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Part 2:
ArHi industry (America)
A boy is seen coming inside a big office his gaurds r securing him from all sides all the people stand up nd stood straight wishing their boss GOOD MORNING but he didn’t pay attention and move towards his cabin when he reached there he settle himself on chair. His phone rings he turns his chair…his dashing personality stylist face is shown ( it’s arnav BARUN SOBTI from IPKKND)
Person: HELLOW! Good morning sir!

Person: sir that employee has canceled the meeting due to some personal work he will not be able to come in meeting so its postponed
Arnav didn’t even say word he just hear and the anger is clearly visible in his eyes he is burning with fire…in anger he throws his phone (it’s iPhone 7)…which came in the way of a person who is entering in the office his legs r shown he bow down pick the phone and his face is shown ( it’s rudra from ISHQBAAZ)
Rudra: oh gosh! It’x 6 phone which u broke still counting…
Arnav: shutup rudra!
Rudr: means yaarwhat u get by this? Each time breaking phone!u r mad totally mad…
Arnav: yeah! Still not more than u. Anyways I have booked ur tickets
Rudr: wow! Where r u sending me this time?
Arnav: mental aZylum

Rudr: very bad:( tell na plz (pleading voice)
Arnav: u r going to Australia to complete that project.
Rudr: oh god save me this boy is always behind me to work work
Arnav: ohh plz now don’t start ur drama again
Rudr: (dramatic tone) Han Han I always do drama na now I will not say anything
Arnav: means seriously? U very well know rudr u can’t be quite even for a minute…
Rudr: (biting nails) so what? What can I do its my nature..that’s the reason why everyone love me
Arnav: anyways now just leave and start ur packing
Rudr: k see u soon ( he leaves )
Arnav call someone from landline and tells something
Arnav: (muted)

Person: okay sir it will be done
After some time a man is seen coming to arnav’s cabin and crying continuously
Person: sir how can u do this? How? Please sir don’t snatch my business my job!
Arnav stand up in anger: what the! I m snatching?u very well know what u did today u ask me ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA to wait and u postponed the meeting.
Person: sir em sorry sir I m was busy with some work but I promise it will not happen again (still crying) if I don’t work what will happen to my child and wife?
Arnav mealts down but didn’t show
Arnav calls and ask the person to gave all the money and things which he ask them to snatch from the person…
Person: thank yew so much sir!
Arnav: I m just setting everything again because u work since ages and its ur first mistake but REMEMBER! If I can give something I can snatch that too
Person: I will not give u any chance sir… Nd the employ leaves)
In india:

A church is shown which is decorated beautifully with roses,lightings,candles and much more itx looking well decorated marriage resort…all people r praising the venue when suddenly their eyes stuck on the beautiful and stunning couple for which they all were waiting…the couple enter holding each other’s hand (the girl was wearing a long red maxi with heavy jewellery and ofcoure the boy was wearing black coat and pant)a big carpet was spread and on both sides there were boxes of something no one knows what?as the couple proceeds with their each step the box started opening and big gloomy jasmine and roses came out increasing the beauty of the place…the view was just awesome and the people were adoring it with the PERFECT COUPLE the couple back is shown and when they reach till stage which was fully amazing with a wall in which it was written “MADE FOR EACHOTHER” they turn faces and their face is reveale ( itx ISHRA ishita (divyanka tripathi) and raman(karan Patel) from yhm)

They both smilled and sat together looking mesmerising:)
I know this chapter and the previous chapter don’t contain any dialougue so don’t worry Itx just the entries of them that’s why less dialogues….it will be in next chapter:*)
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