Memories (Episode 2)


Shrisha : Karthi is right. May b ur brother dnt knw abt that incident. Call him and talk with him.
Vaishu : yeah u both r correct
Vaishu calls him, Kavin attends her cal and she said everything to him. Kavin gets angry…
Kavin : sry extremely sry vaishu, here after this ll b wont happen. Take care I’ll call u in the evening.
Vaishu : its ok brother. Take care. Be safe while on driving ok.
Kavin angrily sits in the room. Joseph comes and gives a breakfast to him. Kavin slaps him badly…..
Kavin : Hereafter dnt talk with me. Get out of my sight. U rascal how dare u to filters with my sister….?
Joseph : Kavin just listen to me. That time I’m not in my sense pls try to understand believe me.

Kavin : No need. I vacate this room right now good bye…
Kavin packs her things and leave that room.
Joseph : Kavin u did a big mistake. Surely u ll feel for that. I show u who is this Joseph. One day u hold my legs and begged me for this same sister. Smiles evilly…..
Kavin changed the room. 2 months later….
Vaishu suffered by whizzing prblm. Girls are rushes her into hospital.Shrisha calls Kavin and inform abt Vaishu. Kavin comes to the hospital.
Kavin : wat hpn to her?
Swathi : she ate ice cream, so only…

Kavin : wer is Karthi and Shrisha? When she get conscious?
Swathi : they are went to the pharmacy. Within a 1hr she ll get conscious.
Kavin sit near to Vaishu holds her hand and cries.
Kavin : y do u behave like a child? In case anything happen to u means, wat can I do aftr that? I’m become orphan.
Swathi : Anna pls… dnt talk like this. Ntng to happen her. Here after she won’t ate ice cream. I’ll take care of her. Pls calm down. Shrisha and Karthi enters the room…
Karthi : brother…. shame shame puppy shame. Y u r crying? We ll slaps her ok pls brother smiles…
Vaishu gets conscious…..
Vaishu : Ka… Kavin…… u? Wat r u doing here?
Karthi : hmmm he do a dance practice for our college culturals prgm. Hey mental he is ur brother, he came for hit u.
Kavin : y do u eat ice cream? If U think u r a child?
Vaishu : sry Kavin…

doctor comes there…
doc : y u all are here? Already I told u ah, only one person is with her others are wait in outside.
Karthi : Kavin u stay here we will waits in outside.
all are gets out. Doctor completes the checkup and comes out.
Karthi : doc how she is? Everything is ok…
doc : now she is alright. But she must want to continue her medicine. U may take her now itself. Take care of her.
Karthi : ok doctor. Thanq so much.
They discharge her from the hospital. Kavin drops them into the college hostel.
Karthi : Kavin, tmrw onwards our study holidays are starts. Can I take vaishu with me in my home? Dnt wry I’ll take care of her. Shrisha and swathi also come to home. We knw everythng abt ur family. So pls say yes to me pls…
Kavin looks Vaishu and said ok. I’ll book tickets for u. Karthi thanks him. All are gets happy. Karthi forgot her phone in the car… she calls Kavin and said. Kavin comes to return her phone. Shrisha went to bring phone from him.
Kavin : Shrisha I want to say one thing to u….
Shrisha : looks him… tell me
Kavin : this is not perfect time for that matter. I’ll tell u that later.
Shrisha : hmmm…

Kavin leaves….
In Joseph’ s home…
Joseph : amma…. wer r u ma?
Mary : ham ham I’m coming
Joseph : Maa this is my frnd Vimal.
Mary welcomes him.
Vimal : bless me maa.
Mary : (blessed him). Within a one hour I’ll prepare lunch for u. U talk with him Joseph.
Vimal : ur mom is so nice da
Joseph : now wer u r going to do ur project.
Vimal : till now I dnt have any idea abt that. Y
Joseph : u come to chennai and do u project there.
Vimal : y da suddenly?
Joseph : I want to revenge one girl who is sister of Kavin. Her name is Vaishali. (Joseph tells everything). If u help or not?
Vimal : I’ll help u. Gave me her num. (Joseph gives her num to him. Calls her num. That’s switch off.) Hey that num is switched off da.
In hostel….

Shrisha : Vaishu I packed ur things. Karthi Swathi u r ready?
Swathi : Shrisha Karthi waits in main gate. Can we leave?
Vaishu : yeah but wer is my mobile?
Swathi : ur mbl was low battery so I connected with charger.
Vaishu : ok wait I’ll take that.

Vaishu gets her phone, switch on her mbl. She gets missed call alert msg…..

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  1. Oh god how can he do like that yaar that uska friend ka sister hain.

  2. Aiyo so sad I thought this vimal would B our hero but he is also helping this Joseph …. Don’t they know how to treat and respect girls ? Chee tht too frnd’s sister ….

    It would have been better if Kavin had put some password in his mob ….
    So sad vaishu and Kavin WIL B in prob later ….
    Very nice plzz continue and do show us who is the hero by any good situation … For vaishu …. and karthi and swathi tooo …..

    Very very nice sweety ….

  3. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode

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