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Hi to all….. I’m Sweety from Thirupathi. Now I’m going to discuss my story with u. Y I said discuss means, if in my story has any fault means, I knw that via ur comments. I can correct my faults…..

Now I am going to introduce our story characters.

Vaishu @ Vaishali : A homely looking and talkative girl. She doing her degree in Bangalore. Kamal is her father. Lakshmi is her mother, she was dead when Vaishu was born. Vaishu father is great business man. But he is not perfect father for her. He doesn’t knw what she is studying. Kavin Vaishu’s brother. Kavin hates his father and leaves the home. Vaishu too closed with him. Joseph one of the friend of Kavin. Kavin works at mechanical engineer in Nissan company, Chennai.

Vimal : He is doing his degree in Mysore. His Father passed away in 3yrs ago. Radha is his mother. She handle her husband’s business after his death. Roopan Vimal’s brother. He is an unemployee. Joseph also friend of Vimal.

Vaishu completes her Bachelor degree. She then plan to do his master degree. She decide to go to hostel for her Master degree. Then she joined in Madras University. She got 3 best friends. Karthiga is very enthusiastic person, she takes everything as just like that. Swathi is a very innocent girl as well as very emotional also. Shrisha very polite at the same time jovial. Karthiga, Swathi, Shrisha & Vaishu all are room mates as well as class mates. In starting Vaishu gets some trouble with the language after the week she understands their language. So their friendship gets too strong. They shares each and everything about them. Their gang name is Altruistic Girls. They live like that. They enjoys their life. Vaishu is devote of Saibaba and Lord Vengatajalapathi(Lord Vishnu). Vaishu daily thanx the god to gave the gud frnds for her. Every Thursday they go to saibaba temple and every Saturday they go to Vishnu’s temple….

The days are rolled on like this….. Kavin come to the hostel to meet Vaishu. Vaishu introduce her frnds to him…..

Kavin : ok guys cmng sunday I’m going to give a party for u all. U all are must come to that party. Kavin leaves from there.
Vaishu : Oh god cmng Sunday his birthday. How can I frgt that?

Karthi : hey chill out ya. Tdy we all are go to shopping. We want to give a unforgettable gift to him. Coz he is our Vaishu’s brother as well as close frnd.
All are said ok….

On Sunday….

Karthi : Shrisha, Swathi & Vaishu get fast ya….. look at the time. Hurry up guys.
Vaishu : I’m ready….. (Vaishu wears blue color chudi)

Swathi : I’m also ready…. (shw wears lavender color chudi)
Shrisha comes out with one simple dress. Vaishu looks her and gives one new pink color chudi to her and said, I knw. U go and change this. Swathi & Karthi hugs her. Shrisha comes out. All are looks her…
Karthi : Shrisha….. u r looking chooooo cute. In case I was born as a boy means….. in this moment I’ll married u. Unfortunately I was born as girl. All are laughs. They leaves the hostel….. They reached that hotel.
Kavin waits for them and welcomes them. Kavin looks Shrisha….. His heart beats are raised….. all are gives their gifts to him. Kavin sees Shrisha….. Shrisha ties one rope in his hand and said, Wish u many more happy happy returns of the day. God will b always with u. God can provide a lot of happiness in ur life, he increase ur joy in twice and reduce ur sorrows in thrice. Kavin gets impressed with her. Both are look each other. All are claps…..
Kavin : I was celebrate 23 birthdays. No one wish me like this thanq thanq so much. Its is the most beautiful gift in my life.
Karthi : Shrisha chance less ur wish is amazing.
Swathi : Shrisha u r always different from everyone.
Vaishu : huh… still now me also dnt wish him like this.
Shrisha : Hey I’m just wished him in my style. Y u all are make this as big issues idiots. Its time to leave come let’s go.
Kavin thanx them all… Joseph calls Kavin….
Joseph : Hey whr r u da? I’m waiting for u in our room. Come fast.
Kavin : I’m on the way.
(Kavin reached the room. Joseph waits for him with alcohol)hey…! What’s this? Y do u get this here?
Joseph : oh hello its not alcohol. Its a beer da. Just like grape juice. Tdy u must drink this with me.
He compels him and make him as drunk. Kavin lay down and starts blabbering…… when Vaishu calls him to inform that she reached hostel safely. Joseph attends the call, she informed to him. He gets impressed by her voice. He starts try to filters with her, she scolds him harshly and cuts the call. He takes her num from Kavin’s mobile.
At the mrng Kavin wakes up, he suffered by headache. He holds his head with hands….. he looks her phone and sees Vaishu’s num in received cal. He makes cal to Vaishu. Vaishu phone gets ringing……
Kavin : He…Hello Vai… Vaish….. Vaishu….

Shrisha : she is in bathroom. I… I’m Shrisha.

Kavin : oh ok. Then….
Shrisha : Then….!
Kavin : Then…. hmm thanx.
Shrisha : thanx….! Thanx for y?

Kavin : Thanx for…… (he hears Karthi and Swathi’s voice) ok u carry on I’ll cal her later.

Karthi and Swathi comes with coffee. Vaishu also finished bath and comes out.
Shrisha : Vaishu… ur brother called u.
Vaishu : oh… ni8 I was called that idiot but he was slept so his frnd was attend my cal and talk too much so I was cut the call… I nvr talk with him.
Karthi : hey mental. U said Kavin was slept then how can he knw that bl***y frnd talk with u uglily? Cal him and talk with him. Mainly informed to him abt that ok..

Guys pls post ur comments. Thanx u spend ur precious time to reading this story

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  1. Wow superb just unique and different …. PLZ continue …. And one more thing is I am also devotee of Sai baba. ..
    Great piece of work …..

    Ur work looks to me like one of the professional version ….

    PLZ continue ….. I WIL B waiting eagerly to find some time to read ur work …. This is actually from my heart …. Really ur character names are so easy to remember and evn ur language is so good ….

    Looking forward for ur next PART sweety

  2. Hyy sweety..
    Its nice dear.. Keep going..
    Waiting fr next update

  3. Nice story some names r diff yaar

  4. Thank u soooooooooo much Divga Liza and Hayathi. I’m also devotee of sai baba dr

  5. wow.. ur cover pic awesome.. vinay and satha… one of my fav films… and niice start

  6. Nice start, lovely story, plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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