Mein Jo Ji Raha Hoon Wajah Tum Ho -A Raglak OS

Mein Jo Ji Raha Hoon Wajah Tum Ho . A Raglak OS

If you find any grammatical mistake or typing mistake then please pardon me.

Hi everyone. I know you don’t know me . Because I am a writer and fan of swasan. But today I want to write a os about raglak. My pov if after Ragini ‘s truth come out and after this to see Swara’s love , care she changes herself and only for once she tries to give her relation a loyal chance then I think today all sr fans love to her. But then the writers started her memory loss drama, then malkina drama where she separated swasan from each other for which all hate her character more and till now they have not accepted this character.

So now I am starting my story when Ragini ‘s truth has came out and here after that she is positive. She genuinely wants Swara return to Laksh. But when Swara doesn’t want to return back to Laksh she wants to give a chance to her own relation with Laksh. Here she wants swasan become one because this time she really wants her sister’s happiness which has kept with Sanskar. Here Swara has convinced all Maheswari ‘s to accept Ragini . Because Maheswari’s know that , what she has done somehow they are also amendment for it. But Laksh has accepted her compulsory. But he wants revenge from Ragini for which his life has destroyed and now he has been far away from his love. Now he is not wanting Swara in her life because he knows that Swara has married with his brother . And he doesn’t want to make fun all the relationship. For him now Swara is his bhai’s wife and his bhabi.

In MM swasan room Ragini is talking with Swara about her relationship with Sanskar. After her truth came out everytime she has tried to talk about this matter but everytime Swara is shirking the matter with other talks. But today she has decided , she will talk about this matter with Swara.

Ragini: Swara , why are you trying to change the topic everytime. But today you can’t. I want your answer . What you have thought about your relation.

Swara:( with irritation) Ragini, why you are asking me this question again and again. Where you have known that my relation with Sanskar and your relation with Laksh is totally two different things.

Ragini:( fold her hands in front of chest) how?

Swara: In your relation you love Laksh where in my relation I don’t love Sanskar.

Ragini:( freed her hands and hold to Swara from her arms ) in my relation I love Laksh like this in your relation Sanskar loves you. Both situations are same Swara. Both our relationship have stood by one sided love where only one person is trying to extinguish it. If you are wanting me and Laksh move on in our life then why not you?( Swara moved away from her and turned her face other side) so it means still now also you love Laksh( Swara immediately turned her face towards Ragini and her eyes are filled with water) you hurt by my words na. But think na Swara how much you are hurting Sanskar everytime. I know you are my elder sister. You have the rights to think about my well being like this I have also some rights to think about my sister ‘s happiness.

Today Swara is happiest girl in this world why not today she has got her old Ragini who only think others happiness before her. She can’t control her emotions more . So she went towards her and hugged her tightly.

Swara: Today I am happy Ragini. Thank you to give my sister back. I was missing her . ( where both are crying ? and in back ground swaragini title track was playing.)

Swara: I am promising you Ragini I will give a fair chance to my relation . I will try to extinguish with Sanskar.

Ragini ( with a small smile) me too

And both laughed and hugged again to each other.

A.P is watching all this and happy for their sons who has got life partner like swaragini. Now she knows Ragini has changed and is trying this time to get Laksh love genuinely. And somehow she also knows that no one can love Laksh like her. She joined her both hands and prayed to god everything will be perfect very soon.

Other side Laksh is talking with lawyer about his divorce.

Laksh: Mr Dash I want divorce from this girl and I want it very soon.

Mr Dash: But I can’t help you Laksh. Till now your marriage has not completed 6 months.

Laksh: So what? Mr Dash. You can show her character in court how she has ditched me on my marriage day.

Mr Dash: Yes we can. But your family help you for this. Will they give any statement against Ragini.

( Laksh thought about it and he knows that no one will give any statement against her)

Mr Dash: What are you thinking? No one will give na and now all are supporting her. So Laksh you forget about divorce and try to adjust with her. Then he leaved from there.

Laksh 🙁 monologue) no I can’t stay with her. How will I? When she has done that much bad with me. If I won’t take divorce from you then what happened? I am having other ways also to throw out you from my life( give a smrik)

At night everyone is present in dinning area when Laksh came towards dinning table with having a smirk on his face

Laksh: Hello everyone. Today I want to say something. I know I have accepted Ragini but till now I have not forgot her misdeeds . So I am thinking its high time . Now I might be accept her whole heartedly. So for this I think we want a piece place where we can solve our problems. ( when Laksh was saying all the time Ragini was staring her) so for this I have booked tickets for manali ( immediately Swara hugged Ragini where Ragini was just registering the whole words. When she understood the Laksh words she smiled like an idiot why not after all she is getting that happiness for which she has done many mistake on her past)

Laksh: For a week we will go to there. And I have booked 4 tickets.

A.P: 4 tickets!

Laksh: Yes mom 4 tickets. With us swasan will also go there. I think they also need some time( put a hand on Sanskar’s arm where Sanskar gave him a warm smile and looked towards Swara. But her surprise first time he didn’t get any hesitation from her. Now he is happy)
So tomorrow morning we will go there.

After finished the dinner all went to there respective room. Where Ragini and Swara both are busy for packing.

Next day morning both the couple went to airport and after some hours they landed on their destination place manali, which welcomed them wholeheartedly. Its a beautiful place where hills are kissing sky and weather is very romantic. It attracts viewers for its adventure activities. People come to see the snow capped mountains and natural beauty. Visiting here is like being in the lap of nature. In every trip it gives new feelings and joy. To see elegant flora and fauna surrounded by pine trees simply add glisters to landscape beauty. It also called as mini Switzerland. For this only this is first preference for every newly wedded couple for honeymoon.

But Laksh has come here to take some bad intentions and for this only he has brought swasan here . But he doesn’t know manali has stored something else for him.

All went to hotel which booked by Laksh. After freshen up both couples started their journey to see the city .

In this journey they visited many places like Rohtang vally , Manu temple, Pin vally national park, Arjun Gufa and many more. They did shopping from local markets. During this time swasan has decreased some distance between them. Some how Swara now trust Sanskar and this is need for every relationships . And here Laksh is trying to kill Ragini but everytime unknowingly he is defeating by swasan.

Today is the last day of their journey. Tomorrow they will be back Kolkata. So today he will complete his work by hook or crook. So for this he has brought Ragini near the Rahala water falls. The beauty of this waterfall has made one of the main spots for tourists.

When Ragini was busy watching the scenery Laksh came towards her very quietly. (Now his both hands on air) when he was pushing her at the nick time Ragini moved from this place for which Laksh had dis balanced and fallen from top of water fall. He caught a branch and called Ragini ‘s name loudly.
Ragini searched him every where but when she didn’t find him she had tensed.

Ragini: Lakshji where are you? I can’t see you.

Laksh: Ragini, I am here below the waterfall.

Immediately Ragini ran towards the waterfall. When she saw the scene her heart beat stopped for sometime why not he is her dream man for which she has done many mistake in her past. Now that man is fighting for his life. Without wasting a second she gave her hand for help and other way calling for help. And here Laksh is trying to hold her hand but everytime he was not holding it

Ragini: Please Lakshji , hold my hand . Anything won’t happen with you. I won’t allow to happen anything with you. Please Lakshji don’t leave me . I can’t live without you. Anyone here, please help my Lakshji. Here swasan also were enjoying the view when they heard Ragini ‘s scream. Without wasting a time they ran towards the voice was coming. When they watched the scene they also made statue on their position. When again Ragini called for help they back to their sense and moved towards Ragini. Now Sanskar is trying to pull Laksh upwards where Swara is consoling Ragini. After sometime Sanskar pulled him and Ragini immediately moved towards Laksh and hugged him tightly like her life fully depends on him where Laksh has stood like a statue remembered what did happen before sometime.

Ragini:( touched his body on her hands) Lakshji are you fine? Chot to nahin lagi. Apko kuch hojata to hum kaise jite, kabhi socha hai apne. Humari puri duniya aap hai. Humare jine Ki wahjah aap hi hai. “Mein Jo ji raha hoon uski wajha tum ho”. Where Laksh was watching her eyes where he got only love for him. For which love he Is craving now a days. Without think anything Laksh hugged her . But this time he hugged her with full of love . Where swasan were watching their love with a smile.

The screen freeze where swasan hugged each other in side wise and raglak hugged each other tightly and the Rahala water fall is flowing its water continuously like he is also singing for their union.


I don’t know , how is it? But this is totally my pov . If writer make Ragini ‘s character positive in this time then everyone accept her. And also Ragini’s character would be became more stronger than Swara. But they totally changed her character after it. So viewers couldn’t accept this character till end. I am sorry if I will hurt anyone. Its totally my pov.

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