memories and mishap

Hi…this is pragya back….
Actually I am here to ask few questions to u guys and to cvs
Thnks to the actors of ib team….they are at their best……
If I hurt anyone I do apologize, and this comment is purely with the fiction not with the actors…..
So here are those…

1#early days of ib had a mass of characters who were given equal importance but now?
Don’t u miss the super dadi…stylish janavi…shayaries of om…funny. Rudra….cool rumya….and innocent pinky….and prinku….dashing and clever master minded shivay…..the daringly Anika…..Because I miss them
I waited all through the episode from shivay and anikas tashan, for the most cute smile of omkara…which I miss now….y he became shivay s shadow….. he was good and truth by his heart I want him back…..?…and intelligence of rudra….which always made us *me* laugh at the end of the day…….

2# what about anika and Shivay…they totally changed themselves …..shivay was loved (hated) by everyone for his arrogancy….and about is brilliance he was best …but now he is the Dum…..y ….and Anika….
Anika who was loved for her self respect and confidence now does not have respect at all…its like a normal daily soap saas bahu drama…..

3# y they introduced priveer and the randeva was not seen since a month….what about the other lead rumya…u guys may say we got to catch DBO but we loved their bonds as obros not individually….
We loved omkara as artist not a business man…..we loved rummya as cutest couple of all …..
When omkara chose swetlana to save his mom that’s accepted but his sudden business man ship..did he dumped the artist with in him.?

4# memory loss or mishaps
Two possibilities
1 if it I not a drama …then shivay will start a new life with Anika after tias revelling….then the ib would loose his charm of love affection and hatred…..
2 if it was a drama by aniru….
Its justified that Tia is clever and Anika has no other choice so she need to plot something else…
But what about Shivay..than Tia it will be a big bang for him….how will he take ….he is been cornered from the beginning of this drama…then Anika was playing with his feeling is that right….i accept shivay needs to repay but not this way….he humiliated her by being more materialistic but anika playing with him and his heart? Though she is doing to save him but still she is taking chance of her life in shivays circle…..
so what’s the stand of CVs after Tia s reveal…do we have any new things to see or the same old saas bahu drama…..
But my humble request is at least we need the old ib for which we waited till 10….
We want cute smiling omkara…dumbbell oberai..taadibaaz oberoi…badameez ladki….cute prinku and sahil…parathe waali sumo….
Shut up pinky….oh my Mata….and dadi….at last our own Khanna ji….
The most valuable things is ib
Panni, helicopter,shayaries, dumbbell …and the love angel….

So what u guys say?

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  1. Kavya347

    Hey pragya….i totally agree with i on each and every point??.
    They started ishqbaaz as a unique show and finally dropped and brought it on a typical daily soap track?.And seriously, it is very very disappointing. The change in shivika is really shockingly unreliable… with the story losing its track, characters alsolost their essence. It’s really heartbreaking. And Rumya is not getting any screen space at all.
    But the most heartbreaking thing is the changed Omkara??. I never ever expected this from the writers. They ruined his character. The channel started DBO so that Omkara will get screen space, but the reality is that there is no Omkara in DBO it is a worse version of previous Shivaay Singh Oberoi…And Gauri…??ohhh…there is literally no chemistry between gauri and Omkara…shrenu is a great actress but this is not at all suiting her..they tried to show another shivika which is not at all working. Omkara’s lovestory was supposed to be most unique one just like him?…but ye sab kuch gaya tel lene….and they used their typical ‘gul khan’ formula. It’s really very sad how a wonderful show later turns into boring one…really missing the old Ishqbaazivala Ishqbaaz and Vrushika too…only Ishana is perfect for Omkara..???.
    Anyway…great analysis and i agree with each and every point…let’s just hope that the cvs will puton a little brains and the show will be back on its track soon ?

  2. Diyaa

    Excellent questions! But CVs know it all and will do what they see fit irrespective of what audience feel I guess. ?

  3. Khushilovesroumya

    I think i made similar analyze on ishqbaaz.i totally agree with you.The show lost its charm with lot of things like changing om’s lead,shivika forced marriage and they acting like nothing happened,anik’s memory loss of if it happened,not giving equal screen space to rumya.Now i don’t even watch dil bole oberoi and i am going to watch episode which has rumya because i am really disappointing seeing this family breaking.Right now i have no clue what is going on.

  4. Nice analysis dear…

  5. Totally agree with u …we want old ib scenario….

  6. Exactly…..very valid points….It has bcum more of nonsensical drama of daily dose….
    Anika has left her boldness & is acting fragile…I want their love-hate story back…

  7. Totally agree with all these points… N DBO is quite similar to IPKkND…. Another spoiler says the makers r gonna destroy rumya as Soumya will soon become negative…. Waiting for old Ib……

  8. Old ib can never be back as they have gone a lloonnngggg way… Omkara is completely ruined & honestly speaking, he was the real soul of ththe show as everyone waz eagerly waiting to know how would his story proceed as Shivika story was somewhat known to everyone who watched Gul mam’s previous shows…but Pinky’s overdramatic reactions were not needed & anika giving no answers to the insults made to her was sssooo not anika… But it’s done… Just remember ib memories… Bcoz what we’ll get to see now is in no way unique… But just another typical daily soap which we usually watch for time pass with literally 0% interest…

  9. Nita D

    Hey Pragya. I completely agree with u. Thank u for penning down your thoughts here. Cause they r very much similar to mine. IB is now focusing only on shivika n kapoors crap. The show started with a theme of brothers bond but now Obro moments have become seldom. N especially after the start of DBO, om is not seen on IB only. If this was going to happen then it would have been better that the show timings would have been extended to 1hr n all 3 brothers love story would have been shown. Even many writers r doing that in their ff. I don’t have any problem with shivika. In fact I love them. I won’t be wrong if I say I m obsessed with them. But I want old shivika back. I want that tadibaaz shivaay who never loses n anika who will do anything for her self respect n who always saved the oberoi family. N this Pinky drama is too much now. I want the old pinky back who tried to mend her jeth n jethani’s relationship. I want the oberoi’ family moments. It was just yesterday that I was discussing with Diyaa (she writes an amazing ff on this page) that why don’t they show the bond between different characters instead of showing this kapoor drama.
    N I guess Priveer will be back when they don’t have anything else to show.

    1. Nita D

      And another spoiler says that saumya is gonna become the next villain. This is not done yaar. Everyone of us likes her as sweet, chubby, cute, paratha khane wali ladki. Isn’t it?.

  10. Hi my sweetheart pragya ?i missed u soo much and your absolutely right about Ishqbaaz I totally agree with you sweetheart!!!

    Dear if u don’t mind but do u know puvi on telly updates ?? If u know her can u share your personal number on private message with her I wanna talk to u but I am not at telly updates !!

  11. yes pragya u rright

  12. yes pragya u rright

  13. yes u r right

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