Who is your memorable ‘Swaragini’ actor?

Colors’ Swaragini started its run on 2 March 2015. It brought the tale of two half-sisters who aimed to unite two very different families and cultures. In their journey together, they meet their life partners. The marriages do not look pleasing and willing by heart in beginning, but later on, the relationships turn of lifetime. The love stories evolve and emerge victorious. There were many twists and turns. Love stories, deceives, plotting, mysterious and what not. Everything was put up in the family drama. Nevertheless, the viewers had loved the romance tracks of the leads.

The journey was shown beautifully, and turned bitter and sweet in the middle where the sisters face many problems and also twists came in their fate of love and marriage  Helly Shah, Varun Kapoor, Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar and Namish Taneja play the lead roles. The actors have won many hearts by their lovely roles and portrayals. All four of them have won Best Actor awards in Indian Television Academy Awards and Colors Golden Petal Awards. The show has won the Best Serial award in ITA Awards in the year 2015. The concept was very much appealing to the audience. The couples Swara-Sanskar (SwaSan) and Ragini-Laksh (RagLak) became common names and earned huge fan following. Swaragini brought good drama for the viewers. Now, the journey of entire cast is coming to an end. The show is ending on 16th December 2016. It will bring many good moments to leave memories for his fans. The viewers will definitely miss the show. Who is your memorable ‘Swaragini’ actor/actors? Let us know in this poll by picking upto two choices. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    ahh!!!wt to say….i cnt even imagine dat dis show is endnggg!! 🙁 …
    i cnt explain nyone how special dis show is for me… n d reason for it being special is one n nly MY TEJA…aka ragini..
    m so so soooo thankful to colors channel,rashmi ma’am ,entire sr team for gvng me my ragini 🙂 ..
    shez so so soooooo special for me dat i dnt even hve words to describe.
    i really doono wen,how,where she bcame a part of my lyf, a very important part…i cnt imagine my lyf widout her ..she is lyk an angel a fairy to me 🙂 ..unknowngly she had gven sooooo much happpinessss to me …love her chooo much!!!shez my baccha 😉 i have never ever seen a grl sooo beautiful,talented,educated,lively,chulbuli,childish,diva lyk her ever before..
    i had a really beautiful journey wid dis serial….i got so many frnds here in tu..i got a new lyf here…i even fought many tyms wid cvs hehehehe….bt i cnt ever hate dem yaar coz jo v ho unhone mujhe meri ragini di h 🙂 🙂 ..
    n now m a crazy dieheart tejasswiholic n m sooooo proud of it..
    .love temish ,tevar,sr,raglak soooo much
    love u cho cho n sbse zada even more den my lyf tejasswi my rapunzel ragini 🙂 :)stay blesssed my laado 😉 n i know u”ll have a really very bright future 🙂 🙂 🙂 my multitalented priencess 😉

  2. RS

    I really miss varun and tejasswi.first we expect ragsan will be pair.but it not happen in the serial.I love there off screen masti (tevar&hemish).we badly miss our swaragini show.heltej binding is very nice.I wish swaragini season 2 will come with same sr cast

  3. Kakali

    No…… i can’t take only one name.. i will miss d whole SR team.. each n every person.. Swaragini is a habit of my life.. n my SWASAN r my heart beat.. will miss our SwaSan d most.. i know i said i would missed ev1.. but will b going to miss SwaSan like anything… waa i m not going to miss Varun or Helly… but haaa will cry for Vahe.. Vahe …
    soo complicated…
    want to THNK EV1 who has given this show to us … THNK U for everything….
    but now m not in a mood n sad also…as well as angry on them… soo cancle d thnk u… :'(


  4. Anurta


    |Registered Member

    Miss u helly (swara) and varun (sanskar) thank u clrs channel for bringing this show
    This show is very special for me
    I love the bonding b/w swara and ragini
    I love the most adorable couples of the show swasan and raglak
    I have became a crazy fan of swara
    This show connected the hearts of many ppl
    Plz don’t stop this show so soon
    Plz plz plz ……………………..
    Love u all helly , tejaswini, varun, namish, everyone
    I happy to watch this show but plz don’t go off air so soon plz……….
    Love u all…..

  5. Sanswa


    |Registered Member

    Ill gonna miss Helly shah n varun kapoor’s Jodi soooo much…its my most fav couple…
    N I’ll miss both of den too much…
    N after swasan, I’ll gonna miss tejaswi…she is too much beautiful girl😊

  6. Pramudi

    Helly & Varun will miss u both a lot. 😔
    You guys were the only reason to watch SR.
    Love u helly shah our sweet pretty lil princess.. 😘
    And love u varun kapoor our cute handsome hunk. 😊

  7. sarayu

    I like ragini character alot and i respect her role also. Beside her negative role she is the only one who love the same person from serial beginning to ending. Swara loves laksh and again sanskar, sanskar loves kavitha and again swara, laksh loves swara and again ragini.

    • riya

      dear sarayu fid u properly watcd swaragini??? if that lust thirst animal not come between swalak swara never love any other person..swara is not q bich person who want her sisterz husband..and for ur kind information raginiz was not love it was pure lust and obsession..dnt call it as love..dnt make fun of love..we can say now ragin8 loves laksh and swara loves sanskar whole heartedly..get it in ur tiny head…

  8. Shruti

    Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar n Namish Taneja..They both r d only reason for me to watch Swaragini..TeMish rocks..

  9. Hafsana

    Teja is my favourite and she will remain my favourite forever.Teja played very challenging role Ragini.she slayed all the shades of Ragini.proud to be Tejasswiholic

  10. Aleena

    Tejasswi and namish
    My raglak forever and ever….I don’t think now I m going to fall in love with any other couple the way I fell in love with raglak …it will always be very special to me …raglak😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  11. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    i really still can’t take it that Swaragini is realy ending
    this is a serial that i loved like anything
    and in this poll i can’t choose between vahe or better to say swasan
    i will cherish vahe forever as swasan only
    i really love them as a couple both are so cute
    i will always love swasan

    and will miss the whole SR characters as without them swasan was not possible
    swasan is the best couple and they will forever remain in my heart
    i will really miss them
    if only Swaraagini was not ending
    i will love swasan forever and ever
    i never thought about them as varun and helly they were are and will always be swasan for me

    now i’ve tears in my eyes

  12. lovely

    i miss the most cute and beautifull girl in swaragini..the talented actress none other than sweetest helly shah..and handsome chunk varun and namish

  13. Anzana Bista

    Namish and Tejasswi … Will miss them as RagLak… They have become an important part of me us every RagLak N TeMish fans… every word will b less for them.. Love them a lott.

  14. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    All are my fav but the reason for I watching sr is name… I already seen him in ek nayyi pehcchan.as chirag modi so laksh is my memorable character.. But swaragini,sanky also my fav

  15. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    teja slayed on screen,,,loved her soo much and loved varun ,,he was so fit and so was lakshya but just love rags,,,,,,,,,gutted that the writer’s couldn’t do justice to the chemisrty between raglak because if they did swasan wouldn’t be one of the best couple in the histor yov tv but raglak would even ragsan (ragsan would have been a better match).xx

  16. Swen Woni

    U want me to choose!!!!!
    I loved the entire cast of SwaRagini!!💕😭😭😭😭😭 I wish colours Chanel day-by-day loses its rank….👊😖😈

  17. Sofia


    |Registered Member

    Tejasswi and Namish 😍😘
    I will miss my hot and sizzling couple RagLak 😭😭You got me so attached to them.😍
    Wish there was triple voting system, I would have voted for Varun too 😔

  18. seebu

    I will miss helly n varun as swasan..cant vote for one…n really thankful to rashmi mam for giving us vahe..their beautiful love story is trade mark😍will cherish my whole life about my babies my #SwaSan😘
    Helly shah-u r really awesome as swara😘u lived that role for 100% love so much doll😘n i’m badly waiting for ur birthday princess😘😘my pretty bae will turn 21..n u always care for ur fans alot luckiest fd ever swasan fd is..
    Bcs of ur care…n will have brightest future ever baby😘u n varun rocked as swasan…u both guys have awesome chemistry😍😍which makes swasanians crazy😋all the best doll😘
    Varun kapoor-no doubt best character ever in television industry as sanskar😘u r the bestest actor ever..n thank u for giving us ur best as sanskar😘ur chemistry with helly is awesome😍n thank u for ur love towards our fans😍all the best to ur future projects😘

    SwaSan will be in my heart ever n forever😘
    Will miss SwaSan
    Will miss VaHe
    All the best VaHe
    Love U SwaSan

  19. Kritika

    I am sure that i will never fall for a fictional couple as for my raglak. I usually don’t watch tv serials but I had watched swaragini just for raglak/temish. But i think storyline had never done justice to them. I am really going to miss raglak and specially beautiful tejaswi.

  20. Riya

    Helly shah aka swara ,the naughty, chirpy detective girl ..she is the best character in swaragini…and varun kapoor my sanskari boy who at first wants revange but later became swara’s saviour & started to loves swara like mad…missing them very much..😔😔😔

  21. Sanchayita Phukan

    Varun and helly is missed the most by me..i can’t believe that now the show is ended..i feel very wierd during the time slot 9:30pm

    Love u SWASAN

  22. Bindiya shree

    Tejaswi & Namish forever. I know multiple voting is allowed so my fav is both & I’ll never forget them I already miss them badly. & m unlogo s bs yhi khna chahti hu jo tejasswi aka Ragini k bare m such a bad word use krte h ki plz apna nazariya badle nzara khud hi badal jayega. Agr aap kisi si respect krna nhi jante to kisi ki insult krne ka v aapko right nhi h & kisi k love ko lust khne s phle khud love ka mtlb smjhe. Or jha tk Ragini k swalak k bich m aane ki baat h toI guess tht u didn’t watch the show properly bcz Raglak ki already shadi hone wali thi & Lakshya didn’t hate Ragini & he was only thinking that how she can adjust with him bcz there were differences betwn them. &Swara ko shok tha jasusi ka or wo Raaglak k bich aayi thi. & ek bar us larki ki jgh khud ko rkhkr dekho jiski bar bar ek ladke s rista jora jaye or har bar toda jaye or usse ek bar v na pucho ki wo kya chahti h. Or jha tk lust ka swal h to lust tb hota h jb hm kisiko dekhkr attract hote h bt Ragini n to Lakshya ko dekhne s phle hi us riste ko accept kiya tha so how can u say that it was lust & most importantly this is only a story written by someone like us to jsa unhone likha wse hi sare cast ne perform kiya to how can u abuse to someone else. Respect krna sikho to whi return v whi milega..

  23. saniya

    ill miss ragini mostttttt and my laksh and raglak too ..ragini has a very special place in our heart..m emotionally attached to her…m lacking words because when it comes to my bae ragu aka teju ill always run short of words..because whenever her name comes i just get lost in her thoughts and forget everything…teju portrayed ragini’s character amazingly…no one can play ragini better than tejasswi…so ill miss my teju most….ill miss laksh too..ragini is incomplete without his laksh..laksh is incomplete without her ragini..same as we raglakians r incomplete without raglak.. missing raglak badly 😭😭😭..will miss tejasswi namish and varun…but tejasswi mosttttttt…teju is love😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍

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