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Arnav comes to the hotel…!
Arnav:khushi?where she went?
He look here and there,gets worried and calls her
Khushi’s phone rings
Khushi(consoling herself wiped her tears and pick the call):Arnav wo…
Arnav:damnit where are you?where you went without telling me
Khushi:wo actually I was not feeling well so I thought to go home early…sorry!
Arnav:that’s okay khushi!but you would have atleast wait for me…!okay drive safely and call me when you reach home
She cuts call
Arnav(in mind):I know Khushi you was missing your family…!
Here comes rudr and romi
Romi:arnav!What the hell you did dude?
Arnav:what?what I did?
Romi:you sent me with a big duffer to roam around the mall

Rudr(opening mouth):hawwww!r u talking about me?
Romi:nah nah I was talking about a mental patient
Rudr:ohhh! (After realising) what? You called me mental
Romi:I didn’t just call u r mental
Romi runs after saying this and Rudr chases him
Both laughs and fight
Arnav:okay guyx enough!now we have to go home
Romi:where is diii and jijo
Rudr(laughing):they would be in a corner romancing eachother
Raman cuts her sentence
Ishita:just shut of rudr!we are here
Arnav:alright so we all are here!lets go home
Raman:but where is khushi?
Arnav:she went home early
Ishita:why chote?did you scold her?or tease her?
Arnav:nhi nhi it was not like that wo actually there was some important work
Rudr:Damnnnn how we forget we left her alone…!
Romi:when we know that she always become sad
Ishita:we guyx were busy in enjoying we even didn’t think about her

All becomes sad
Arnav:ohhhh all of you!dont be so emotional u guyx very well know Khushi is very strong she can handle herself
Ishita:Han par chotai…(still chotai…)
Arnav:no par war I said na she is okay she went home for some office work!now smile
Everyone smiles and leaves..!
Annika:it’s too late?kha reh gaya shivaye?
She went down with her wound still paining to find shivaye and saws him sitting down the tree lifeless
Annika runs to him:shivayee
Shivaye hugs her so tightly sharing all his pain Annika didn’t say anything shivaye cries hugging her for almost 5 mins…annika tries to control him
O jana plays…
Shivaye:Annika…!annika you know I saw Khushi today
This lines makes Annika all blank
She don’t know how to react happy or sad…she starts crying
Annika(happily):shivaye!r u sure?r u sure?did you saw her face?
Shivaye:I didn’t saw her face but em sure it was our Khushi

Annika:then why r u crying shivaye? It means she is here…in America
Shivaye:yes she is here
Annika:acha first control yourself and stop crying we will find her tomorrow
Shivaye:right!we will find her
Annika:now let’s go home
Both hold hands and leaves…
Khushi reaches home and went to her room brings the frame of her family out and start crying bitterly hugging the picture
Khushi(crying):Bhai I would have not left you if that day you didn’t do that
Khushi crying bitterly sitting on road…!shivaye angrily comes there,makes her stand and slaps her tightly!
Flashback ends…by the sound when everyone reaches home…!
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