Our Memories…Ishqbaaz (Introduction)

Kapoors were exposed by Annika and were sent to jail.
Priyanka and Omkara are not having past accident.
Annika was accepted by Pinky as her daughter in law.
No Daksh in the story; that means Shivay never pointed on Annika’s character
Ishana is not a con girl, she is a dancer and runs her dance academy
Shivay Admitted his love for Annika and both were happy in their married life, also he annoced Annika as his wife in the media

6 Years Later
@Oberoi Mansion around 8:30pm
A boy is seen working on laptop in his when a girl enters the room.
Girl:Aap phirse kaam kar rahe hai. Aap jaante hai na ye waqt sirf mere liye reserve hai.(You are again working.You know that this time is only reserved for me.)
Boy:Ok Sorry. Bolo kya kaam hai.(Tell what work you have)
Girl:Kuch nahi bas aap se baat karne man ho raha tha aur vaise bhi aapse baat karne pe koi tax to lagta nahi hai.(Nothing just wanted to talk to you and there is no tax on talking to you)
Boy:Itni si ho par Bolti kitna ho(You are such and talk so much)
Girl:Aap kya matlab hai itni si ho.(What do you mean) Dadu I’m a big girl 5yrs old. Understand.
Boy:Sorry Shivi tumhare Dadu ko pata hi nahi tha(Your dadu didn’t know)
[So She is Shivika daughter of Shivay and Annika]
Sh:Its ok Dadu, vaise mai aapko batane ayi thi ki(I came here to tell you that)
[A Boy of age 16-17 enters]
Boy:Hum dono ne 15 days ki leave ke liye apply kar diya hai(We both have applied for 15 days leave)
S:Par kyun Sahil(But why sahil)
[So the boy is Sahil, he is in class 11 and his legs are now completely fine and he is school’s football team captain]
Sh:Oh ho Dadu its simple so that we can enjoy Prinku Bua Engagement Nicely.
[Priyanka is getting married to Ranveer]
S:Ok fine & Sahil just send Omru here
Sa:Ok Jiju
Omru Just then enter

Omru:We heard someone is calling us
S:You both Heard it right, by the the work I gave you both is that done.
O:Yes its done
R:Bhaiya, She is the best Wedding Planner in India her name is……… (Rudra Gets thinking)
O:Ankita, Rudra tujhe kuch yaad toh rahta hai nahi.(Rudra you don’t remember anything)
R:As if you remember everything.And if you remember you had to pick up bhabhi.
O:Oh No I forget.I have to rush.
R:(Taunting way)Jao Jao(Go Go)
Om Goes
R:Bhaiya, Ms ankita will arrive here tomorrow.You should see her company graphs her company grew up as No.1 in just 2 years
S:That’s amazing. And I want best for Priyanka without any sort of compromise
R:Yes Sir(salutes)
S:Chal Bhag(Now Go)
Shivay goes to Shivi’s room and sees her sleeping.He covers her with blanket and kisses her Forehead.Then he returns to his room.Shivay’s room is full of His & Annika’s Photos.

@outside on Road
A girl is standing in anger
G:Let him come, today I will tell him the consequences of making someone wait like this.
Just then a car arrives and stops in front of the girl and a boy comes out of the car.
B:Sorry I got late
G:Do you know I standing on the road for last half an hour waiting for you
B:Mujhe maaf kardo meri maa aage aisa kabhi nahi hoga(Please forgive me my mother, iwill not repeat this)
G:Do I look like an aunty to you Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi.and By the way I’m not your mother I’m your wife Ishana if you remember this correctly.
[So she is Ishana singh Oberoi and the boy is Omkara]
And if you remember my academy gets closed half an hour back.so where were you?
O: Actualy I was contacting the wedding planner for priyanka’s engagement and you know who is the planner
O:Ankita of Anay Event Planners
I(Excited):Omg Om She is coming, she so awesome and good
O(Sadly):But no one is better than Annika Bhabhi.
[Ishana also gets sad hearing this. They both leave for OM]

S:Ani Where are you?3 long years but no clue about you.
[rudra is standing on the door and listening]
Everyone says in that accident you, but I don’t believe any one because I know you can’t leave me and shivi and go.
[So Annika had a severe car accident 3yrs back and car fell from the cliff but Annika’s body was not found]

Precap-Rudra Crying and Soumya consoling him

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