memories made with love……..abigya destiny (epi 12)


sorry guys. is our episode.

Dadi, come beti n supports Pragya to sit.Pragya,it’s k Dadi am k….no problem. Dadi, how are u nw.Pragya, how am look like Dadi.Abi mummers lik a lady white ghost with bandage.pragya gives a killer look. Abi….oops….sorry.pragya,completely am alright Dadi.dnt worry. Dadi, k beti. tomorrow was holi na. so asked Abi to bring u.Pragya, ohoo….ya Dadi.what about arrangements. any help..? Abi, first u try to stand by ur own legs,later on u can stand fr others.Pragya was about to speak.but Dadi cuts off n says Abi was rite u take rest.everything was got over.
by that time,Aliya was walking by concentrating on didn’t noticed the steps n slips off.hearing. her voice all ran to see…she was fallen down n shouting in pain.Abi begins to laugh loudly.Aliya gives a dead look to him.Dadi movs to help her.Dadi, enough laughing Abi come n help her.Abi, me….that too to her.Dadi how can I help to such a big lighthouse. see she was almost near to my height.not even taking much big like balloon.saying tis he brusted out in laugh. meantime Pragya patches his shoulders slowly behind him.he turned by laughing bt within a second his laugh was got vanished seeing Pragya. Abi, hi….miss.Pragya. how u came here.she keeps her hands on her waist n gesture’s him.slowly he moves towards Aliya with funny expressions. Abi mummers in tis house oly, doctors needs help of an another doctors n left’s Aliya.Pragya, I have heard…shall I show u how could b a doctors n points her bag (injection)Abi, it’s k problem. no thanks n escaped. Dadi thinks I need a babu like her oly who controls n care him.Pragya, k Dadi let me inform Bulbul about the stray.Abi moves with Aliya n says hey stupid doctor see towards the enterence. Dadi n Pragya turns to sees.suddenly Bulbul n preethu hugged her from her back.Pragya got u both came.purab, it’s surprise.Pragya, purab u too…..preethu,ha….di……it was our rockstars surprise.Dadi, k children u all continue ur chits chats n leaves to slep.bulbul runs to abi n holds aliya.Bulbul, leave her bai.I ‘ll take care.arrey purab y standing like a dumb.come with me.purab winks at Abi n leaves to her.Abi, now itselfs taking training ah..great man.Pragya watches him.Abi, hey Pragya y often staring I….Pragya cuts off n says come on let’s leave. Abi, tis is not at all here na. I ‘ll help u.Pragya turns n says from what…lifting me like a toy a..Abi gives oops reaction.preethu, better luck next time bai. preethu helps Pragya to walk.Pragya stares Abi’s cute reactions.
all left to their respective rooms.
all slept except Abi.he was continuously thinking about his lovely moments with Pragya.suddenly he moves to Pragya room.enters like cat.slowly sits near Pragya n cares her face.thinks how cute u much pain u ‘ve crossed in ur life.a small drop of tears escapes frm his eyes..I promise I ‘ll keep u happy till am with u.kissed her forehead n kept get well soon card.there is a surprise fro u in mrg. wait till that.

Next day morning:
Holi celebration were going on like a jet speed.All our guys were got ready n came to living room.Abi sees Pragya n thinks just wait for few mints.u r going to fly in air.Pragya notices him n asks lifting her eyebrows n gesture him.Abi, nothing.

All went to pray.Dadi finished the prayers n blessed them.Abi, guys I have a surprise for u all..Dadi, Abi don’t start ur game in morning itself.Abi, no Dadi.really am saying.just wait now purab ‘ll stand like a statue after hearing tis.purab, come on Abi.please leave me.atleast today let me enjoy.don’t target me morning itselfs n hides behind Pragya.Pragya, stop it Abi.see ever he were getting fear for ur pranks.Abi, hey Pragya if he heard means he ‘ll stand lik a statue but if u heard means u ‘ll fly in air.Pragya n purab winks each other.Abi was about to say…but Bulbul cuts off n says bai I know that.Abi was confused.thinks what does she know n how….Bulbul,bai I know that n I have brought him too….
guys I know that it was part ‘ll b sorry.I had a small problem in my browser….am trying to cut short the story n end soon…..really happy that I have got a sweet friends here…am considering all as my friends. so u all don’t mind u all can leave ur facebook Id.I forgot my Twitter n Google+ id…..soon i ll search n say u…..

Credit to: Emmy

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  1. Gud yaar. ..but don’t end soon

  2. Waiting 4 next 1… Soon pls

  3. can’t wait for next epi. love abhis antics.. nice epi sis

    1. really happy to see calling me as sis…..thanku suha…tak care……u can consider me as sis…n share whatever u wish….sure i ll try to mak u happy as much as i can

  4. Nice episode yaar

  5. i think u al got bored of my ff……rite guys…???

    1. Nothing like tht yaarrrr I like it very much bt pls regular & try long one

    2. Don’t think like that… Its really awesome…. But pls update regularly and big epic….
      Waiting for next epic

    3. Don’t think like that… Its really awesome…. But pls update regularly and big epic….
      Waiting for next epi

  6. Wow superb emmy..just now i read it..keep going on dont think its boring..ur trying to give ur best so it wont be boring..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar…….Plzzzzz don’t think that its Boringggggggg…….Its Really good……

  8. Wow…finally u updated now….u know how much eagerly iam waiting for ff…iam a big fan of ur ff…I loved all abhigya scenes…pls update the next episode today itself…pls…pls…pls…

  9. Oyi hello I’m early waiting whr s d nxt part …. Update yaaarrr

  10. pls update next episode yaar…iam waiting eagerly…pls..

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