In memories…Kumkum Bhagya – few shots (1)


“Maya…MAYA…Maya Basher…eih Pragya” screeched a voice. “How many times should i tell u? Don’t call me Pragya” someone replied in return. “Then what should i do? You were so busy bathing”. “ok, ab tumhe kya chahiye?” she asked coming out of the bathroom, still in her bath suit.

She was a woman in her late thirties…maybe 37. She came to the dressing table and placed herself in the stool. She took the towel and started drying her hair. Just then two hands wrap around her shoulders. She smiled and talks to her looking at the mirror.
“My mother is looking like an angel, even in her late thirties” she said in a husky tone. “Someone turned romantic here…what does my Ayesha want now?” the woman said in an expectant tone.
“There’s a small problem. Actually if my light bulb blows…what should i do?” “Come on Ayesha…these are simple viva questions. If you are still stuck on them…how will you win that contest?” “Maya…tell me” she pleaded. Maya smiled to herself…“simple…it must have been due to loose connection or a loose string. Remove the bulb…recheck it and then replace another one”. “what if the wire burns in mid of my experiment?”. “Don’t worry, just replace the charred insulation. You will not need to look for new wires at that time. You can continue the experiment then…but dear, you know all these yourself, or u can enquire ur frnds…else you can even check out the internet…why me?”

“Maya…i know you are too brilliant for me. I just wanted to know the answers” she mumbled. “i learnt it in my clg” Maya said, drowning herself in an ocean of thoughts…
Clg…oh, that was the heaven that i visited even before my death. How i wish i am there even now…oh! i wish i see him atleast once…

“Seeing him, atleast once will never occur in your dreams too” Ayesha said as she read her thoughts. “It doesn’t matter…coz he still lives in memories…of mine, of us”.
“Oh Maya…you and your age old love story…” Ayesha literally made fun of Maya.
“AYESHA!!!” she shouted.
“Maya…i am not wrong. Am i?” “Shut up and get ready for your…no our trip” Maya said heated. “OK…but its just a month trip…i can manage–” “I am coming and its final…ITC???”
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
“Madam…you’re car keys” a man handed it to Maya.

“I will manage. You can go. (Now turning to the people gathered) So happy luncheon to all. And i hope i made myself clear. So go by the instructions. Make sure that the guests are properly treated. I will return within a month” said out the administrative side of her.

Yes, she is Maya…Maya Basher…the only woman to hold on to a firm in Abu Dhabi. Though Rafiq…her brother, is its possessor legally, she is the one running that hotel. Everyone know her as a bold lady, the one who is the pillar of her family, but little do they know that she is still a woman…having her own innocent heart and a dreaming mind.
The girl Ayesha is her only daughter and she is a single mother. Both the daughter and mother left in the car.

So this was another one that i cooked up. i don’t know how good it will be. But i wish i don’t bore you guys. See you all soon.
All views welcomed.

And yes, i am so sorry for what happened all these days…I mean, my absence. It is completely my fault. Actually, both I and my laptop gt repaired. I was sent to the hosp. while my laptop was sent to the mechanic. Yeah, it was a troublesome week for me, so many medicines, syringes and big TABBLETS, and a lot of advice…I think my laptop should also have undergone so many troubles like me….it got recovered but i don’t know about myself. …ha ha…
OK…jokes apart, how are you all? Hope u r all fyn. I missed you all so much. I am sry. And I really didn’t want to make an issue of my illness and so decided to convey it in a little funny way, sry if it was silly or hurted some of you. I am seriously unwell….bbut as soon as i got my laptop, i backed up my files and sarted writing. I am a lil sleepy or rather drowsy now…so frgv fr mistakes.
Please don’t expect reg updates frm me (though i was nvr reg pre 😀 :D).
And abt CD???? I mentioned so coz i don’t feel like posting it, as what i have written is so small. I will try posting it by Thursday as usual…or by Saturday.
And i wish that this gap was not enough to make me forgotten. I just want to know guys. And also sry for what i bluffed all this while.

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  1. Prabhi

    Well it’s nice but quite confusing why did Ayesha say either pragya
    Well could u like. Give an intro or is this just the base and the story of abhigya will develop

  2. Awesome intro….waiting to know maya’s love story….pls update the next one soon….

  3. Superbbbb yarrrr…..plz take care of ur health

  4. I missed u soooo much…hw r u dear?
    Awesome intro dear….
    Take rest nd take care of ur health dear..dont stress urself…will wait for you dear…

  5. Maya

    It’s very interesting! Will be waiting for this?? Take care of your health?? I am also waiting to know Maya’s story….

  6. How are you now??first take care of your health OK. only I read your message and don’t dare to say sorry that too to me…I worried about you that’s why I sent message…take rest..and this shot was SUPERBBB dear ..waiting for the next. .get well soon and no need to be you dear ??

  7. Super dear….

  8. superb intro ani loved it. Missed you so much. How are u? Take care of your health eat well Take rest waiting for the next episode

  9. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its Quite Interestingggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!Waiting to Know Maya’s Story…………But Take care of Yourself too……….First Get well soon…….Whenever you feel good,Then start to write……….

  10. Nice….are you from Telugu states ?

    1. She is from tamil nadu. But,she knew telugu very well?

  11. heyyyy… superb starting …aww… pragya in late thirties… single mother… quiet interesting… want to know abt her col lyf and HIM… continue it soon…& take care of u sis…

  12. miss u lot yaaaaaaaaaa

  13. CuteVanshu

    Interesting…. Plz continue di…tc…

  14. oooh nice Bt wish u a quick recovery I declare healing upon u be safe bcos no more sickness at this beginning of 2017 love uuuuuu

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