Mein Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga RagLak FS (Episode 7)

Laksh’s POV

“I know I have done a big mistake by rejecting you on a first place. I know I am stupidest, idiotic creature in the world to reject your love. But I have realised it now Laksh. I am sorry for everything. For hurting you now and then with my stupid taunts which you took happily. And I don’t know what to say but yes I love you. I really do. I have realised it now. I can’t see you with anyone Laksh. It should be me who would hold your arm. I want you to hold my waist claiming to be yours. I want you to kiss me till I become breathless. I want wake up with you every morning in your arms and sleep every night in your arms. I want to be called only and only Mrs Laksh Maheshwari. Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. Please accept me Laksh. I don’t want to lose you. Please Please Please Laksh, accept me.”

Her words were ringing again and again.

Did she really propose me? That too sitting on her knees and with a rose? I hope it is not a dream?

Ouch! I pinched myself to make sure I am not dreaming. And yes, she did propose and in the most romantic way. Her words filled with sincerity. Those are the most romantic and soothing lines I have ever heard in my life. As I was thinking forgetting my love still on her knees.

Shit! She must be in pain.

I lifted her up by holding on either sides of her shoulders. She gave me her most innocent look. Her eyes asking for my answers.

Yes…I do love you Ragini.

But I wanted to make it special. I pushed Ragini a little away gently. I could see disappointment in her eyes. I removed the box which I was holding few minutes ago from my pocket. I opened it without breaking eye contact with her.
I sat on my knees and forwarded the ring towards her.

“Miss Raginj Gadodia, as you very well know that I Laksh Maheshwari is madly in Love with you so I won’t say anything else. I just want to ask you, Will you marry me? Will you be mine forever? I promise you, you won’t regret your decision”

She forwarded her right hand towards me. Her eyes brimming with happiness. I slipped the ring in her ring finger and stood up and got the best gift. She hugged me. She kept her head on my chest and her arms encircled my torso. I wrapped my arms around her waist holding her securely. It felt so good holding her in my arms. I kissed her head.


Ragini POV

I hugged him as soon as he stood up after sliding the ring in my ring finger. I really can’t believe he proposed me with ring. He had already planned this and me like a stupid doubted him. He hugged me back by wrapping his arms around my waist. I shivered by his touch. And damn,  I felt peace in his arms. There is no place as beautiful as being in his arms. His cologne was making me insane and difficult to break the hug. But I had to, we were in public. I broke the hug and looked around. Everyone were looking at us. I felt embarrassed  and looked down. Laksh placed his two fingers below my chin lifting it up. He was smiling mischievously looking at me. I looked behind him and that’s when I noticed that girl who was cringing to his arms sometime ago.

“Who is she?” I asked pointing towards that girl.

He looked behind and smiled at that girl and pulled her forward by holding her hand.

What the hell! I am right here Mr Laksh Maheshwari.

“Ragu, meet Priya, my cousin and Priya she is Ragini” He introduced us leaving me shocked. She is her cousin and I was thinking she is his…. Oh God Ragini why are you concluding everything without thinking and asking. Thank god I didn’t directly ask him about her. I was brought out of my thoughts by a very sweet voice.

“Hello Ragini bhabhi, nice to meet you and be ready to spend life with my stupid bro.”

I blushed her mentioning me Bhabhi.

“Nice to meet you too Priya. And thanks for wishes, I really needed it”

I indirectly teased Laksh and turned around before he defends himself. Sanskaar was still there looking at me. I thought he his long gone after my proposal to Laksh. Actually I totally forget about him.  I moved towards him. He loves me or not but as a human being I have to confront him.

“I really waited for you Sanskaar but you were late. But should be thankful to you that you ignored my feelings earlier and didn’t reciprocate. Or else I wouldn’t have met Laksh and found a great person as my husband. Actually to be husband” I said finger quoting to be husband.
“I would not say sorry to you deserve it” uff..rude ” Just want to say, stay happy and move on”

I moved my head towards Laksh who flashed a smile to me. A genuine smile.

4 months leap

Everyone was running around the house in a haste of decorating it. A man brought a board in which it was beautiful written Ragini weds Laksh. It was Ragini and Laksh’s wedding today held in Ragini’s house. The house was already decorated beautifully, only few touch ups were needed.
Ragini was sitting in her room all dressed in a very beautiful and heavy red lehenga.
Ragini’s POV

Finally the day has arrived. I will all Laksh’s and he will be mine. I won’t say it was easy to convince our parents. The most difficult task was my father and his mom. My dad was not agreeing with our love as he had started hating laksh for rejecting me. I also told him that it was me who had told him to do so but my father being adamant didn’t believe me. And Laksh’s mom, my Sasu maa, she was no less than Laksh. As soon as she got to know that it was me who had told Laksh to reject the proposal she said that I was threat. She had questions like What if I tell to leave me after we got married? What if I tell him to leave the house and stay separate? And I can surely understand her. After all she is a mother. How will she be able to see Laksh in more pain. It took us 1 full month in convince them. Now everyone is happy with it.  

Two days have past haven’t met or seen Laksh.

Oh God I miss him and Love him a lot.


So finally Ragini and Laksh are going to get married.
1 more chap and then I’ll wind up with this and start my other ff tedi hai par meri hai.
Thanks a lot for all your support. I couldn’t reply to all your comments, but heartily thank you fir lovely and motivating words.

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