memories made with love……..abigya destiny (epi 15)

successfully 15th episode…..its all becoz of u oly…….sorry few episodes pragya will b sad oly..sure i ll try to make her happy…Thanks friends…..really am flying in air by all ur comments n readers…..
here is our episode…..

Pragya gets faint n fals in wash room…..Bulbul n purab came back to hostel.purab was waiting near front office of hostel.Bulbul goes inside by calling pragya name….but she don’t find her anywhere.then she hears the sound of water flowing. Bulbul knocks the it was locked inside.she shouted by pragya name….but no response..bulbul informs about the door lock.purab rushes inside the room n breaks the door.they finds pragya was in unconscious n water flows on another side. (pragya opened the shower n another tap.but shower got stopped by lower water level)Bulbul cries seeing her.purab lifts her n places on bed….purab consoles her n splashs water on pragya face bt no use…he immediately calls preethu n informs the conditions.Bulbul changes her dress cares pragya face n starts crying.purab consoles her n sits near her…preethu reached the hostel.she checks pragya n says due to some over stress she has faint.says no need to worry.I have given injection. take care.preethu, bai I have to go v have a important class n too need to pick Aliya. so am leaving. take care of di.n she left.purab,relax Bulbul.di ‘ll b alright.meantime pragya slowly gain’s conscious….sees Bulbul crying. pragya calls her slowly.Bulbul hearing that she rushes to her.pragya tries to sit.Bulbul helps her to sit.Bulbul hugged her n started to cry.di….what happen to u….if anything happen to u means what I ‘ll do di…..u r caring me bt not caring u n cries. pragya too had tears but wrips n consoles her.listen Bulbul it was just a faint….nothing to worry…controls her tears n speaks with her.purab, how r u di…pragya, am fine purab.see tis dramaqueen oly creating a big scene like I met with an accident..Bulbul, di…….pragya, say about what Dadi said.purab, nothing di.u just take rest.v shall discuss that later…pragya, hey…u too don’t b like her…pls say….n pours like child.Bulbul smiles at her.pragya, atlast u smiled…thank god.Bulbul, kkkk u oly behaving like dramaqueen….pragya stares her.purab, k di….dadi decided by tomorrow. what u saying… it k for u.pragya,no no….it’s k…no problem. if Dadi says means it ‘ll b rite.Bulbul hugs pragya….k di.v are going for u take rest…pragya,tis s nt too coming. purab, no di…already u r weak…so no.u must take rest.Bulbul, haa…di. pragya, fine. let me also come with u…I ‘ll b bored here….purab n Bulbul winks each other.Bulbul, k di….but b careful.if anything happen means immediately v b back.pragya, pakka….all three left to shopping in car.on the purab n Bulbul chats about their shopping. pragya was keepon thinking about the last night incident…thinks, shall I say to him….whether he ‘ll trust me ah.what to do now…her thinking was disturbed by Bulbul.Bulbul, come di…how long am calling u…where u lost.Pragya, nothing Bulbul.n gets down from car.meantime she sees a small kid, playing wit her doll….she was forgot herself in that…..she was just moved towards the child.suddenly bumped wit a guy.pragya turns to say sorry.but it was Abi.Abi,hey pragya what are u doing here.within a minute Tanu holds his hand.pragya gets sad by looking them..pragya, actually came shopping wit purab n Bulbul.Tanu, oh…very nice pragya.better v all shall join….that ‘ll b nice.pragya, it’s k Tanu. u guys carry on.v ‘ll manage. Abi, comeon Pragya.purab comes by that time.hey Abi, what’s up man.u r here.Abi, nothing purab just came.where s chatter box.Bulbul correctly enter at that time.purab, u r gone.oly god can save u.Abi, y dude.think so u have gone mad of ur marriage.Bulbul pinchs Abi from behind….Abi; sorry Bulbul just kidding. comeon shall leave….all were selectin dress fir them..but pragya was continuously seeing Abi…thinks how to say u Abi.will u trust me..Bulbul patches her shoulders n gives a dress.for trial….pragya takes the dress n leaves to trial room.on the way one person brings a plate ful of red colour.same time Abi too crosses the path….suddenly Abi dashes the person.plate of colours falls on him.same time pragya too crosses him.she slips n about to fall bt Abi holds her.they shared a eye lock for a moment…some dust fall’s on pragya’s Abi keeps the hand to remove that.but by mistake the red gets apply on her forehead. they eye lock was broken by Tanu.both came back to sense. Tanu, what s tis.yesterday oly u have played holi. now again ah.Abi, no was just an accident.pragya too leaves as soon as Tanu comes….while going with Tanu Abi thinks.why am feeling different. it feels like already I have kept the colours on her forehead…n keepon thinking about….pragya on other side.thinks seeing her in trial Room mirror….slowly touches her forehead n says is tis Destiny..starts to cry..slowly wripes her tears…will he realize.whatever sure I ‘ll wait till that…..sure tis memories are made with love…it ‘ll makes our Destiny…..

sorry guys….sure tomorrow big episode….i think tday episode was just nothing..but sorry…pls……..really am overwhelmed by seeing all ur comments….many new friends too…..hope u like it..thanks for ur supports too guys….love u all my dear friends……

Credit to: Emmy


  1. asmitha

    when abhi is going to know what he did with pragya pls make it fast yaar & unite them

  2. arshi fan

    Superb epi emmy but i want to see abhi and pragya’s bond stronger..keep going on..

  3. durga

    Ohhhhhhhhh god when tz abhi vl know the truth… I’m eagerly waiting for next episode yaar…. Today’s episode s awesome yaar

  4. durga

    Ohhhhhhhhh god when tz abhi vl know the truth… I’m eagerly waiting for next episode yaar…. Today’s episode s awesome yaar…

  5. di

    I am waiting u ff long time, it made me crazy ya…. Nice ya n give next epi today itself n long also… Conz ya U can derv more epi…

  6. Lakshmi

    Hey emmy just love it ya…..
    Wat a epic yaar…… Pls update today itself…. Very nice abhi slowly realize that it like already happen.. It was so goood.. But pls make him realize soon…
    I love this epic……

  7. Hey i am new person to read this ff…my request is plze update lengthy ff…plze make it as abi realize his mistake wat he did with pragya…i can’t c pragya was suffered from pain…create it weird ff…

  8. Superb episode Emmy….we r happy with ur episode yaar…plz don’t say sorry…sorry….it’s a story…it has happiness and sad movements….right…then y r u saying sorry….we r happy and excited…yaar..its a very nice episode…plz continue…slowly Abhi will realise the incident……waiting for next episode. …upload as soon as possible. .plz..

  9. i am feeling sad for pragya when abhi is going to know what did he with pragya i can’t wait for that episode n i hate this idiot tanu

  10. genelia

    IT WAS AN AMAZING EPI EMMY and thanks for updating regularly and you know i cant have a good day till i dont read ur ff..plz update a long and intersting epi with more twist and turn for tommorow and am eagerly waiting for your next epi

  11. arvind

    wow the epi was awesome and eagerly waiting for ur next epi hope u will soon update it.

  12. Sana

    Wow…its really superb yaar ..I just loved i …..pls update next episode soon…and bigger…it is too small yaar…

  13. kumari aabha

    emmy u havent update ur epi today plz update it soon na eagerly waiting for next epi and yah epi and ur ff was awesome and ur a awesome writer..

  14. sorry guys……really am sorry….dam sure today I ‘ll update…….am happy a lot to see all. friends n too some new friends. ….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.