Thankyou all of u for ur support and Veronica I m so happy to see your comment…moreover shivika is a couple…they are cousins not siblings they can marry and they will.xD
So here is next episode…
Raizada’s house
Ting tong the bell rings…no one opens the gate
Khushi: hp open the gate
When no one hears khushi herself goes to open
Khushi:whose there?
No answer
Khushi opens the door and a pair of hands hugs tightly
Ishita:khushi? U r fine na?i m was so afraid?
Khushi(happy):diii aap what a surprise:)Han Han I m fine and after seeing u I m totally fine…now come inside
They both settled on couch
Ishita: where is arnav?oh god!what I am asking he would be in office
Khushi: obviously diii and u know he didn’t take me
Ishita: one good work by him
Ishita:just kidding baba
Khushi:Acha di I m sorry I m really sorry because of me ur chote was not with you on your life’s most important day
Ishita(angry):no I can’t forgive you it was ur mistake
Khushi(started crying):diii I was not conscious otherwise I would have scolded him and sent him to you no matter what
Ishita:still I can’t forgive you
Khushi:sorry diiii sorry
She started crying bitterly

Ishita:shhhhh!shhhhh!khushi Arai em not even angry then how to forgive?She strt laughing
Khushi:diiiii aap bhi na
Ishita:will u keep talking or ask me that how was the engagement?
Khushi:Oh Han I forget? How was it? Do you enjoy?
Ishita:it was good everything was good
Khushi:diiii show me pictures na u have sent them to arnav he didn’t let me see
Ishita start showing photos.
Khushi and ishita talks continue until arnav comes
Shivika comes to a big 7 star hotel…!
Receptionist:good evening!how can I help u sir?
Shivaye:I need room
Receptionist:for two people(seeing Annika)mam will you have anything else?
Shivaye and Annika looks at each other
Shivaye:excuse me! You are mistaken
Receptionist:means?you don’t want room?
Shivaye:yes I want room but she is…
Receptionist:Yes yes sir Ik she is ur wife right?
Annika:I! And his wife! No way!have u losted u…
Shivaye(stopping annika):see u r mistaken she is my cousin and we want separate rooms
Receptionist:I m so sorry sir actually u both were looking good couple that’s why I thought
Shivaye(in mind):how talkative she is…full like Annika
Annika:excuse me i know what u r thinking she is not like me
Shivaye(realising):how come you know what em thinking?

The sound of receptionist stops her
Receptionist: I m sorry sir!but as its a 7 star hotel here comes many people so there is just one room left
Annika:no no I don’t want to live with him in same room
Shivaye: it’s alright!book that room
Receptionist:Done! Thankyou sir u can move to ur room
Raizada’s house…!
Arnav comes home with rudr and romi…all three freshen up and comes for dinner
Rudr:Khushi! How r u now?
Romi: are u feeling better?
Arnav:have you taken medicines?
Khushi(puts her hand over her head):uffffffff!u three have called me at least thousand times just to ask these silly questions.
All three: this is not the answer!
Khushi:ok so listen I m fine I m feeling not better but best and I have taken all my medicines now if u guys are done can we eat I m so hungry?
All four start eating rudr arnav and romi look at eachother
All three:diiiiii
Rudr:kha hai di?
Romi:kb ayi Wo?
Arnav: damn it why didn’t u inform me earlier.
All three hug her and enjoys the delicious dinner made by her talking happily…:))

Hotel room…!
Annika:ye kya tari maar Rhai hai aap?(now why u r showing attitude)
Shivaye:f**k the whuck!whats this language
Annika:Sara raita pehla kar mujh Sai poch Rhai hai kai what’s this?(u have done everything now asking from me that what’s this)
Shivaye: now what happen?
Annika:why you agree for one room?
Shivaye:see we are here just to find khushi so need to argue
Annika(serious): Han u r right! From where to start
Shivaye(tensed):don’t know from where to start.
Annika(putting her hand on her shoulder):don’t worry shivaye we r here for a reason and we will succeed
Shivaye(holding her hand):r u sure? We will find her na
Annika:we can at least try..…we are together na we will find her.
O jana plays…
do share ur views…even a single word means alot:))

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