Character sketch
Okay so as I have given 6 main characters (ARSHI,ISHRA,SHIVIKA)introduction now em gonna tell their relation and character sketch as its all so mix up so for clearification:)
Arnav Singh Raizada: as usual a business tycoon he is arrogant businessman who love his friends the most and ofcourse his sister…he is khushis best friend he love her alot they both live together but as friends not couples…
Khushi Singh Raizada: she is well developed and a rich girl she and Arnav works together…she also love Arnav a lot but is never ready to believe the fact. she is the one who thinks ‘I can never love anyone’ she hates the word “love” she likes her friends alot becUse they r the only reason behind her happiness and the reason for which she is alive…she is the cousin of shivaye and annika…she misses her family alot but never shows…
Shivaye Singh obreo: A rich well settled man…has a big business of his own nd love her family and buisness a lot…khushi is his cousin nd he always considered her as his sister he loves her a lot but never tell anyone…he is very good nd kind towards his cousin annika and likes to talking with her.
Annika Singh obreo: she is sister of khushi and shivaye’s cousin she is very good towards him…she always want shivaye to share his pain with her but he everytime denies she is the only one who can see pain in shivayes life.she also do job.
Ishita Singh Raizada: she is arnav’s sister both love EACHOTHER alot still live away because arnav love to spent time with khushi and she wants to spent time with his love with whom she is going to marry soon…ishita and Arnav parents died at an early age they have no one…
Raman bhalla: he is buisness man.he loves ishita and wants to marry her soon…he is not related to anyone.
Rudr,Romi: they both r khushi and Arnav best buddies and they all r always together.
Omkara singh obreo: he is the brother of shivaye whom shivaye love and trust the most…he works with shivaye and lives with him.
So guyx that’s all I know it may confusing so keep thinking how they all people r related to eachother?how All lives will be connected?what bitter game destiny is playing with them?How will they meet? How will destiny joint them? What is khushis painful past?

Nd ppl I don’t know how long will I continue this?it will be based on ur choice its my first time so guyx I need support…comment whether good or bad… I just want motivation??

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  1. Akansha

    Awesome…. Waiting fr d episodes to strt

  2. Sanchi

    I have a request yar, please don’t include too much of angst in the story. Waiting for your next update

  3. Kumud


  4. Puvi

    Anika Shivay it’s confusing dear ur ff is nice

  5. nice pls continue soon

  6. I have a question how can Anika be Shivaay’s cousin. How can their story move on please tell me

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