Memories made with love…..abigya destiny (epi 1)


guys,here s our epi 1…
In MM:
one fine mrg,dadi wakup beta how long u ll slep already u said na imp meeting s ter nu comon wakup.guy few more mints dadi my meeting was at 12 oly u go n wakup tat lighthouse she ll b sleping lik kumbakarnan.meanwhile a gal entered wit a cup of cafe n slightly placed on his shoulders.he got up by shouting,its our rockstar.abi tis s the way of wakinup ur bro wts tis lighthouse a slepin lik kumbaranan a n turned,ya its our aliya.wait i ll make u to bath in bed itselfs said n started chasing him wit a bucket of water.dadi thnks whn thes guys r gng to big….stil playing lik a kid.

In Heaven Hostel:
cool mrg,Alarm rings a cute gal offs it witout wakin up.later remembered her strom arrival n wakedup n got ready lik a jet wit a simple salwar,little makeup, white coat n chashmes.hearing voice fr breakfast,she left the room by locking.a lady was scoldin her fr comin late.she cutely holdin her ears n says”sry sarala maa”tat cute gal was our pragya.hostel head was sarala.thn sarala made her to sit fr having brkfst.meanwhile she said tat storm was by eve so i ll b late n left the hostel by waving her hands to sarala in drving she thnks,its has been so many yrs finaly she was comin back frm studies.hw many stuggles n prbms.its all fr her my angel her happiness(pragya parents has died n she finished studies in a home in tat was she ses sarala lik her maa nw she was strayin in a hostel)pragya,its getting late i ve to go abi home fr checking his dadi wts tis oh god.somewt reached abi home.

In MM:
Aliya was chasing abi meanwhile pragya enters home she see abi rushing towards her.pragya abi wt hapen y rushing lik tis saying tat n turned towards the direction to see.aliya poured the water on pragya instead of abi.pragya stands lik a statue n stares abi n aliya.slowly abi moves to aliya n says hey lighthouse comon lets go relse doctor ll sure kil us by injection.both run frm tat place by sry sorry to her.pragy shouts ‘abi…..’

precap:abi pragya u look hot……..

hope u lik guys…pls comment wtever u feel..thanks fr encouring me ya……..

Credit to: Emy(sabeenia)

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  2. emy its just awesome dr.eagerly wait 4 next one.we want long episode plz…


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