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Precap:couple game by rudr and romi.shivaye and khushi meet in dark
The start…
All claps…

Rudr and romi:so the winner is our Jijo and diii
Raman and ishita came to stage and all claps
Annika(little angry):what the hell!where is shivaye.He make me loss the game…I want to won that game
Arnav:where did khushi went?she was here only
Both goes to find shivshi
Shivaye who was sitting sadly annika comes to him
Shivaye behaves like nothing happened and smiles
Shivaye(in mind):no I can’t tell annika she will check the whole party and
Will mess up more I can’t take it more now I will tell her later
Annika:now why are you sitting here?you know I lose the game just because of you
Shivaye:don’t eat my mind please Go
Annika(shocked):are you okay?
Shivaye:yes!why something happened?
Annika:no wo actually I put all blame on u and you didn’t even shout
Shivaye:so you want me to shout?

Annika:nooo still
Shivaye:ahannnn still?means?
She turns
Annika(in mind):what the hell is the problem with me?when he fights I m like angry and when he didn’t say anything why I m feeling bad?whats this feeling?
Arnav calls khushi
Khushi wipes her tear
Arnav:khushi where are you yaar?where did you go leaving this lavish party?
Khushi(in mind):no I can’t tell him If I will tell him he will surely end the whole party then dii will feel bad no I can’t do it
Arnav:Heyyy you there?
Khushi:yes yes wo I m outside…there were some guests so thought to meet them
Arnav:ohhh ok acha listen!come to hotel room
Khushi:ok bye
Rudr:so guys can we have your attention please
Romi:it’s just 5 mins more and new year will start
Rudr:okay okay so guys close your eyes and open your eyes and see the picture of one whom you want to be with whole life

All claps
Romi(closing eyes):go go go plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Rudr:Arai what happened?
Romi:I don’t even want to see your face to be with you life time iss very far
Rudr:m I that much bad
Romi:you are not bad but I can’t trust ny destiny anything can happen
Rudr:ohhh please destiny can’t make us husband and wife
Romi:destiny will think more than million and trillion times before doing it
Rudr(imaging):there will be a beautiful somewhere in the world who will be waiting for me
He was so lost that romi goes from there and everyone starts laughing that with whom he is taking
Rudr continues:she will be the most beautiful girl in the whole universe
A man coughs which bring him back to reality
Rudr:Han what?why are you all seeing me?excuse me!
He feels awkward and moves
Khushi came to a room the room was fully decorated with candles and red roses and in middle it was written “JUST SIMLE” Khushi undedtAnds and smiles
Arnav(comes from back and hugs her)

Raman:ishita come I have to take you somewhere
Ishita:but where Raman
Raman:come na
Both comes to a ship which is sinking in water and sits holding hands
Shivaye:Annika listen I think we should go home
Both sits in car and goes
The car stopped near a tower where there was a lot of traffic
Shivaye(to man):what happened?where is so much traffic?
Man:sir actually just 2 mins left and new is starting so all are waiting for the celebration to start
Annika:is there any speacial thing?
Man:hmmm some firework and all
Annika(smiling):wow I also have to see
She opens door and came down shivaye having no other option follows her
The clock strikes 12:00
Arnav kises on khushi forehead
Arnav:I wish tumhe dunya ki sari khushiyan milai sari success and everything what you want
Khushi:thankyou arnavv!another year went and still you are standing by side..
Arnav:thankyou?for what khushi we say than you when we do favour but I didn’t do any favour on you how can anyone do favour on his life? Han I did one favour to myself for making you my life
Khushi(crying):you are too good Arnav but I dont deserve it

Arnav:and I told you never say this today you said one year passed and I promise you will always say this again and again but I will never leave you
Khushi(hugs him):you are best I promise you I will never leave you I know I can’t do what you did for me but I will always be with you HAMESHA
Raba ve plays…
Raman:always with me like this and I will make you happy
Ishita:I will Raman I will always be with you I will never ever leave you
Raman brings a cake…
Ishita:Raman why have you write BYE on it
Raman:because by cutting this cake we will bid by to all those mistakes and sins which we did in this year and will make new promise
Ishita:the promise which will be meant forever
Both cut cakes and enjoy there joyous moments
Yeh hai mohabbarein plays…
Annika(opens eyes and found shivaye In front of her)
Annika(happily):HAPPY NEW YEAR

Okay now done lets go
A couple came to them
Girl:why are you standing like this take this light this lantern and make promise for the upcoming year
She takes it and tries to light it But suddenly feels someone’s helping hand
Shivaye:I will help you
She holds her hand and explain her anika sees him loveingly
Shivaye:what?why are seeing me like this
Annika:nothing aise hi
They both light it and with full love leaves it high
Girl:Now start making promise like we are making until your lantern goes on the top of the sky I m sure you will love it
Anika knows shivaye will not agree
Annika:no it’s okay
Shivaye:hmmm lets do it
Annika(shockingly smiles):seriously?
Shivaye smiles:hmmm sch mai

Shivika repeats their words
Shivaye:I promise I will always be There whenever you need me I will not leave you
Annika:I promise I will support you till the end of my life I will never let you in any problem
Shivaye:you are my life most precious thing
Annika:you are also the best thing ever happened to me
Both forget the world and was lost in their eyelock
O jana plays…
Girl continues:I love you a lot
Shivaye:I…(realised what he was going to say and stop)
Both comes to reality and feels shy
Annika:thanks for it it seariosly makes me feel good
Girl blesses them and leave
Annika and shivaye both smiles and goes home
I hope you all like it two more to go and shivshi will meat will try to update quickly

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