First thankyou all of u for ur support and I m sorry for all shivika fans as there was no shivika scenes but no worries here it is I hope u all will like:))
All oberois members at dinning table
(Pinki and shakti are shivaye and om parents and jhanvi and tej are annika and khushi parents)
Jhanvi:annika!will go to office today?
Annika:han why?
Jhanvi:just aisi hi asking actually Mr mehta was asking for some files which he have recieved yet
Om:Han those files!i have given them to shivaye.
Shivaye:yup I have those thanks for reminding Bari maa I will send those today by myself

(They all work in oberoi empire)
Pinki:again this work how much time I will tell!itx not working age just find a good rishta and make annika marry
Shivaye:mom please don’t start agAin
Pinki:Han Han when my own son will not listen I have to help others a
Om:comeon mom!they both are grown up they will marry when they want…!what is the need to pressurise them daily.
Dadi:my son and daughter are so good they will have good life partners God will find best for both:)
After having dinner all went for their works

Khushi knocking at door
Arnav:come in(looking back)khushi damn it why u stand up from bed u would have called me
Khushi:I m fine now don’t worry!and tell me do you eat breakfast
Arnav:Han I did it with rudr and romi
Khushi:liar I have given them breakfast but u were not there
Arnav(seeing that khushi has caught her): wo I forget
Khushi: yaar Arnav I m fine why r worrying that much why r u skipping ur food?
Arnav: leave all those do you eat breakfast
Khushi:nah i didn’t and I will not until u will eat

Arnav: where is my breakfast
Khushi(smilingly):that’s my boy ab chlo ready hojao and then neeche auo em waiting
Arnav:okay mam as u say
Arnav came downstairs first make khushi eat and then eat himself
Arnav(after finishing breakfast):ok now I m leaving for office…take care…I will call u
Khushi: I m coming to office with u
Arnav(angry):don’t u dare to speak even a single word
Khushi:but listen…
Arnav: no more arguments do you get that!
Khushi(bowing head): acha baba okay take care and have lunch on time
Arnav leaves bidding bye to khushi

At office…!
Shivaye cabin:
Shivaye(call):annika!where are u?
Annika:I m in my cabin!why?
Shivaye:I need to talk something very important will u come?
Annika:Han sure just 2 mins
Annika enter…
Annika:what happened? Why so urgent?
Shivaye: annika I got to know that there is a big designer in America…I think we should check maybe she is our khushi
Annika(excited):wowwww she maybe my khushi we should go and check
Omkara who just entered
Om:not again guyxx! Till when will you go to foriegn countries…whenever u heard here is a designer you r like it maybe khushi and goes there but not today I will not allow you to go there I m tired of saying lies with family that they have gone for a meeting…but not anymore
Shivaye and Annika(pleading voice):last time please last time
Shivaye:this time I have a strong feeling that I will find her
Annika:Han what is the problem to check?it can be khushi na

Shivaye:we can’t leave this chance
Om:guys u have visited America 6 times in these 6 years but khushi was not there na and how will u find her now?
Shivaye: maybe she was there but we did not see her
Annika: Om u have to support us see na destiny is giving us a new chance
Shivaye: and we will go Annika! Start packing we will leave tonight
Annika(looking at Om):please maan Jao!last time!
Om:alright! But itx just because I want khushi to come back I hope we get her
Annika: hope so
(So ppl annika and shivaye goes to different countries to find khushi but lie to family omkara always supports them)
They three leaves

At bhalla house
Ishita: good morning! Mamiji and papaji

Mr and Mrs bhalla: good morning beta…sit na have breakfast
Raman:ishita I have booked ur flight u will leave today
Ishita:ok I will do my packing
Mrs bhalla: what the need to go early stay for some more time
Ishita: I also want but see na ur son has booked my tickets
Raman(shockingly):Awww me…don’t lie…do u know mami she called me whole night and ask me to book ticket as soon as possible
Ishita(acting):me…how can u lie Raman? I love u so much I will never disturb ur sleep
Raman: Han Han disturb tw tb karo gi na jb Sonai Don gi
Ishita:hawwwww! Dehko how inocently is he acting
Mr bhalla:Raman cancel the tickets
Raman(smilingly acts to call):Jee listen
Before he could complete ishita snatch the phone
Ishita:okay sorry I was just joking I want to go back
Raman: ab Aya na ount phar kar neeche
Ishita hits her playfully

Mrs bhalla(irritating): acha acha u both continue it after having breakfast
All do breakfast…

At night:(obrioe mansion)
Annika and shivaye take elders blessings and leave towards airport
(Bhalla’s house)
Ishita packs her bag,takes elders blessings and leave for airport..
In plane…!
Annika (watching movie(action scene)):hahahahaha!or maro maro!dhulai kardo Iss villain ki aaj
Everyone look at annika
Shivaye:sorry sorry(looking at annika)u will never grow up!just stop it everyone is seeing
Annika:but em watching movie
Shivaye:watch it slowly why r irratating everyone
Annika: I m irritating? U r irritating all of them by ur shouting voice
Shivaye: u shut up! Keep ur voice low

Annika:u shut up!
Both start fighting…everyone looks at them in cofused looks
Air hostess came running: hey! Stop stop u both!what are u both doing? Stop fighting…!
Shivaye: u stay of it itx our matter
Annika: Han aren’t u seeing we are fighting stay away!
Air hostess:what the hell! R u both mad?
Annika and shivaye realised what they said…look at eachother and broke out laughing
Annika and shivaye(composing eachother):sorry sorry we r really sorry!
Air hostess:itx okay! Be careful!
Shivaye and annika looks at eachother and smiles

At night:

Annika feels sleepy and sleep at shivayes arm he tucks her hairs behind her hair and adore her innocent face.
Shivaye(in heart): sotai Wai kitni pyari lgti hai Kon khai ga kai yeh wohi arrogant annika hai Jo hamesha mujh sai larti hai
Shivaye smiles and sleeps peacefully
At morning their(shivika and ishita) flights lands and all three reaches America
Now keep thinking will they meet? How will they meet and where?

Please share ur views…

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