Mein Pyaar Sirf Tumse Karta Hoon Ishita!-OS


Hi guys again Vero here….Just a treat for Ishra fans from my side…A one shot story.Hope you all like this and I will be back with a new ff Dil Chahta Hai (No reference to the film) soon on Ishra and Arshi.Hoping to read your views on that too.

A pleasant morning.Ishita(main lead) wakes up only to find her love beside her…She admires him…He opens his eyes she turns her face and ties her hair…He looks at her and goes inside bathroom.

Mrs.Bhalla:Ishita…oye Ishita…Sar dard kaisa hai tera? (How is your headache now?)
Mrs.Iyer enter
Mrs.Iyer:Ayyo Ishu…Kaise ho…todi der aur rest karo beta(How are you? Rest for some more time)
Ishu:I am ok amma….dont take stress
Mrs Bhalla:Shaadi hoke ek mahina bhi nahi huyi uske pehle hi sar pe dard…good good (It hasnt been a month since your marriage and headache and all…good good)
Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyer giggle
Ishu gives a whatever look and turns only to hit Raman…..Both hit their head and scream ‘ouch!’
Raman:Arre sambhalke chal yaar…Subah subah aa gayi sar lekar (Walk carefully…..Morning itself came with head)
Ishu(to herself):Sar haat mein rakhkar toh nahin ghoom sakti na..Raavan Kumar (I cant live with head in hand right..Raavan Kumar)
Raman:Excuse me did you say something?
Mrs.Iyer and Mrs.Bhalla looks on

Mrs.Bhalla:What happened between them? Shaadi ke pehle toh bohat pyaar tha (Before marriage both of them were dying for each other)
Mrs.Iyer:Yes you are right…there is something between them…I have been noticing it after marriage both of them are behaving weird.

Ishra room,
Ishu was sitting in bed and thinking about something…Raman enter and see her busy in thoughts…He go near her and sits beside her…She wakes up and moves….He looks on.Ishita goes inside washroom…she was taking bath and her mind went into thoughts of her days before marriage.The day Raman proposed her.
Ishra were neighbours and best friends….Both shared a beautiful bond…..One fine day both were out for a coffee….Raman had worn a black shirt and black jeans…Ishita had worn a blue frock with silver net on shoulders (I have a dress like this so just explained that)…Raman orders two coffee…He styles his hair.
Raman:Woh..Ishu(he holds her hand)…ah…you know…
Waiter:Sir coffee
Raman(irritated):Thank you.
Waiter leaves
Raman:Woh..Yah…You know that we are good friends from childhood….You know me well…I know you well….
Waiter:You want something else?
Raman(irritated):No if we want we will order.
Ishu:I need a Veg.Sandwhich.
Waiter:In a min maam
Ishu:Raman continue
Raman:So..My point was…We are…ah…so close…You are so beautiful,you can handle me well(Ishu smiles)…So it’s very simple but…I am so tensed.
Ishu(keeps her hand on top of his):Go on…I trust you
Waiter:Maam your sandwhich…Anything else sir?
Waiter:We have a new cake here….you can try one for free.
Raman(angrly):Will you allow me to propose? (Shouts)
Ishu widens her eyes.
Ishu:Raman! It’s a public place
Raman:Arre yaar if this guy keeps on disturbing me how will I not get angry.
Waiter:Sir say now
Ishu:Raman lets go
Raman:I love you yaar……I was struggling to say this and this guy is…horrible!
Ishu:Raman! Lets go (blushes)
She drags him out

Raman:I wouldn’t have left him if u werent here.
Ishu:Raman…What did you mean….like inside the cafe you were saying something
Raman(remembering):Woh…I love you….(he smiles)
Ishu makes angry face..Raman gets confused
Ishu:How dare you say this now? You should have said that few years back my mother wouldnt have to reject all those proposals.
Raman laughs relieved
Fb ends
Ishu laughs thinking about all those beautiful moments…But something strikes her mind…marriage eve.

It was Ishra marriage the next day.Ishu was in her room looking at the Mehendi and smiling thinking about Raman.She sits near window and admires the sky…She looks down and see Raman talking with a girl and hugging her…She gets angry.She rushes down wearing a scarf…She taps on Raman’s shoulders.She turns to other side
Raman:Ji who are you?
Ishu:Your to be wife
Raman:Arre Ishu…But why are u standing like this…Turn to my side let me see your face
Ishu:We are not supposed to see each other till marriage..did you forget?
Raman:Oh…But why did you come now?
Ishu:Who was that girl?
Ishu:I saw you talking with her laughing and finally hugging her
Raman:Ohh…Shagun..She is my
Ishu:Why did you hug her…I dont care whoever she is.
Raman:Arre baba (he holds her shoulders from behind)….She is just my friend
Ishu:I thought I was the only one close to you..(fakes crying)
Raman:Dont cry yaar
Ishu:I know you love her….You are cheating me(fakes crying)
Raman(shouts):Chup! Whatever you want to conclude you can conclude…..Yah there are so many girls who are close with me it’s not just you…But I have only loved you Ishita…Main pyaar sirf tumse karta hoon Ishita(I only love you Ishita)
Ishita:Raman! I am sorry I never meant that…I…I was just…
Raman:What just…Don’t you dare talk to me
Ishu gets angry
Ishu:Ok fine…Dont talk to me also
Ishu leave from there to her house…Raman also goes home
Next day they marry and both fight on first night and sleep in two places.
Fb ends
Ishu(to herself):Last night I slept with him only because I had back ache.

She comes out of washroom with wet hair…Raman was sitting in bed.Ishu stare at him and went near mirror to get ready for clinic…Raman admires her…He gets up and stands behind her…She avoids his gaze.She stands up to leave…But he holds her hand and pulls her closer to him.

Raman:Sorry for saying whatever came into my mind…You had forced me to say all those…Anyways I am sorry and please dont stop talking to me…I feel so bad
Ishu:I too feel bad….I am also sorry…I shouldn’t have overreacted.I could have seen that in a friendly manner but I was burning with jealousy seeing you talking with her the way you used to talk with me.
Raman hugs her and says:I missed 2 nights
Ishu hits him playfully
Mrs Iyer and Mrs Bhalla enter and says:We didnt see anything
Ishra move in opposite direction.
Ishu:Woh..Amma….Mummy ji I am going to clinic
Raman:I am going to office.
Both leave
Mrs Iyer and Mrs Bhalla giggle.

After 7years,
Raman wakes up and kisses Ishu’s forehead.Ishu wakes up…She hugs him.A voice disturbs them
Voice:Subah…subah shuru karli Romance (U people have started romance from morning)
Ruhi runs to them and sits in between them
Raman:Tumhari Ishima na pehle mera hai…phir tumhari(Your Ishima is first mine and then yours)
Ruhi:No…I wont let her be yours first…She is mine and only mine and (keeps her hand on tummy) my brothers.
Raman smiles
Raman:Ask your Ishima then
Ruhi:Ishima bolo (say)
Ishu:Woh..Ruhi…How can I choose between my two eyes?
Ruhi:What did you mean?
Ishu:I mean…You both are my one eye and Raman the other…..And how can I choose between my eyes?…Can I donate one?No right…because I need both for seeing the beautiful world.
Raman and Ruhi smile..The trio share a group hug…Ishra look at eachother and smile…YHM plays

*Just a plain treat for Ishra fans as I had already written one for Arshi……..I was bored of not writing anything. Give in your valuable comments.

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