Mein Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga RagLak FS (Episode 9)

Laksh’s POV

I finally saw her after freaking two days. She was descending from the fully embellished stairs looking stunning in that red maroon lehenga. We were not allowed to meet each other before wedding which means without seeing each other for two damn full days.

I missed her. I missed her smile. I missed looking into beautiful brown eyes. I missed caressing her plump cheeks.  I missed kissing her forehead. I really missed her damn it.

I may sound too cheesy but what do I do. She made me like this and I am happy with what I am today.

I was so much in my thoughts that I didnt realize her sitting next to me and her face turned into tomato red. Oh my god why is she blushing so much?

Stupid stop gawking at her like that, then may be shr would return to her normal shadr. My inner mind snapped at me.

I smiled at my thoughts and concentrated on mantras which pandit ji has been chanting frim a while now.


Vivah sampanna hua!! From today you both are husband and wife.

Those were the best lines from all those lines he spoke till now.
RAGINI was all mine now officially. We stood up to take blessings of our elders. She cried a lot. I know it will be difficult for her to leave her house and go away from her family.

I comforted her by placing my hands around her arms and slowly miving toeards thr door. She kept sobbing silently. I didnt tell her to stop crying, because shr was leaving her family and it was right to cry for them. To shoe thrm that she will miss them. I know she will be fine after somr tume.

We drove to our place and eventually sgr stipprd crying and placrd her head on my chest.

Tgis is the best feeling ever.

We reached our home and carried on with further rituals.

~~~Mature content ahead. Read          at you own risk~~~

Ragini’s POV

I was sitting in his room or rather should I call it our room with veil on my head. It was a very hectic day and here I am waiting for him to show up soon as I want to be free from this heavy lehenga.

The room is decorated with red roses and candles. There was a large bowl kept before bed with water and red roses floating in it. The light was dim in the room totally presenting a romantic mood.

I am hell nervous. Though I want our first night to be the best and memorable. To be honest, we didn’t kiss each other till now. I told him I want to submit myself fully after marriage and he agreed to it immediately.

I heard the door opening and closing. He is here. Suddenly I started sweating. He sat beside me and lifted my veil. I wasn’t facing him. I was too shy even to look in his eyes. He placed his finger under my chin and slowly tilted my face towards him, and my eyes met his. Did I mention that he looked ravishingly handsome in maroon kurta complementing me.

Though I wanted to stare at him after I laid my eyes on him while descending, but I couldn’t. I hardly looked at him while he was busy gaping at me shamelessly embarrassing me.

My thoughts were disturbed by some chuckling sound. I looked at him confused.

“Like what you see?” His husky voice made me shiver. I was embarrassed again unknowingly staring at him.

I just murmured nothing and avoided his gaze.

Damn this is so difficult.

We are in love with each other since 6 months now, but nervousness never crept in me in such a way.

“Dont be nervous embarrassed Ragini. I am your husband now and you have all rights to stare at me as I am all yours.”

I am all yours, yes he is all mine.

I looked at him and smiled. He kept his hand on his chest and acted like fainting. I gave him “what was that look”.

“You are the most beautiful girl in this whole world Ragini. And when you smile you become you become the most beautiful woman in this universe”

I looked at him in awe. He definitely knew how to make a girl to feel good.

“I don’t know if I am that beautiful or not Laksh. But you definitely make me feel the most beautiful girl. Thanks for everything.”

“Thanks? And why is that so? It is me who should be thankful to you”

“No Laksh, its me. Thanks for always running behind this stupid arrogant brainless girl and never giving up on me. I always insulted you, took advantage of your love, I always disturbed you in your working hours but you, you always loved me. How much ever I will try to say thank you or sorry it will be always less.”

He touched my cheeks wiping the tears which I didn’t even realize now flowing from my eyes.

“Don’t cry Ragini. I don’t want to see a single tear in your eyes from now. Though I didn’t stop you earlier thinking it was your right but now this is not the thing you should cry on.” He kissed my forehead and continued. ” You may be rude to me, but lastly you realised and I am Proud of my self that my love made you to love me back. I understand you were not in a state to think straight and hence you treated me badly. But I swear Ragini, I didn’t ever feel bad of it. Yes I was hurt a little bit, but I knew you wasn’t doing it by your heart and you would eventually change. And see you did. What more I would ask then this. All the hurt and pain washed away from my heart and mind the second you said that you Love me, which is the only word I would love to listen before I die”

I placed slapped him on his chest after listening “die” from his mouth.

“Why talk about death on our first night” I said with fake anger.

He placed his hands on his ears and said “Sorry, I won’t repeat it. I promise. But you should also promise me that you would forget about past, won’t ever feel guilty of whatever things you did in past and never bring these stupid tears in your eyes.” 

Slowly a smile crept again on my face at his words and I nodded in yes. I wonder what have I done till now for getting such an amazing man as my lover and noe husband. His words always sooth me and makes me feel all good. I place my head on his chest while he wraps his hand around my arm.

“Won’t ever leave me Laksh. Even if I want to leave, don’t ever let me go. I won’t be able to leave without you. I love you lots”

“I won’t leave you even in my dreams my baby girl. I love you till the moon and back.”

He said making me chuckle.

“You are the most romantic husband in this whole world” the words slipped off my mouth again embarrassing me.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed Ragini as I said earlier. And for now I think it’s better you change and come Ragini.” I nodded and strode towards the restroom. “And yeah come soon.” I turned to him.  “I don’t want you to think that your husband can only talk the most romantic words. I also want to show you how romantic I am in real.” He said huskily moving towards me. I blushed and ran inside the restroom.

As soon as I closed the door I leaned towards it keeping my hands on my chest. My heart was beating loud that I could hear it. I wonder if he also can he it. I slapped my head for my silliness and started doing my business.

Its 40 minutes past I am still in the bathroom. U had finished my work in 30 minutes but here I am still in the restroom little bit scared. I was surprised when he also didn’t come to check me up. May be he wants to give me some time.

Dont be scared Ragini. He is your husband, he has all rights in you.

I opened the door but didn’t find anyone around. I turned to the window at the corner of the room only to get shocked. Laksh was standing near the window all in his glory, showing his well toned muscles and packs. In short half naked with only pair shorts at bottom. I was staring at him from a while that I didn’t even realise that now he was very close to me, only few cms away if I had to say.

“Ragini” He whispered huskily in my ears. His breath fanned near my ears shuddering me. I caught his arms scared that I would fall if this continues.

As soon as I do that, he moves back and looks at me in my eyes.  I close my in submission and after a second I feel his lips on mine.

Our first kiss.

He moves his lips slowly and I respond to him equally. After few seconds he increases his pace. The kiss becomes wild and passionate. He bites my lip in order to enter my mouth. I moan at that and he freely enters in my mouth. The kiss is making my knees weak. I would have surely fallen down if he hadn’t caught me in his arms.

I broke the kiss as soon as I felt breathless. We both were breathing heavily. He leaned forward and touched his forehead to mine.

After some time he lifted me up and gently kept me on the bed before climbing on top of me. He looked at me for permission for which I nodded my head.

The whole night went like this, with my screams and moans and his groans all around the room. The best night of my life and I am sure his too.

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