Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 2)


hi guys,am back…sorry fr the delay…am really glad u say,al ur supports are inspriting me…thanks fr ur comments too…
here s our nxt epi.

In MM:
pragya shouts ‘abi’……hearing tis dadi came out frm her room.dadi,tday u got trapped ah.dialy am getting tried of tis sibillings even they dont no hw to behave.stil playing lik kid.dadi,come beti. change ur dreses.pragya,tday am gona to kill them.saying tis she followed her room.dafi gave a black net saree wit silver colored stoned lightwrk saree.pragya,dadi am gng to hospital nt to temple.dadi,its k beti wear it n dadi left the room.abi was getting in his room fr meeting.standing near the mirror n says abi beta sumwt u got escaped frm fuggi relse sure u would have been got an injection as last time( while playing in garden abi pushed pragya in swimming pool n thn both aliya n abi joined lateron both got pragya putted injection fr both wit naughty smile fr pushing her inwater)he searched fr his jacket.laterin remembered it was in dadi room.he reached dadi room.pragya came frm closet.abi seeing her beauty n saree wit full sleeve net hand n long neck blouse.abi lost in thoughts n moved to her.pragya get nervous n goes back n stood near wall.abi moved clos to her n pinned in wall.both can feel their breath.abi goes near by her ear n says pragya u r too hot n beautiful.pragya blushes n leaves.meanswhile abi holds her hand.inbetween a voice came,abi whr r u baby.?both came to sense.tat was our tanu.she cames nhugs n says love u abi.abi too replied her.seeing tis pragya left the place.while getting down in steps she was thinking,y am worried whn abi was wit her.?both loves each other n y sm geting hurt.y am comfrmtable wit him.he was my frd,y feeling him lik soul n y feeling jealaous on seeing them.thnkin tis she bumped on aliya.aliya ,di wr u lost….pragya,sorry aliya,wr s my things.i ve leave.aliya,it was in living room di.wait i ll bring.pragya its k aliya i ll tak n leave.see u.pragya left the MM.

while in driving she contiunously thnking tat n saying herselfs comon pragy leave it.just burry it in ur wnt wrk.

City Hosital,
pragya was cheaking a report meanwhile bumped into Nikhil.he was mesmerized in her.pragya, sorry nikhil.he did nt responsed.praya,nikhil wr u lost n shaked him.thn he came back to sense.Nikhil,pragya u look georious.pragya,thx was a big story i ll tell u the was pls send the class timimgs.she was contniously speaking bt he was again lost in her.

In MM:
tanu,abi really miss u.cme letsgo fr date n a long drive…it seems climate was so chill….so cme letsgo.abi was contiunouslt thinkinas same pragya did.abi thnks she was my frd y am feeling much better wit her even tat much nt wit tanu.abi completly lost in his thoughts.tanu,abi wr u lost n called him loudly,thn he came bck to sense.abi,sry tanu i ve lotsof important wrk n meeting tis i cant..bfr finishin…tanu,i knw abi u ll tell lik tis nu..u ll spend time tat pragya bt nt me..rite…get lost.dnt speak wit me evr.saying lik she left the room.abi followed her n called by she did nt responsed.aliya came ter by seeing tanu.aliya ,hey tanu stop wr u gng..she too called bt did nt responsed anything n LEFT MM.
aliya,bhai wt hapen.y she was in peak if angry.abi,nothing lighthouse by the way wher s fuggi.aliya stares him.abi was seriously thnkin n asks again.abi,areey lighthouse am askin wt the hell are u dng.saying tis he turned to see her.he noticed her tat she was staring him.Abi,wt happen ya y staring me lik tis.n gives oops reaction.sry aliya.say nw wr s she.aliya, already she left.abi,OMG wr.aliya,wt a stupid questen.wr she ll go,to hospital oly.abi,thx lighthouse.see u n left tat place…aliya,u ll cme back na,i ll finish u…

precap:nikhil thnks sumwt i ve to seprate abi n pragya..

guys if any mistak was ter,an really sry…pls do ur postive n neagtive feedback…thx fr ur support…vry happy to see ur comments..sure i ll contiune. fr my commented frds n silent readers……..

Credit to: Emy

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  4. awesome really loved it this tanu always interferring in someone’s lives

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