‘Melodies Of Love’ – IKRS (Introductory Episode)

A treat for Vidhaani fans! ❤
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I know you are not interested in my lecture so let’s just quickly jump onto the Characters Introduction first! ?

● Supporting Roles

• 1st Pair – Shambhu ? Kanak

♂ Shambhu Tripathi: Lives in Banaras. Successful businessman. Down to earth person. Loves his son the most. Knows his wife’s nature but still loves her.

♀Kanak Tripathi: Proud wife of Shumbhu. Loves her husband and son a lot. Money and status minded. Good at heart but her acts reflect her narrow mentality. Wants her son to get marry to a rich girl.

• 2nd Pair – Tripurari ? Suwarna

♂ Tripurari: Lives in Mumbai. Spent his childhood at Banaras in neighbor of Tripathi Family. Friends like family relationship with Tripathi Family.

♀ Suwarna: Lives in Mumbai. First cousin of Tripurari. Got engaged to Tripuarari at the age of 15. Sweet & simple girl.

• 3rd Pair – Pankaj ? Shalini

♂ Pankaj: Lives in Banaras. Works in a private Telecom Company as Marketing Manager. Decent & good looking.

♀Shalini: Lives in Banaras. Daughter of Shambhu & Kanak Tripathi. Bubbly, stubborn and foodie. Loves her BigB the most and also gets scolding by him the most.

• 4th Pair – Raj ? Rajlaxmi

♂ Raj: Lives in Banaras. Simple yet cool. Friendly and Frank. Tripathi Family is like a second family. Can do anything for his loved ones. Runs his father’s garment business which he got in inheritance.

♀Rajlaxmi: Lives in Mumbai. Bubbly and naughty. Loves dancing. Going to study Law. Loves her best friend more than her own life.

Will introduce more characters as the story progresses.

● Lead Roles

• Last but not the least Pair – ❤ ViDhaani ❤

♂ Viplav Tripathi: Lives in Banaras. Son of Shambhu & Kanak Tripathi. Studying Law ( Graduation Year ) in Banaras. Good Looks, Appealing Personality & Friendly Nature. Carries a Killer Smile on his face. Girls wander behind him, he enjoys this but never respond to them. Best buddies are Raj, Pankaj and Tripurari. Loves her sister but always teases her. Loves music, dancing & partying. Plays guitar and sings well.

♀ Dhaani Malhotra: Lives in Mumbai. Wants to become a good & honest lawyer. Dancing and singing gives her peace of mind. Beautiful, Smart & Courageous. Sometime soft sometime rude sums up with Killer Attitude. Best friends are Rajlaxmi & Suwarna. Doesn’t waste her time in partying and roaming. Focused & determined to achieve her life goals.

Now time to tell about the story.

Starting with Dhaani. Her parents Manohar & Tulsi died in a road accident, Dhaani was giving her matriculation exam. After this incident, Rajlaxmi’s father who was a good friend of Manohar took Dhaani’s responsibility as a Father and so Rajlaxmi became Dhaani’s sister. ( There will be a story of Dhaani’s parents too. So, it was necessary to zoom in Dhaani’s life. Time will reveal the dark secrets of past. ) Basically, she is now a middle class girl. Rajlaxmi’s father bears all her expenses. Dhaani has a golden heart but shows her tough and rude side to everyone.

On the other side in Banaras, Son of quite well off Tripathi Family.. Viplav enjoys his life by spreading love! He is famous as Chocolaty Hero in his college most particularly among girls. Viplav is naughty but not a spoiled child. He is hardworking and honest. Music is his hobby.

Story will revolve around ViDhaani’s Tough Love story ( It’s gonna be a typical challenging one! ). ViDhaani will face many obstacles in their way to get their love. Side by side will show the relationship of other pairs too.

As for the theme Rock & Roll! it will surely gonna touch your soul as I’m gonna give you the best Music ( Lyrics ). Besides Bollywood Songs you are going to read some really good Pakistani Songs ! So gear up for a musical ride!

Are you ready? So here’s the Precap of First Episode. ⬇

Precap: Viplav gets happy thinking about D. ( who is this D?? ? Socho Socho. ? )

How was the introduction? This time I have come with a typical love story. ? Full of love, music, dance, sorrows, tough times, lies, secrets, misunderstandings, separations And And What Not! You just name it! ?? Daar gaey? well, have faith in me. ? If you have read my previous story ” Unusual Attraction ” then you should know whatever comes in their way I’m still gonna give you amazing scenes of ViDhaani. ?? So, don’t get much worried.. you just read and enjoy the musical journey! ❤

I will be adding some really good songs that you might not have listened before but if you want to listen then just ask me I will give you the name or link of the song. Would like to make a request just like in my previous story I requested you all while reading it.. imagine and feel the story by doing so you will love it! One more thing, in comment box you can request and suggest me your favorite songs, I will try my best to use them in this story. 🙂

And sorry because I haven’t write it down and very busy nowadays so, i’m not gonna make it a daily fan fiction like the previous one. Hope you’ll support me . ? But will try hard to give time to the writing as much as possible. For now I can just assure you to give one episode a week. I know it’s really disappointing but please support me..

Don’t forget to watch IKRS daily! ✌

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  1. Awesome intro..?
    The way you write..gives a joy and excitement to the reader to keep on reading further and further..??
    You prove you have done masters??
    All pairs rocked especially raj and RL..❤
    And i really wanted to watch a very very tough love story..not just simple meeting and falling in love…And you are giving me that.. Thank you soo much?
    Will really love to know about pakistani songs..do give me the link always..?

    And once a week to atyachar h hum par??
    Atleast thrice a week… wo bhi kam hai..but we will manage..?

    Will keep imagining everything ??

    Is it D for DANCE??? Sorry if it is a stupid answer..?

    Lastly God bless you…with lots and lots of happiness and good health…. May god fulfil all your dreams??
    Love you loads??

    1. And can i know when is your bday??

      1. ya me too

      2. 29 feb. ??

      3. Okay?
        Celebrate after 4 years?

    2. Thank you love! ? Haha.. masters ka tow tub pta chalta agar me urdu me likhti. ? Phir tow pehli story khtam hi na karti kabhi roz episodes deti.. ??

      Ah, relief! I thought you will get upset on a troubled love story. ?

      Yep I will give you the names! You also suggest some of your fav. ?

      Haha.. I was expecting a correct guess from you Arshdeep. ? it’s not Dance. ?

      1. Aww i am wrong ?? give just one more hint..i will try..
        I tried to corelate with music..dance…
        Then thought of drum?? hahahah

        Kabhi mauka mila to apki urdu ki story bhi zarur padna pasand krenge?? agar samjh aye toh?

  2. OMG so very excited for it…??? Can’t wait at all!! ?? You are going to rock again and I am so very excited for it.. Actually saying, I am repeating my words because, because I am really speechless appi??????? Loved the intro…

    Jab intro hi itna mazedar hai to story kitni mazedar hogi??????

    Melodies of love the name is only so engrossing!! Just can’t wait for it and only one episode per week no no…no no ??????? you can’t do this to me…???

    Hardly can wait for the first part… And your precap what to say about it????

    You are not doing it right by giving so much of suspense!!!????

    I don’t have any words to say yaar love you so much appi???????

    And my favorite songs.. Ummm..
    Jeena jeena
    Itni si baat hai
    Bol do Na zara
    I have a long list yaar but how can I forget my Mishal’s favorite song
    agar tum sath ho??
    Sab tera
    And many many many more…

    Just eagerly waiting for it please update it soon?????

    Can’t live without it!!

    Love you loads appi ???????

    1. Aww! Calm down. ?? Thank you girl!! ??

      Umm Maria your suggested songs are already on my list!! ? Except that Judaai.. if you could just tell me I don’t which song is this. Thanks for suggesting! ?

  3. oh my mahira di…..you are just rocking with ur rock n roll ride…..i mean ur ffs…..love both….never missed a epi……..that much i luv u and ur ff……….
    intro was superb….loved the all pairs and the concept………
    so its going to be a tough one…….? no problem it will never erase from our mind like ur first one…unusual attraction……
    and really eager to hear the songs…..actually don’t need to watch it……by imagining the story we get a feel of watching and the songs which are very meaningful will depict each and every scene clearly…….
    i have a lambhi list of my fav songs……..never heard pakistani songs….now I got a chance…..
    all songs which telecasted in ikrs……..all arijit singh songs….all shreya ghoshal songs…..atif aslam…armaan mallik…sabhi ke mujhe pasand hai…….
    but most fav agar tum saath ho……….the fav of mishal…….
    and waiting for a musical episode……….

    1. Thank you Lakshmi!! ?

      Yes! I will add some really good situational songs . ?

      Don’t worry Atif will be on top! ?? Shreya or Arijit k bhi songs hongy! ? thank you for suggesting! ?

  4. Superb intro…and trust me …I am waiting for wonderful episodes dear………..
    You are a magician… love you for this 🙂 keep rocking girl 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you Sujie!! ??

  5. wow ☺Mahira
    great n interesting intro
    all pair r???
    I think D for Disco? ?
    and plz give me al the Pakistani songs link ☺

    1. Nima thankyou! ?

      No it’s not Disco. ? yep I will! ?

  6. Really excited! Please bring it fast xD Cant wait for some ViDha moments of yours <3

    1. Thanku.. ?

  7. Mahira Aapi! You Rocked! ?? Umm? Pairs.. new idea haan? Pj! ?

    Okay! So, Dhaani is arrogant.. Viplav is cool & calm. Seems another interesting one! ??

    Seems a total opposite story from the previous one? That was a sweet , simple and easy pisy love. ? This one is THE TYPICAL cool !! ??❤

    Aww! That’s really good that you are adding Paki songs!! ? This made me more excited!! ??✨?

    Me tow kahon gi sary Atif Aslam k songs add karden. HAHA! ? Sorry, Fan’s emotional voice came out. ? I don’t why I’m freaking out this much! ? Huufh! Breathing.. Breathing.. okay, so where were we the, the songs hmm. If you are adding Paki songs then do try the OST’s please please!! ? Like; Ankhiyaan by QB, Judaai and more.. ? And please try adding some old melodies also of Nazia Hassan & Noori!!! ? \m/ ? Or abhi excitement me mujhy koe particular song hi yaad nahi aa raha! Stupid me! ? I will tell you later.. ?

    1. Yes it’s opposite. ?

      Don’t you worry about it Areeb!! ?? Atif will be on!!! ??

      Haha.. ankiyaan is already on my list.. judaai drama? Yes I will also use that one! ? other OST’s are also on my radar! ?? yes yes Nazia Hassan’s songs are must.. yep will also try adding Noorri! ?✌

      Thank you for sharing!! ? your choice seems quite good btw! ?

      Aww! Cute display. ??

      1. Yes Judaai serial.. ❤

        HAHA! Meri choice me tow classical or sufi music bhi hai! ❤❤

        Thank you, she is cutie pie niece. ❤❤❤


    1. JazakAllah! Bohat nawazish apki meri tareef me itny khoobsurat alfaz pesh karny k liye. Aap framati hen hen goya esa lagta hai k mano mun sy phool jhar rahy hon, alfaz me itni apnaiyaat si hoti hai jesy apka or humara koe gehra pakeza rishta ho. Bohat shukriyaa, duaon me yaad rakhye ga. 🙂

  9. Wow So many pairs. The way you narrating the story and everything was simply superb.

    1. Thankyou. 🙂

  10. Mahira no words to say. In short it was an amazing intro with superb pairs. on dear.

    1. Thank you Louella! ?

      Where were you? I missed your ‘ As usual Rocking ‘ comment on the teaser.. ?

  11. Mahira di it was amazing and of course we will support you keep on writing and we will read and comment. That’s a promise 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Nancy for showing your support, really means a lot! 🙂

  12. Haha.. Arshdeep & Maria I was asking to check on your profile was not meaning to see you guys. ? I would have never asked anyone here to show there pictures instead I wish to meet you guys. 🙂

    Areeb you didn’t reply? You are on fb?

    And everyone else Renu, Lakshmi, Sujie, Nima, Shruthy, Louella, Porkodi, Nancy and others.. want to check on your profiles.. ?

    1. Dear maria thks a lot for teaching me above phrases. I would remember them for ever n looking firward to learn more from u . Luv u☺. Take care. God bless u.?seriously it seems maria n arshu have commented my views ??also i am not active on social sites came across telly update due to ikrs but on Facebook iam not active though i have an account. Btw i am 45 years old blessed with 2 sonsone is 19 yrs in second year of electronics n telecommunications engineering.younger one is 9 + in 5th std. My hubby isa computer engineer. Myself textile eng. We stayin gurgaon. My mom in law too stays with us apart from it pl tell what u want to know would be happy to share?☺

      1. Aww! You are married. That is why while reading your comments in Urdu I was kinda sure that only a mature person can gather so many typical words to creat a phrase in a nonnative language. 🙂

        I read your comment five. Right now feeling so honored you shared about your life. Thank you so much. I’m also not a social mediatic person, but you people here gave me a reason to come again n again. ❤

      2. Welcome dear, but I didnt use much phrases.. But would love to meet you once renu di…

      3. I would be the first to meet renu didi..she is closest to me✌
        If ever i get admisiion in delhi…i will be surely meeting renu di and zee?

      4. And appi she seems to be so mature when you read her comments but if you will ever listen her voice you will never believe she is married…?
        She seems to be so young with her voice..dont know if i only feel so??..but i actually feel it

    2. Awww I also want to meet you at least once in my life, really appi love you a lot ?????????

      1. Awww! Me too Maria!! ??

    3. Yep i’m there. But I don’t use it. ? Anyways, you can look on.. https://m.facebook.com/mdabest2

    4. I too wanna meet you soon??

  13. Thks mahira ; aeshu ; maria for yr lovely 2ords. Me to look forward to meet u n iqm sure we would.

  14. awsome mahira jab intro itna alaw hai tw episode tw mindblowing se bhe above hoge. go for it dear u have amazing writing skills 🙂

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