memories made with love……..abigya destiny (epi 14)

am really happy to see u all friends…..
here is our episode…..

Abi lifts Pragya to his room…..pragya, leave me Abi.I won’t believe u…u r such a big lier…..Abi, hey trust….wait I ‘ll prove u…..Pragya, no Abi.I don’t need leave me…..Abi puts her in bed n closes the door….pragya stands on the door rockstar…I want to see Raghav. he ‘ll search me.Abi got more irritated after hearing his name.abi,enough pragya.stop saying his name n fumes.pragya sat on bed n starts blabbering something….Abi again drags her to pooja room(the prayer Hal)pragya, arey are you to pray..y brought me here.she was turn to go.Abi pulls her towards him n holds her Arms tight.pragya,Abi it’s panning leave me..tries to remove his grip.suddenly Abi applies her head ful of sindoor.(actually pragya was somewhat clear now becoz she crossed a hrs of her drink.)she was in shock..slowly touches her sindoor n sees in her Pam.Abi, see I have proved u…I love u pragya..each n every mint.I can’t see u with hurts happy when u r with.feeling like heaven with u.I act express my feelings in words pragya….just oly one thing I can say….I love u n I ‘ll love u till my end of life.pragya stood like a statue..Abi slowly makes her face to see his eyes…Pragya too lost in his eyes…Abi kissed her eyes n forehead..Pragya hugged him…..he too back…later he broken the hug n slowly lifts her.steps up to his room.pragya was continuously looking into his eyes…he enters the room n closed the door.moves near the bed n places her slowly.he leaves to wradrobe to change his dress.Pragya gets up n see her in mirror.Abi opens the wardrobe n. notices pragya standing near mirror.she moves slowly.but Abi hugged her from back.he was holding her by one hand n moves her hair front side.she can feel the warm of his bare body….he slowly kisses her neck n makes her feel his warm.their hands were joined in her waist. he makes his grip more..pragya suddenly tries to move away.but Abi,pulls her towards him.cares her cheek n brushes her lips…Abi moves towards her lips…pragya steps a back.but both fallen in bed.Abi was above the Pragya….pragya place her hands on his chest to stop him.Abi takes her hands n kisses. ..then places her hands on her shoulders.slowly started kissing her.forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips…..slowly moves to her neck n throws her duppta…..they commuted their relationship….finally pragya was sleeping on Abi’s chest…..

pragya gets up first.she gets up by holding her head…pragya, what happen. y my head was panning like tis.later on she realize how she was n covers her with blanket..the notices Abi was sleeping like a kid peacefully.pragya thinks about the incident in pooja Hal n room..she smiles n kissed his forehead….she takes her dress n left to wardrobe….she got ready n came out of the wardrobe.stands near the mirror n smiles at her of remembering sindoo. Abi slowly wakes up by holding his head…he notices pragya.Abi, hey pragya what are you doing her.tis much early.within a second her smile got vanished n stood in hell shock.she turns to see him.Abi sits by holding his head n say hey doctor can u pls help me….it’s panning like a hell…..she was still in shock. unable to speak.suddenly Abi calls her loudly.pragya came back to sense n moves out like a lifeless body…Abi was confused by her activities.after few mints. she came back with a lemon.Abi drank that n thanked her.Abi happily moved from bed n leaves to wardrobe….pragya called him.Abi,ya Pragya. tel me.pragya hesitates n asks, don’t u remember what happen yesterday…..Abi, no pragya.actually I remember till am spoken with u yesterday.think so u have drunken. rite…??pragya without saying anything she left the room.Abi calls she didn’t response him.while stepping down preethu called her.but no response to her also…just walking like a lifeless body…Bulbul calls her n runs to hug her.Bulbul, di……am u know.Dadi has fixed the engagement by tomorrow… flying in air di……pragya was still Abi’s shock..Bulbul shook pragya.pragya, ya Bulbul… feeling I ‘ll talk with u later n left as soon as possible. Bulbul was confused by her act.pragya was walking in the road with the tears n remembering the incident…she reached the hostel….directly goes to the washroom…opens the shower n starts crying vigorously…..pragya, y it’s happening for me alone.I admit I love him…but y..i thought that i ll b happy with him forevr ..he too realized.thn y he forgot evything…evrything got ups n downs.its hurting lik a hell..but it’s all my fate…I trust ready to anything for him.he kept the sindoor on my forehead n even v commuted our relationship….oh god….no….am gettin oly pain in my I ‘ll face him…..n cries hardly….suddenly pragya faints……

friends hope u all like it.think so there are few mistakes here n too something s missing in tis episode……sorry guys if the romantic lines were crossed their limits…..really am glad many new commenters are here… heartland thanks to all……..

Credit to: Emmy


  1. genelia

    hey epi was too good and plz dont make pragya sad anyways u rock it as always..eagerly waiting for next one and update regularly…

  2. Divya chandru

    Episode is nice, plz don’t hurt pragya in this way , as if abhi not remembered anything, and someone telling him or making him realise what had happened ..

  3. Sana

    Wow…what an episode yaar……I loved it soooooo….much…I can’t wait for next episode..pls…update next episode today itself…pls.,pls…

  4. Sandy

    Supperrrrr episode yaarrr. Please make abhi realize his previous night. Its really disappointing. Or make it a dream of abhi

  5. Sana

    Pls update next episode year…I can’t wait for next one…pls…..pls…..pls…..pls…..

  6. thanks a lot frds….happy to see so many new frds here…really am glad…….thanku so much………♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  7. elakkiya

    episode super but don’t need this kind of incident
    I won’t want this twist because none of the women can handle this incident with their love so pls reveal the truth to Abi soon pls pls pls pls pls pls s

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.