Mein hoon ek ANGEL or DEVIL mera yaar (SwaSan a ss) Epilogue


Intro of kids :

Ayushi : RagLak child 21 yrs interior designer

Ayush and Ayushman : 23 yr old twins of SwaSan, Ayush already is married to Tina, Ayushman a doctor and Ayush a business man

Dev : 22 yr old kid of KavHil, helps Ayush in business

Aradhya : 25yr old child of SwaSan eldest and a nutritionist


Maheshwari mansion

We can see a woman of 45-50 yrs holding a boys ear

Lady : Oh God Ayush, u have become a business man but still irresponsible man karta hai ek kheech ke doon (I feel like giving u a tight slap)

Ayush : Ah ma please sorry I’ll take Tina

Swara : Haan after I reminded u, u know na she’s pregnant anytime her date can come and u

She twisted his ear even more

Ayush : Ay Ayushman save me please ahhhh ma sorry

Ayushman : Ma leave him u know na he’s a duffer

At last she left him

Ayush : What u called me, a duffer na

Ayushman : Sorry

Ayush : Sorry my foot!! Come I’ll show u

Saying this he starts running behind Ayushman and stops when Sanskar comes in between them

Sanskar : Ayushman what did u do to instigate my son haan??

Ayushman : What papa taking side of this creature ma is better hai na

Swara : Haan correct my son let ur papa be with that irresponsible boy, u r my pyaara baccha

Just then the twins see Ayushi doing her work and they think of irritating her and signal each other which is noticed by Sanskar

Sanskar : No u wont irritate her

Ayush : What papa c’mon look at her she’s so concentrated thoda maza toh banta hai na (Some fun has to happen)

Ayushman : Haan lets go

They go towards her when just then Dev comes in between them

Dev : What u thought bhai’s u’ll irritate my sister and I’ll let u do it nonsense

Just then Ayushi smirks

Ayushi : Thanks bhai I knew it these two donkey’s will do something

Dev : Y fear when Dev’s here!!

He say’s and raises his collar up

Just then Ragin comes down with Tina

Ragini : Look at this boy, Ayush arey u still didn’t take her for check up haan go u irresponsible person, I don’t know how u manage ur company

Swara : Correct di that’s what I, wonder if Aru was there then she would have bought him in line

Just then she came

Aradhya :Remembered me????? Well here I came

Ayush : (whispered) Shit!!! Hitler came

Ayush : Di!!!! U came

He said with fake happiness going toward her but she holds his ears

Aradhya : Haan toh ma, he didn’t take Tina for check up na I’ll take him

Tina was giggling seeing those tortures

Ayush : Di sorry ma already gave one dose now u don’t please

Aradhya : Wait

She drags him holding his ear to the car with Tina

Aradhya : Now go

She twists his ear again when Sahil comes in middle

Sahil : Arey Aru y ur torturing him haan

Ayush : Jiju save me from this dayan di

Aradhya : Haan and what ur doing is correct na

Kavita : Correct my daughter is correct

Aradhya : Thank u masi love u!!!!

After a lot of tortures and pains Ayush finally took Tina for check up ???????

Swara : Ayushman saab u want 3rd degree torture or u’ll go straight to hospital

Ayushman : Hehe I’ll go I don’t want torture

He says sheepishly and leaves running

Swara : Finally both twins went, Ayu, the design is ready!!

Ayushi : Yes, where’s ma and papa

Ragini : Here!!

Laksh : We came

She showed them the design

Aradhya : Amazing Ayu, this will be the best baby shower ever

Sanskar : Yes amazing if those 2 headaches were here then god know what would happen, even if one twin was there the other would definitely come to know

Swara : Ya, now ms. junior maheshwari when do u plan to start the work

Ayushi : Now!!

They smile and all went in the room to get ready, it was evening time all were getting ready, Swasan were getting ready, they were about to go when Sanskar pulled her hand

Swara : Sanskar!! What r u doing, ur growing old but…

Sanskar : But my romance if of teenagers (hugs her from behind) Hai na

Swara : Ya but take care of ur age ur going to be a dada soon

Sanskar : So, its not written in any book that dada’s can’t do romance

Swara : Shut up

she says and pushes him and goes out while he laughs, time passed the clock struck 8 Ayushman entered that time and was shocked seeing the decorations

Ayushman : Ma, what is all this????

Swara smiled and told him about the surprise they kept for Ayush and Tina

Ayushman : Wah I’ll abhi tell Ayush

He got a light slap on his shoulder

Ayushman : Di!! y did u slap me

Sanskar : Very good Aru if u wouldn’t slap him surely I would kick, abhe ghade we didn’t tell u this for telling it to Ayush

Aradhya : Ya can’t u keep things to urself

Ayushman : So u can tell na whats the need to hit

Swara : Haan y u hitting my darling son

She said and caressed his hair

Sanskar : Mummy ka chamcha

Swara : What u said (sternly)

Sanskar : Nothing

Swara : Aru, Ayushman and Ayu u all go get ready and where is Dev I told him to come by 8

Dev : Masi I’m here

He came and hugged Swara and Kavita

Swara : Good now go get ready and come down

The kids went up while Kavita and Ragini made cake and soon the kids came down

Swara : Dev u know where are Ayush and Tina

Dev : Tina has gone to her friends house and Ayush is still in office but they’ll be here in sometime

Swara : Ok now Ayu go and switch off the lights

Ayushi : Ok

Aradhya : Arey now all of u hide

She said they all hid, soon Ayush and Tina came and were surprised seeing the house dark

Ayush :These people went somewhere or what

Tina : I don’ know maybe anyway I’m tired

Ayush : I know come lets go

They went in and just then

All : SURPRISE!!!!!!

The lights were switched on and they were shocked seeing the whole hall decorated with pink and blue, All congratulated them for the good news, The baby shower went smoothly and all were happy and pampered Tina a lot and even Ayush pampered her

Once in the kitchen

Ayush was making something and Swara saw him there and was shocked

Swara : Ayush what r u doing tell me na if u want something

Ayush : No Tina wants cake so I’m just making it

Swara : Sooo sweet of u now go she must be waiting

She said and he went with the cake, 4 months passed swiftly and it was Tina.s 9th month her date could come anytime, Ayush took holiday from his work, just then a scream was heard it was Tina, she held her baby bump and screamed Ayush was shocked hearing her state he carried her and took her to the hospital

Ayushman and some nurses were operating her while outside Ayush was walking worriedly to and fro and all were pacifying him, just then Ayushman came out

Ayushman : Congrats bro ur a proud father of a girl and ya bhabi is fine

He said and Ayush went inside and got a smile on his face seeing a small cute child which is all his

All came inside and were happy seeing the baby, and gave it to Tina

All had a sweet family time with the new member of the Maheshwari house….Aarushi


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