Memories (Episode 4)


Vaishu gets ready to leave. Kavin cals her. Vaishu dnt have interest to talk with him… she cuts his cal and msg to him, “I’m busy now. I cant to talk with u, wats a matter just txt me.” Kavin reads her msg and that’s hurts him a lot. Vaishu leaves from home….. she gets too excitement. She reached the bus… she waits for vimal… the bus gets start to move… vaishu gets disappointment and get into the bus… she is seated. Someone ask her, “may I sit here”?. Vaishu look at him and smiles.

Vimal : oh my dr bangaram….,
Vaishu : dnt talk with me. I’m not ready to talk to you.
Vimal : Vaishu bangaram pls… I’m sry. I already came here, just I wait and watched ur face reaction I’m sry pls. Still u r in angry…. just hit me. Come on…
Vaishu : (smiles)… hw r u?

Vimal : how was am I looking? Bangaram u r soo cute. In this white chudi u r looking awesome… (Vaishu gets shy…) Vaishu may I hold ur hand? (Vaishu gets nervous) I want to hold ur hand in long life. Can I….!

(Vaishu maintains the silent….) silence is the symbol of acceptance. So….. (Vimal holds her hand with his hand).
Vaishu feels shyly she try to free her hand from him but he holds her hand strongly. Vaishu frees her hand suddenly.
Vimal takes care her the whole nit. Vaishu gets too attached with him. Bus reached chennai.
Vimal : ok vaishu I’ll return back to home. Bye take care…
Vaishu fels bad…silently said ok. Vimal looks her and get down from the bus… vaishu get into the auto.

Vimal calls her…
Vaishu attend the cal but could not speak.
Vimal : bangaram….
Vaishu silence was broken. She cries badly,
Vaishu : thank u soo much. Y coz means u take too much care for me after my brother. Thank u.
Vimal : vaishu pls dnt cry. I’ll call u later.
She reached the hostel. Karthi and Swathi are present their…..
Karthi : Hi vaishu…. hw r u….
Vaishu : (smiles) yeah fine Karthi wat abt u. Hi Swathi… hw r u
Swathi : hi…. yeah fine.
Karthi : mm fine. Mom ask abt u. I miss u soo much in this vacation. Y u not attend my cal those days?
Vaishu : Karthi I want to say one thing to u….
Karthi : Tel me ya. I have one surprise for u all. U want to what’s that? But u all are wait for some more days.
Swathi : karthi pls tel me.
Karthi : no….

Vaishu gets confused….
Swathi : huh time is 9:15. Get ready girls.
Vaishu : wer is Shrisha?
Karthi : tdy she gets leave. U dnt knw that na? Oh u dnt have contact with anyone ah?
Vaishu : N…. no… I …
Swathi : wat hpn to u? R u ok r not? Swathi touch her hand and shock. Hey… r u suffering from fever? R u ate ice cream or cool drinks?
Karthi looks her angrily.
Vaishu : no no… I swear. Just fever coz of travel…
Karthi : swathi u informed leave for me and vaishu also. I’ll take her in the hospital.
Swathi nodes and leaves.

On the auto…
Vaishu : Karthi I want to tell one thing….
Karthi : wat ya?
Vaishu : Karthi I felt too lonely. U knw kavin also avoid me. He dnt give an importance to me. He never care abt me…
Karthi : hey dnt talk like stupidity. U undstd mistakenly.
Vaishu gets call. Karthi lools her mobile. Hey whz ths vimal? Vaishu cuts him cal. And explain everything to her.
Karthi : r u mad how can u trust him? Wat do u knw abt him? Its not a love. U take this decision emotionally.
Vaishu : no Karthi. I luv him a lot. He is Kavin’s frnd.
Karthi : no Vaishu pls try to undst wat I’m saying…
They reached hsptl…. They finished check up and comes out
Vaishu : shall we go to the temple tdy evng?
Karthi nodes. They get auto. Auto stands in the signal. Vaishu and Karthi sees Kavin and Shrisha in the bike. Vaishu hides in the auto. Karthi looks vaishu and them. They reached hostel.

Swathi in the room.
Karthi : hey u dnt went to calls na?
Swathi : hw can I went class without u? Thats ok. Wat was doc said?
Vaishu : ntng to wry Swathi. I’m perfectly alright. Swathi smiles, looks Karthi. But Karthi stands confusingly.
Swathi : wat hpn to u Karthi? R u alright? Karthi : Yeah I’m ok. Evng we went to temple ok.
Swathi : ok da.
They went to canteen for lunch.
Karthi said everything to Swathi…. Swathi and Karthi make a plan to find Vimal’s love is true or fake…..

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  1. How can he do like this

  2. What happened to kavin, why is he ignoring vaishu. …n this vimal looks OK but I still have doubts about him…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you

  3. Hw vimal is kavin’s frnd ?? How vaishu knw this ??./

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