Memories (Episode 3)


Hi frnds, thanq sooo much for ur supports….

Kavin drops them into the bus stand. They all are get into the bus….

Kavin : have a happy journey. Just make a cal when u reached the home ok.
All are loudly said ok…. u take care…… bus starts… Kavin leaves.

They njy their travel. Vaishu gets so happy. When Vaishu gets a call. Vaishu looks that num, thinks… cal has been cut. Again her phone was rang… she attends the cal…

Vaishu : Hello….
Vimal : Hi…
Vaishu : excuse me I dnt knw whs thz. Can u tell ur name pls…
Vimal : hi Vaishu….I’m Vimal. I knw u. But u dnt knw myself. One day I saw u in the temple. I fall in love with u at the first sight. What a eyes u have…. ur voice is sooo sweet.
Vaishu cuts the call. He again and again calls her. She switched off her mobile.
Karthi : wat hpn Vaishu?
Vaishu : I get one anonymous cal Karthi.
Shrisha : just forgot that. Come let’s join with us.
They play anthoxoury….. Swathi captured their happiest moments….
They starts to sleep. But Vaishu gets too disturbed with that call. Vimal’s words are eco in to her mind.
Vaishu’s heart and mind starts fights.
Vaishu’s heart : Vaishu y do I switch off ur mobile just on it…
Vaishu’s mind : no Vaishu dnt switch on ur mbl….
Vaishu’s heart : y do u get scared?
Vaishu’s mind : I’m not scared. I was guide which is correct to her.
Vaishu’s heart : u switch on ur mbl Vaishu then only we can who is he? How he got our num? At all.
Finally Vaishu’s heart is won that fight. Vaishu switch on her mobile…. she gets 3 msgs. She opens that. That 3 from Vimal.
Vimal’s msg…,
Msg 1 : Hi Vaishu, pls try to understand me. I luv u so much. I cant live without u. Pls txt me….

Msg 2 : I’m impressed with ur voice also. Wow wat a sweet voice urs. Pls txt me….
Msg 3 : I’ll wait for ur msg….
Vaishu reads all the message and gets starts abt him…. she was slept.
They reached Karthi’s home near 5:30 am. They again slept in home coz of tiredness. Mrng 7 O clk Karthi’s mom wakes up all with bed coffee.
Karthi : maa… This Vaishu from bangalore, Shrisha from trichy, Swathi from Eroad. And guys she is our mom name Lakshmi.
Vaishu looms her and tears are roll on….
Lakshmi : wat hpn thangam (gold)?
Vaishu : ntng ma. I will back in 15 mins.
Vaishu went to the wash roomand refresh.
Karthi : sry ma. I frgt that Vaishu’s mom name also Lakshmi but she is no more ma.
Swathi goes and knock the wash room…
Swathi : Vaishu….
Vaishu : ahn ahn I’m coming. (Vaishu opens the door.) Sry ma I can’t drink anything without brush.
Lakshmi : good ma. Ok all are get bath and come to hall ok I have work in kitchen. Shrisha : may I help u ma?
Karthi : no need mom will handle everything. U may go maa.(Lakshmi leaves, Vaishu follows her) Vaishu’s phone waa rings….
Karthi : Vaishu ur get cal.
Vaishu : I think that’s kavin atn the cal and talk with him. I’ll come.
Karthi : but its unknw num Vaishu.
Vaishu : atn the cal Karthi.
Karthi atnds the cal…
Karthi : hello…. hello…. hello….

Cal has been cut… Vaishu went to kitchen and talk with Lakshmi…
Swathi : Vaishu go and bath.
Vaishu : hey all are get bath ah?
Swathi : hmm s. U go I’ll help to mom.
Lakshmi : No thangam, I finished the work. U also go with her.
Vaishu and Swathi leaves… Vaishu get in to bathroom. Her phone is rings…
Vaishu comes out and pick the call…
Vaishu : hello…
Vimal : he…hello Vaishu I’m Vimal.
Vaishu : wat do u want y do u call me again and again?
Vimal : I want ur love. I dnt sleep yesterday ni8. U was disturbs a lot. I luv u. I cant live without out.
Vaishu : (gets impressed but)…. Pls dnt disturb me.
Vimal : ok at least accept me as ur frnd…
Vaishu : ok I’ll think & tell u later. (Vaishu gets Kavin’s cal on waiting). Ok my brother is calling me bye…
Vaishu atnds him cal…
Kavin : gud mrng Vaishu. Hw was karthi’s home?
Vaishu : happy mrng bro. Yeah superb bro. Karthi mom is soo sweet u knw.
Kavin : oh great. Njy a lot. I want to say one thing ma.
Vaishu : wat bro tell me.

Kavin : Vaishu….. I… I…. I…..
Vaishu : whz that lucky girl bro….
Kavin : hey how do u knw this?
Vaishu : I well knwn abt my brother. Tell me.
Kavin : who is non other than ur frnd Shrisha…..
Vaishu : Kavin…..
Kavin : sry da Vaishu, I luv her. But I dnt knw she luvs me or not. If u not accept this means I’ll drop that.
Vaishu : idiot brother. Luv dnt want permission from others. U knw everything abt Shrisha I hope u can make her happy… all the best
Kavin : thanx da. When u return here?
Vaishu : next monday.
Kavin : ok da tale care.
Vaishu gets soo happy. Karthi come to cal her for breakfast. Vaishu hugs her and express her happiness.

Karthi : hey just calm tell me wat hpn y r u soo happy?
Vaishu said everything, Karthi gets happy too. They went to dinning hall and finish their breakfast. Vaishu enjoyed her study holidays with Karthi family… They return to chennai. Kavin proposed to Shrisha. First she refused then accept him. Exams are completed. The semester leave is start. 21 days leave. Vaishu leaves chennai and back to bangalore. She fel too lonely in her home. Coz before always kavin ll cares her. Now he is busy in work and Shrisha. Vaishu fell too bad. Vimal calls her….
Vaishu : hello
Vimal : hi Vaishu sry for the disturbance. I was control myself but cant. Pls tel me ur result pls.

Vaishu cries badly and said I’ll cal u later.
Vimal : y r u crying? What hpn Vaishu? Pls tel me, ur tears are hurtse a lot pls bangaram (gold) tel me. I’m with u pls dnt cry… I love u… will u marry me
Vaishu too touched with his words…
Vaishu : (cries) I love u too. Yeah I’ll.
Vaishu dnt knw this word has been change her life forever……… They builds their luv on the phone.
Days are rolled… semester holidays are over near.
Vaishu calls vimal,
Vaishu : hi bawa…
Vimal : hi bangaram…
Vaishu : Today nit I’m return back to chennai. Coz tmrw college is reopen.
Vimal : oh great. I’ll come with u.
Vaishu : y? For wat?
Vimal : I want to see u. I want to spend some time with u.
Vaishu : no no we will meet on another day.
Vimal : No I’ll come with u dot. I’ll meet u in the bus ok bye.
Vaishu gets soo excited coz she going to meet him first time. She is soo happy.

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  1. What is this he dont know him how can he prupose her and she accept that stupidity

  2. I felt too bad for vaishu… I hate vimal. Oh no kavin pls concentrate on ur sister also…

  3. Felt happy for shrisha and Kavin ..
    But coz vaishu is alone and no proper guidance she is going in a wrong path …. Hope vimal on meeting her really falls in love with her and he should care for her and he should betray Joseph …..

    Very nice sweety

  4. Superb yaar

  5. Nice episode. ..happy for kain n shrisha…but scare for vaishu…I hope vimal is good guy and not a fake one… eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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