys….as first I thought that they would b irritating….anyways…todays was a.funny episode….Alu n preethu started pulling Prags lyk a teddy bear…..ut was funny

  25. Their fight was hilarious

  26. Reshma Pradeep


  27. akshaya kannan

    Awesome yaar please continue soon dear please update today itself please please

  28. Wow..superb episode…waiting for next episode..pls update daily…

  29. Superb episode and loved the fight between Aliya and preethu

  30. Awesome emmy and sorry for late comment

  31. thank u friends

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