I m sorry guyx for not uploading I thought that I can handle the story with my studies but now realised its becoming difficult so i will surely write but not daily it will be continue in the same way and I hope you guyx will love it so as everyone was asking when they are going to meet here is a small promo I will upload the episode tomorrow:)

A dark room…!
Rudr(shouting):enough is enough Arnav!we are tired we are seriously tired with this?
Romi(in full anger):did you even know Arnav it’s six years six years she is living with us
Ishita(scolding):and what’s the reason?we didn’t know wah chote wah
All are in full rage of anger that they will surely kill Arnav
Arnav:stop you all!i told you na can’t tell this
Ishita(shouts loudly):arnavvvv!its enough it’s been six years we didn’t ask anything but today u have to tell
Arnav:so you all want to listen na listen!
The whole flashback of khushis past
All shock and crying faces are shown…

Next day!

Khushi and shivaye sees eachother
Shivaye(happily shouts):khushiiiiiiiiiii
Khushis turns her face
They both run and had a bone crushing hug
Khushi(still hugging realise something and broke hug):you are not my brother I can’t be your sister… u hate me right?
Shivaye(holds khushi):nhi khushi its not like that
Khushi make him leave her and turns but shivaye words stop her…!
Raizadas mension…!

Arnav(angry):nhi dii I can’t let her go she is mine dii she is mine
Ishita(slaps):chotai stop it its her house and her brother we can’t stop her
Rudr:but dii how will we live without her
Romi:no dii no please!
Arnav:no Di she can’t do this with me!

All cries…!
Thats all!
The episode will be uploaded tomorrow and shivshi will meet after 2 to 3 episodes:)
Thankyou all for support:))Nd don’t worry I will not stop writing I will write and will try to post atleast one episode in 2 days:)

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