memories made with love……..abigya destiny (epi 13)

sorry friends… in out of station….so oly unable to upload….nw time was 6.30.I don’t no when it’ll upload.
here let’s enter into story.

Pragya was surprised by seeing him.Bulbul,di…Raghav..I oly have invited him.Dadi, am sorry.without informing u I have invited him.Dadi, it’s k need to say sorry.Bulbul hugs Dadi.Raghav gets blessings from Dadi.Abi fumes in angry,thinks I hate u just leaving u because of saving pragya relse I would have been killed u.pragya,welcome sir.Raghav stares her.Pragya, kkkk..Raghav…enough.Meantime, Tanu enters MM.Tanu, hi darling…miss only I came back after a long add shots n hugs abi.Pragya, Raghav, Bulbul, purab were chatting together.preethu went out with Aliya. Abi’s concentration was over Pragya. but it was disturbed by Tanu.pragya turns to see Abi but Tanu was hugging Abi n pragya gets little hurt.but somehow gathered her courage n went near Abi n asked is tis was surprise. Abi……vo…..vo….actually no…..actually guys..comeon…In our MM a grand marriage was going to happen.Tanu,Abi……really….I know it was our marriage……rite…

am happy a lot..hugged n kissed on his cheeks.Abi feels embraced. hearing tis pragya got shock.Abi, no no… was our chatter box n purab’s marriage.Bulbul stood in shock n happiness…purab was standing like a statue.Pragya was still in shock.Abi shooks her n asks, r u happy.I thought you ‘ll b flying bt remaining silent.Pragya came back to sense.vo. …vo…congrats.Abi was confused.for what,y saying to me.say that to Bulbul n purab.Pragya, what…y to them…it’s ur marriage na. Abi patches her head, hey pagal’s was their marriage not us..pragya, what….us…??? Abi,thinks oh… goin to b tapped. before tat I have to leave.says I mean their marriage.pragya smiles n hugged Bulbul.started to fly in happiness.Abi was happy by seeing her happiness n holi celebration was started..preethu n Aliya came back n got confused by their happiness.Abi moves towards them n wraps his hands on both of their shoulders. says hey lighthouse our chatter box was going to marry our silent box.again both got confused n winks each other.Aliya, pls don’t confuse us.already ur speech ‘ll b like mad.nw it’s getting conform.inbetween,Bulbul hugged Aliya n started to twist her.Aliya, please leave me Bulbul.don’t break my another leg too.then she continued with preethu.

All three got dizzying n sat on sofa.Aliya,what happen to tis gal.y behaving like tis.think so it’s all because of pragya di’s treatment.pragya cleared her throat.Aliya gives oops reaction. preethu, dI am getting a cal.I ‘ll b back n ran from ter.Aliya thinks tis gal na.leaving me correctly on wrong timing. even I can’t run now.say sorry di……pragya slowly twisted her ears.says what u said….came again.Aliya, sorry di…pls.Bulbul comes to Aliya…Aliya pls ask di to leave my ears….Bulbul blushes n say u deserve it……enjoy.slowly pragya left her ears by seeing her blushes.Aliya taps Bulbul shoulders n says excurse me…..miss….what are u doin now.Abi puts his hands around Bulbul’s shoulders n says our chatter box(points Bulbul)weds silent box(points purab) preethu n Aliya chorusly, ohooooooooooo……congrats….finally my bail cleared his mad speech.purab, Abi come I ‘ll introduce a important person.hope u ‘ll remember him.Abi puzzles, hey man….hearing marriage info itself you have gone mad ah..what ‘ll happen after the marriage….can’t even imagine.purab gesture his back.Abi, what man.who was ter. n turns to see.Bulbul stares him.Abi, these sisters na always taunting me.

purab, welcome guys..Abi, great escape man.thanks.Abi hi guys.what up…..n hugs was Ranveer n ishani…all four had their chats for few mints…Ishani, Abi by the way where s pragya….Abi, she ‘ll b here oly n searched for her.finally he found her n fumes like a volcano…..pragya was standing near to Raghav n chatting.Abi decided to disturb their he took ishani to her.pragya was surprised to see her…..pragya wished n hugged her.again she started to speak with Raghav.that too Ishani join with her.Abi thinks these gals na…..he announced that holi colours n water was ready at the garden. so v shall leave nu. all went there with great enjoyment..abi was playing colours with others.pragya was noticing tat n silently smiling….abi sees that n comes near pragya.abi, y u standing here.come lets play.pragya, no no..u all play.i ll watch…bt abi lifts her n puts on the water tube..pragya was fully denched…..she suggults to get up…somewhat got up n stares abi…abi was broken out in laugh…raghav was silently taking video of these…..

bulbul comes n pours the bucket of colour water….she was got more irrated….n shouts..atlast abi helps to getup from water…but pragya slips off on abi….both shared a eye lock..slowly abi cares her hairs from her face….their eye lock was broken by preethu….both stood up..preethu drags pragya to the anothet side…..pragya, what happen preethu.preethu, di…pls wait here..n left.meantime pragya was hunger..she drank milk…it tastes good….so she contiuned to drink more n more….bt it was drink.preethu came back.preethu, come let’s go.pragya mummers…preethu, dI have u drank anything. pragya ya preethu. it was milk.I need few more glass pls n about to run.preethu, oh no she drank drinks.di..pls b here.I ‘ll bring n went to call Bulbul. meantime pragya moves from ter..her walk was lik a dranken cat walk…suddenly she was dashed with Raghav. Raghav, what happen pragya. again she bladders. ..he understood….Raghav, u just sit here.don’t move.pragya, k Raghav.I ‘ll not.Raghav, promise. pragya, paaka promise….Abi sees their conversation….Raghav left the place.Abi, come pragya let’s go.pragya bladders something. Abi,have u drank…pragya, no Abi….no….am not.raghav oly asked me to wait waiting.Abi, tis stupid gal na..even in drunken state speaking about tat idiot….Abi holds her n he feels thusty so drank the glas of milk next to him…by mistake it was the same which pragya had drank.both were in drunken state…….pragya, hey man.where r u dragging me.wait.Raghav asked me to wait here….Abi,hey …I hate him a lot…how dare he can touch u….he brought u in his arms to hospital.pragya, stupid man it was a help.even u too hugging that white devil…I too hate her a what to do.u love her.rite….Abi, who said.she oly comin behind me….I like oly u…..pragya, no…u r lier….I know n pokes his chest…Ranveer cam ter, guys what u both doing…..both started to laugh..n poured colour water on him.Ranveer, ohooooooooooo…no…they drank. no use of speaking n left the place…pragya, k.prove me that u like oly me nu….Abi, come I ‘ll show u…..thn purab stopped them,hey Abi n pauses sees his activities….

Abi applies a hand full of colours on his face…purab, idiot.I ‘ll see on morning n left the place….seeing purab’s avathar Bulbul burst out in laugh.Bulbul, b smart like oly am nt neared them..on the way, aliya stops them.abi hey lighthouse u lok cute n applies black color on her face..seeing tis aliya shouts…both pragya n abi rans from ter….Abi, comes….I ‘ll prove u..pragya, no Abi I won’t trust u….Abi lifts pragya n goes to his room….Ranveer watchs tis from another room(he came to change his dress) thinks prefect couple……

precap:pragya cries vigorously. .y it’s happening for me alone…..

sorry,if any mistakes.written in hurry…..thanks for ur comments friends……..really happy a lot..hope u lik it…..

Credit to: Emmy


  1. durga

    Nice yaar n sooooooooooooo cute abhigya…. Their jealousy love talk during drunken state everything s soooooo cute n lovely

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    Really superb…pls update next episode today itself….pls….pls update daily….

  3. thanks guys…..really happy by all ur supports……so oly am stil contiuning my story…..really thanks once again.

  4. arvind

    its wow amazing..super epi eagerly waiting for next epi if u r able the update it today itself only”

  5. genelia

    its wow amazing..super epi eagerly waiting for next epi if u r able the update it today itself only”..plz update it regularly..

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