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The chapter starts…
Everyone reaches home
Khushi wipes her tear quickly and ran down
Khushi:when you guys came?
Arnav:u okay na?

Khushi:Han Han I m okay!so do you guys enjoy?
Anjali:yeah it was really fun!why you go early?
Khushi:di actually I was having some work so left early
Anjali:you’rs and chote work will never finish
Khushi:no no Di it was important otherwise I would have come back with u all
Khushi:by the way where is jiju?
Ishita:actually he was also having some work so went from the door itself
Khushi:ohhhh acha I have to make some important call will just come

Khushi leaves
Romi:how she lies so easily na?
Rudr:yup i have to do something to make her mood good
Rudr:but why?
Romi:because we very well know u didn’t make the person happy u always make yourself fall in problem
Ishita:Han soo please stay away!
Rudr:hawwwww when I did this
Romi:Mai yaad dilao(may I make you remember)
Rudr:jb kuch huwa hi Nhi tw kia yaad dilao gai?(when nothing happened?what will you remind me)
Romi:so listen
Flashback starts
Rudr romi and Ishita sitting in garden
Romi:dii mood is not good what to do?
Rudr:wait I will do something

Rudr stops a girl passing from there holding ice cream
Rudr:hey girl!whats up?
Ishita and Romi laughs
Rudr:no no I mean what r u doing
Girl:are you blind?
Rudr:no no I have eyes see(pointing towards eyes)two two eyes
Girl:then you can see I m eating ice cream
Rudr:ohh Han sorry!
Girl:it’s okay!
And starts moving
Girl looks back

Girl:now what?before you ask what’s down?let me tell you it’s floor
Everyone passing by laughs
Rudr:leave all those u r looking so good today
Girl slaps him hard which make ishita and romi laughs loudly
Girl:I very well know how to Teach lesson to you guys
And she leaves…rudr comes to ishita and romi
They both laughs
Romi:rudr just tell me what you were trying to do?
Rudr.:I was just making her friend
Romi:but why?
Rudr:so that she teaches me how to handle a girl then I will always makes dii happy
Ishita(laughing):you are mad! Come let’s go home
All leaves…
Flashback ends…
All laughs loudly

Romi(bitting nails):Han that was by mistake I was just kidding
Arnav:now don’t u even dare to act innocent because we very well know u are not innocent
Everyone laughs
Rudr:Han Han hans lo Merai Nhi din ayi gai(yeah yeah laugh…I will also laugh on you all someday)
Ishita:acha now be serious there is a point in rudra’s talk
Romi:don’t tell me dii that u r going to do what he will say
Ishita:em I looking mad
Ishita:acha just kidding
Romi:then what dii?
Ishita:we have to do something big to make her pain away or to lessen her pain
Arnav:just continue with this but I m not interested in your fazool plans I know she is fine
Ishita:chote we are not even asking you to join us you better focus on your business
Rudr and romi laughs
Arnav leaves making faces
Romi:acha what’s the plan
Ishita:see new year is coming so let’s arrange a party
Rudr:wowww party yeahhh it will be fun
Romi:Han its sounds good

Ishita:so let’s start with the preparation
Rudr:I will inform office clients to inform all their relatives and friends to come
All leaves for preparations…
Shivaye(on call):new year party?
Client:yes sir I m asked to invite all my friends and you are new here where will you celebrate come in raizadas party!i m sure u will enjoy
Shivaye:no I can’t come I m having some work
Annika who is preparing coffee hears this and snatches phone
Annika:you don’t worry we will come
Client;you sure mam?
Annika:yup I’m sure
Client:okay so I will message you the address and all thank you mam!
After cutting call he looks at shivaye who is burning with anger
Shivaye:f**k the whuck!what was that?
Annika:I said yes

Shivaye:how dare you? When I said no why u said yes?
Annika:because I have to go
Shivaye: I can’t believe it are u here for enjoying or finding your sister?
This sentence hurts annika and a tear flow from her eye
Shivaye(after realising):no I didn’t mean that
Annika turns and run away
Shivaye Throws the glass:damnit what I did? I know she is not like this
Shivaye runs behind her

They both reaches In the lobby of the hotel
Shivaye:Annika I m sorry i didn’t mean that
Annika:still it hurts shivaye I didn’t say that for me I saw you distrub so thought that if we will go there u will feel fresh
Shivaye:acha sorry I was wrong
Annika:it’s okay
Shivaye: get ready tomorrow we will go there
Anikka:no need it’s alright!
Shivaye:I said na we will go means we will go
Annika:hmmm okay!

Precap:new year bash

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