Let us hope for a life infused with energy and happiness.Let us look forward for a positive 2017.let us leave our sorrows behind and indulge in happiness.Best wishes to all of you on this new year
Let’s start with the bect chapter…

Ishita and Raman came to the top of the mountain
Raman:Ishu do you know here is a echo system
Ishu:oh really?
Raman:yeah…! See I will show you

I LOVE YOU ISHITAAAAAA I LOVE U ISHITAAAAA(the sounds echoes everywhere)
Ishita:Raman what are u doing everyone is seeing
Raman:let them see I m loving my to be wife not girl friend
ISHITa:thats because proposing is so far you can’t even flirt with a girl
Raman:r u tauting?
Ishita(with ego):no not at all
Raman:means u r challenging Raman Kumar bhalla Han?
Ishita: hmmmm? We can say…but I m sure u can’t do it
Raman:challenge accepted
Ishita: this means u will now flirt with a girl
Raman(acting like Ishita):hmmmm? We can say…but I m sure I can
ISHITA:don’t try to copy Raman if u really have some power to do it
Raman:r u sure?see then don’t be jealous
Ishita(with lil attitude):Ishita Singh raizada makes people jealous she is not jealous of anyone Nd ofcource will never be
Raman:so much confident?
Ishita:yeah…! Okay now don’t waste my time If u can then do it
Raman sees a girl who is looking good and wearing short clothes and move towards her
Ishita sees it and widen her eyes
Ishita:how shameless?will he really flirt with her?

She becomes tensed and turns her face cryingly…Raman sees this and smiles
Raman(taking flower from girls): oo plaat dehka hai jb sai tujhe haye mai tw hil Gaya lgta hai merai seenai sai dil nikl Gaya mami sai kya Dady sai bhi milao ga tujhe Arai Jo bhi Kho tujhe lgta hai ku galat O PLATTT?(it’s a song from mai tera hero plat)
Ishita turns her face smilingly and runs to hug Raman
Ishita(beating him):that was really lame Raman…!what was the need to do all this
Raman:Ahannnn someone was feeling jealous
Ishita:Han I was jealous because I can’t see you with someone else
Raman: hey don’t be panicked I m not going to anyone I m all yours
Ishita: I will not let u go anywhere I love u Raman
Raman:Hayeeeee someone is getting enotional
Ishita(holding his neck):if u did something like this again na I will surely kill you
Raman(afraid):Arai Arai don’t kill me so early I want to marry my Ishu because I can’t even think of someone else other than her
Ishita and Raman both smiles and sit on a bench Ishita puts her head on ramans arm and both enjoy…
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays…
After some time…
Khushi:arnav now I m fine?leave me please
Arnav:acha you sit here I will go and call everyone then we will directly go from here
Khushi:as you say
Arnav leaves…

Shivaye:annika u are hurt so can’t walk more u sit here I will go and bring something to eat
Shivaye comes in the same hotel where khushi was sitting he starts walking…
Khushi goes towards a child who has lost her parents in mall
Khushi:hey why r u crying girl
Girl(weeping):I m not finding my parents anywhere
Khushi:ohkay stop crying I m here na I will help you to find them okay
Khushi makes that girl busy in taking so that her parents may come and take her after few minutes a boy came…girl hugs her
Girl:bhai?where were you?you know how much afraid I was I think I have losted
Brother:how can you be alone when ur brother is here
He thanks Khushi and leaves
Khushi(with tears): no matter how many friends a girl is having a brother will always be the best supporter a best friend to her I LOVE U BHAI
These words were heard by shivaye and he gets some flashback
Girl:what the hell?u don’t know how is brothers?leave me otherwise they will kill
Boys:Ohoooo blackmailing Han?
Shivaye and om comes from behind and beats them for misbehaving
The girl hugs shivaye
Girl(facing the boys):no matter how many friends a girl is having a brother will always be the best supporter a best friend to her I LOVE U BHAI
Flashback ends!

Shivaye(tearful eyes with full pain):khushiiiiiiiii (his lips speak but because of so much pain his voice didn’t come out still it reaches towards the heart of khushi)
Khushi(placing hand on her heart):BHAII
(But maybe destiny didn’t want them to meat that’s why shivaye moving forward collided with a waiter and sits down to help him to set things)
Khushi turns smilingly with tears but didn’t find anyone she runs from there cringly
Shivaye stands up but didn’t find that girl
Shivaye(cryingly):damnit where she went she was my Khushi she was my Khushi
Shivaye moves here and there asking from people
Shivaye(still crying):have u seen a girl she was standing here
Man:no I didn’t see anyone
After finding full cafee he sat break down near a tree and sat down crying
Khushi comes in her car Nd put her head on the driving wheel
Khushi: why why I felt that Bhai was here no no he can’t be here he can’t be here bhaiiiiiiiiiiii I miss u
Both cry badly
Jag sona sona Lagai plays…!

So guys this parts end on their sad faces…!
I know on this speacial day it’s lil sad episode but I assure you guys that the special new year episodes are on way and you guys will surely love those…!:*))
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  1. nice update ishra scene was romantic khusji and shivay scene was emotional pls continue soon

    1. Amanigatta

      THankyoU dear:)will post soon

  2. Veronica

    Bohat emotional tha…..i know how it feels to be away from your siblings especially when u are too close with your brother.Loved how you expressed the love between the siblings…..and Ishra scene was so cute.waitung for next epi.??

    1. Amanigatta

      Thankyou vero❤️hope u will also write further parts…

  3. Nithu

    Loved it…u no..i dnt have big bro…i wish ki i had a big bro…its toooooo nice….dear…love it..soooooooo much…..

    1. Amanigatta

      Awww❤️u know I also don’t have any big bro but my big cousins are more than a brother For me?❤️thankyou dear…keep supporting!

  4. Ishra scene was superb n the episode was awesome

    1. Amanigatta

      Thankyou ridhi:*)

  5. Nice episode…

    1. Amanigatta

      Thanks ankita:)

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