MELANCHOLY VIABILITY TO JUBILANT VIABILITY…meaning ( sad life to happy life )

A big ground is shown where whole media is gathered…there is chores all around…all cameramans r running from here to there to capture the view for which they all r here…there is conflict all alround but one noise stop all of them…they all become alert Nd look up in the sky
A chopper is seen landing…it lands and all gathered around that 2 guards came down and aside everyone and ask them to calm down…makes a way for their boss.A guard opens the door and someone came down but due the public it was not clearly seen actually who is he or she?
The guards makes the way and a big car come the person sit in the car and it goes from there
The car stops inside a big palace from this much popularity it is clearly seen the person is rich!
The person opens the car mirror it slowly slowly goes down the hazel eyes of the girl is shown her pretty nose,lips and her beautiful and stunning face is revealed from which we can definitely say smile was very very far from her face…its none other than khushi ( SANAYA IRANI from ipkknd)
A guard gave her a file and the car proceeds…

A big room is shown in big villa type house…A boy is shown holding a photo frame and adoring khushis picture he is just moving his hand from here Nd there on the pic…A drop of tear fall from his eyes and the reflection of his face is shown in the frame…( Itx shivayi ( NAKUL MEHTA from ishqbaaz)
A pair of eyes is witnessing shivayes condition she ran to her room and lay down bed hiding her head in the pillow continuously sobbing and crying…

Girl:(still hiding her face) WHY KHUSHI?WHY? Why u did dis with us? Khushi everything everything single thing is destroyed today my whole house is destroyed into pieces Itx just because of u! Today if anyone is crying the reason behind their is none other than u! I hate u khushi I hate u! Please come back pleaseee
( her painful voice and words can easily tell how much she was angry on khushi)
After crying whole heartedly she removed the pillow and her red painful eyes is shown…her cherishing Nd innocent face is shown (Itx annika (SURBHI) from ishqbaaz)

Keep thinking why khushi is like this? What relation she have with shivay and annika?why shivaye is crying seeing her photo? What’s the reason behind annika hatered for khushi?why annika can’t console him after being living with him in the same house behind one roof?

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  1. Akansha

    Curious to knw more… Nyc liked it.. Post d next part soon

    1. Amanigatta

      Thankyou dear..:*) keep supporting!

  2. Umama shahnaz

    Omg ek anar & do bemar concept hai kya
    Btw its a very gud start

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  3. Puvi

    Nice dear it’s curious to know the secret post asap

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  4. Arshi

    Tats really a very cute start…. and yeah interesting too…. want to know more.. and the combo of arshi and shivika is awesome…. congrats for ur forst ff dear…

    And eagerly waiting ffor next part.. post sooooon

    1. Amanigatta

      Awwww?thanKyew dear:)will post next soon…

  5. hmm..nice epi

  6. Mrunal

    looks interesting…
    curious to read further parts…

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