‘Melodies Of Love’ – IKRS (Teaser)

A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤

Screen is all black .. suddenly a white light flashes.. screen gets brighten with white color.

You hear something? A girl’s voice? someone is humming.. a song.. come on! increase the volume.. Oh! it’s ISHQ KA RAANG SAFED! did you hear that?? Oops! voice is gone..

Screen gets dark again.. no sound no picture.. Oh wait! you see the laser lights?? is it a laser show going on??

Come with me on a quick ride of the story.. let’s go ..

Songs are playing.. Everyone is dancing.. Sangeet is going on.. Girls are screaming V we love you!!.. Our Hero is surrounded with girls.. Our Heroine is dancing with little girls.. Boys are playing drums.. Our Hero is playing guitar while eying someone lovingly.. Our Heroine is crying.. Our Hero is breaking stuff in anger.. And.. Screen gets white again.. Story title emerges.. ” Melodies Of Love ”
.. followed by the tag line.. ” Rock & Roll Love ” .

Show ended now back to your works. Pori story aj hi parhni hai?? Why still here? Oh, I see! you didn’t get anything properly right? ya.. ya I know, It was all a hurry burry.. because it is Rock & Roll Ride! ?

Will post the characters introduction and story preview very soon! Keep waiting! ?

Hello Everyone! sorry for an uneasy ride. ?
Pehchana mujhy? I know, some of you had recognized me from the Headline of the article. Right no? For those who don’t know me.. I’m Mahira. 🙂 Ehhmm! so this is my second Fan fiction, first one was ‘ Unusual Attraction ‘. ? Few were waiting for it.. Sorry, I know I kept you waiting for a long time period. But now I am here again this time with a difference story… Oops! was about to unveil the story. Will save some lecture for the Introductory Episode which is our next stop. Hopping to see everyone joining the story, will need your support to continue. Bye for now!

Wait.. wait! you forgot my ending line;

Watch IKRS daily! ✌

Credit to: Mahira


  1. Shruthy

    And she’s finally back to “Rock & Roll” ??? Superb entry btw! Your style is something special seriously. ❤️ Cant wait for all the episodes now ?? Post them soon!

  2. Arshdeep

    Appi Thnku thnku thnku sooo much?????? wapis aane ke liye
    I am very happyyy??
    Not yet read
    Will read it now??

    Love you????

  3. Maria

    And yes i understood you from the first line
    A treat for Vidhaani fans…
    as always you are back with a blast!! Post the intro soon, will wait for it..
    And thannk you so. much for coming back with a lovely story…
    And where were you? was missing your comments from so many days!!

      • Maria

        It’s OK appi, no problem, at least you replied to this comment ;)..

        Love you loads??????

  4. Maria

    And see my logo changed! But the email id is same, i guess you came back na thats why 😉
    Love you post the intro soon 🙂

  5. Arshdeep

    So read it now
    You are simply amazing?
    I know your talent and writing skills very well from your 1st ff.. You are excellent at confusing and giving suspense to readers?
    So will be eagerly waiting for the episodes…
    Super exciting tag line “Rock & Roll Love…”???
    God bless you appi
    Post the introductory episode soon please

  6. Latha

    What a come back mahira and u come back with bang. Awesome entry and simply amazing. Post the episode soon?????

  7. Porkodi

    Welcome back Mahira. I identified u from the first line a treat for vidhani fans.. very eagar to read ur ff now.

  8. Mahira sahiba aap ne aaj aa kar hame ijjat bakshi hai .?☺Aapke befikre andaj ko sunne ka saroor is kadra hai ki bayaaan nahi kar sakte.

  9. Nancy

    Amazing teaser mam will wait for the introductory episode…
    Teaser itna accha hein to ff to mindblowing hona he hein

  10. Vimi???

    Mahira di…….love u…..u r back again…and the teaser awww…..speechless…..we missed u….but now u r back…..lots of hugs di……liked ur new storyline….title…tagline..and the cp wow….in this difficult time we need these type of ffs as support….anyways thanks a lot di….waiting for the next one…jaldi post karo…
    Bdw aap mujhe pehchana?

  11. Nima

    WOW! Mahira welcome back?
    ☺?see my face I’m sooo happy
    and, waiting for he next… plz post it asap ☺☺

  12. Areeb

    Han g! Treat tow aap hi detin hain .. pehchan liya. Obvio! ?

    Okh, so firstly.. again a unique name! And the thumbnail picture! So cute! That candle scene!! ???

    Theme is different. ??? Ride was not at all uncomfortable. ? Loved it! You gave a fun teaser! seems another fun loving story. ???

    And yeah, while reading that humming part, I also started humming IKRS title song! ?

    Will wait for the introduction! Eagerly! ❤

      • Areeb

        HAHA! Yes after all I joined this family after reading your Fanfic only! ? Not a silent reader anymore . ?

  13. pethusri

    mahira wow your teaser of melodies of love was rocking, and i am eagerly waiting for intro…..all the best…..

  14. Hi mahira i am just trying to learn n would wait for yr corrections which would surely be there. Take care. bless u??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.