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After having dinner
Ishita: em here after long time lets go somewhere
Rudr:yah yah! My trip also got cancelled!lets go somewhere
Omkara:Han but at thix time?
Ishita:itx just 12:00 yaar lets go na
Arnav:if di wants we will go but not now it’s late..we will go in morning please dii
Ishita:okay we will leave early
All look at khushi’s sad face as khushi didn’t like to go out she is little workaholic and because her past never allows her to enjoy life…
Khushi(smiling):Kia? No problem diii wants na we will go…!
All become happy and heads to their rooms…After some times ishita hear some sound from down stairs
Ishita:how’s here at this time?everyone may have slept? Then who is it?
She goes downstairs…
It was dark everywhere she moves on side and suddenly someone hugs her tight
Raman:shhhh shhhh! Ishu itx me Raman
By hearing ishita voice Everyone came down and opens light
Ishita:Raman r u mad? U would have killed me
Everyone becomes happy and hugs him
Rudr:u here?at this time?
Romi(in teasing tone):were u missing diiii this much Hann?
Arnav:everything fine jiju?
Raman: yup everything is good but I was missing ur di so much that I came here
Khushi:ohoooo someone is shy Han?
Ishita(shy): itx not like that
Rudr:Han Han we know now just go to ur room and continue romance we r feeling so sleepy
They close lights and go to their room
In room…!
Ishita:Raman! What will they think? Why you come here?
Raman: I was missing my to be wife so I came…
Ishita:ohh really itx just one day I came here
Raman: Han nd I can’t spent even a day without you
Ishita:stop buttering Raman!and lets sleep we have to wake early!
Ishita:because we will go somewhere out tomorrow
Raman:wowww means we will get time to ramance
Ishita(smiling): Raman Tum bhi na
Both sleeps…

In hotel room:
After eating dinner…
Annika:shivaye it’s really good weather!lets go out…
Shivaye: it’s too late annika I think we should sleep
Annika:no I want to go out…
Shivaye: I m going to sleep do whatever you want.
Shivaye leaves making annika sad
Shivaye(turning):we will go but tomorrow in early morning
Annika(excited): really? Awww that’s so sweet of u
Shivaye: don’t be overexcited just going as we have to go to different places to find Khushi
Annika:okay okay no problem! I also have to find my sister…
Both comes to bed
Shivaye: what? Why r u looking at me! I will sleep at bed u sleep on couch
Annika: how rude! Means u will make a girl sleep on couch and u will sleep on bed
Shivaye:don’t act smart…! Han I will sleep in bed
Annika:no I will on bed I came first
Shivaye:I said na I will
Annika: I said I will
Both again start fighting the phone rings
Shivaye:any work?
Receptionist:sir what are u both doing? I revieved call from the room next to you they r saying that u r disturbing their sleep
Shivaye:ohh sorry! It will not happen again(looking at annika in fake smile)u can sleep in bed!
Annika(irratating him):u sure naaaa don’t you have any problem
Shivaye:no itx okay
Annika laughs and sleeps on bed and shivaye sleeps in counch

GRAND CANYON park and hotel:
Ishita:This beautyyyy❤️❤️❤️how beautiful itx looking that why I love this place
Raman:yeah this place is literally love
Rudr:come na we will have breakfast in that place…
Shivaye and annika also come there and sit somewhere for breakfast…
Raman:see beta u guys enjoy with ur di everyday today Ur di will be with me okay…
Rudr and romi(in teasing manner):Han Han dii is all yours take her wherever u want
Arnav:just take care…enjoy!
Khushi:okay so lets split and enjoy the place…
All completes breakfast and go separately to enjoy the place beauty

Arnav:come we go up!
Khushi:no need Arnav itx good here
Arnav(holds her hand): come na!
They both move high and climb mountains holding hand
Khushi:Arnav! U know sometimes I think what will be my life without u all I would have died
Arnav keep his hand over her mouth
Arnav: it would have never happened! U know na how much I love you
Khushi: this love is the only thing for which I m living
Arnav:khushi! Why r u again remembering those moments? Em here na I promise u will be happy always
Khushi: Arnav I can forgive that accident but that words that each and every word is still echoing in my ears
Arnav:Khushi 6 years past…! Please forget all those they must be finding you
Khushi: no Arnav they will never try to find me they hate me Arnav they hate me
Khushi hugs her crying her heart out
Arnav: khushi please! Don’t cry u know na I can’t see you crying please khushi
Khushi(weeping):I can’t take it anymore Arnav I m tired with this life i hate myself I hate myself I hate myself and she faints
Arnav(painful): khushi I know u misses ur family a lot u die each and every day thinking about the thing u didn’t do nd I can’t do anything
Arnav picks her up and lay her on rock and sprinkle water on her face
Arnav:khushi wake up wake up! I m sorry I m too sorry
He hugs her and cry
Hamari adhuri kahani plays…
Khushi slowly slowly opens eyes
Khushi:ar ar Arnav
Arnav:Han I m here I m here
Khushi(sits): I m fine just faint due to weakness don’t worry
Arnav(hides his pain): Han Han I know chlo lets go and eat something
Arnav holds khushi and both leaves

Shivaye: what is here? that u want to come here every time?
Annika:u will not understand this place…itx beautiful
And she start adoring the whole place
Shivaye was just adoring her childish behaviour
Annika:lets go above the mountains itx wonderful place
Shivaye:no I don’t wanna climb
Annika:please na I want to go
Shivaye: annika u can’t walk even for 5 mins and u need to climb
Annika: I will climb pakka
Shivaye: alright let’s go
Annika becomes happy and both start climbing suddenly annika falls down
Shivaye(worried): Annika? Are u fine I told u na not to climb see its bleeding
Shivaye:your sorry will not work annika now lets go down we will go to hospital
Annika:it’s a small wound what’s the need to make a big issue come lets move forward
Shivaye:r u mad? Means u have fallen down and the blood is still coming?stilll u have to go up
Annika:please otherwise I will not go to doctor I will sit here for the whole night
Shivaye: make it clear what u want
Annika points towards the boy who is lifting her wife
Shivaye: no I can’t please
Annika: please na…!
Shivaye lifts her up as he know annika will not agree
They both move forwards…
Tu jane na plays…
They were stopped by a old couple
Couple:how cute u both are…May God bless u both:))
Annika and shivaye looks at eachother Shivaye makes her sit and they both see the view which was awesome and adore nature…!

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