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Thank you guys for your love. Guys this is my second os (I think so) because my school is going to start. Really I will miss u guys, but if I get free time then I will surely write an os. I’m really very sad, but have no option. I’m glad that I made a new family on TU. I will miss u guys. N guys I read that many ff writers r quitting, plz don’t quit, its only u people who can get smiles on many people’s face. Meri toh majboori hai. N yes even I’m sad hearing that sidhant sir is leaving the show, it’s very disappointing, I know but it is his life decision and if he leaves the I think we get a new Sidhant next time in his new avatar. Think guys. And I’m here with my last os.
Let’s start,
Guys imagine Monica Sehgal being Kavya.
I was sitting in a cafe, sipping my cup of coffee and having a chat on phone with my bestie. I ended the chat, placed the phone back in its right place. Was sipping my coffee and looking at the scenery outside, just then my eyes got stuck on a boy entering the café. He looked similar to my childhood friend. But, ignored him. But, what could I do, my eyes were not able to get off for him. Then, I made my mind, decided to have a look at him.

I turned behind, then I saw him, he sat on the left corner table of the café. He held his head with both his hands and his face was facing ground to the ground, which signified that he was in deep depression. But maybe I could be wrong. I thought to walk forward to him as I could not see his face, but………how will I recognize if he was my childhood friend. It was necessary to ask him his name. Then, I thought, forget it, what will I get doing this. Ignored it.
Half hour later, when I saw him I fully surprised, almost 10 cups of coffee surrounded his hand. It was a surprise for me, but this totally made me sure that he was in depression. I made up mind to walk up and talk to him, but couldn’t go straight away to him, so I paid my bill and made myself comfortable to the table beside his. The time I used to look at him he would stare me. Then, I did a drama; I purposely threw my spoon in his table. He looked at me, but I ignored him. The time I was about to pick the spoon, I didn’t find it. Someone tapped my back and it the boy. I found the spoon on my table. I think he knew that I did it purposely.
I tried to communicate; I said “Twinkle” forwarding my hand towards him. He did not respond. I again said “Twinkle Taneja”
“Stop it; I don’t want to communicate with anyone.” He shouted loud. I looked around, the café whole café was staring us. I calmed him. He apologized to me; he said “I’m sorry, I’m really very fed up of my stress, I’m sorry to scold u without any reason.” “It’s fine.” I replied to him. “Your introduction.” I said. He replied “Kunj Sarna” his name delighted me; it made a way for me to have my childhood friend again in front of me.

“My gaboo.” I said in excitement. He said “What?” raising his eyebrows.
I asked him what his matter was. He answered “It’s my personal matter, u need not to interfere in it.” “U can tell me, I will be your trustful and loyal friend.” He looked on, thought for some time and answered “ok”. He told me his girlfriend was upset with him, he didn’t know why? She was about to breakup, but he promised her that he will woe her in a week.
This disappointed me. “Oh! No he had a girlfriend”, I thought. Well he should have as he was mature enough to handle these things, but my gaboo will always be my gaboo only.
“Okay” I said. Just then, ‘tring, tring.’ My phone, mom called me; I excused him as I had to go home. He nodded. I was about to leave the table, he held my hand; he said “Your name is Twinkle. Please tell me your full name.” I moved to him and said “Twinkle Taneja.” I thought that he would recognize me. It had not been a second after I told my name, he tightly hugged me. “Twinkle, my childhood friend Twinkle is back, Twinkle I missed u so much.” He said having tears in his eyes. We broke the hug. To my surprise, he kneeled down on his knees and said……………………..
I had tears in my eyes; there was chance of rain in the café. He had noticed the tears in my eyes. But, I could not stop them from coming out. I closed them; I could nothing but only Kunj’s face when I closed them. Just then, I felt something soft on my cheeks, not actually soft it was rough. I opened eyes to only to find out that Kunj was rolling his hand on my cheeks. He was wiping my tears. I had two questions, does he know my condition? Does he know what is going on in my mind? But, it felt good when he was rolling his hand on my cheek.
“I know u r worrying that if I would leave u. No I wouldn’t. I will always be your best friend, your gaboo.” He said. I couldn’t control myself and ran home.
I ran to my room, bolted it and hid my face under pillow and started crying. Thinking how could he do this to me? Does he have any feelings for me?

Kunj kneeled on his knees and said “Twinkle please can u help me, to get together with Kavya. I will never forget your favors. Please help me.” This destroyed Twinkle. She never thought that he would seek her help to get his girlfriend.

I felt light after crying. I was surprised that he was seeking my help to woe his girlfriend and this led to my tears coming out. But, I will surely get to it and help him.”
Next day, I visited the same café where we meet, to see if was there. I rolled my everywhere but found no one, then found a boy sitting right in the corner, sipping his coffee. I went inside and told him that I’m ready to help him.”
Then, he took me to a park where Kavya came for a walk. He told me that as I exited from his life, Kavya entered. He also told me that he loves her a lot. I, a heartbroken girl, had no choice instead of helping him as I did this for his happiness. I observed Kavya and concluded that she is obsessed and pampered girl. Kunj stared me. I told him some tips by which he could woe Kavya.
Tips were many, but successful were only 3. Kunj still tried, but Kavya never gave him response. Then, one day, someone rang Kunj’s door bell, it was Kavya and her father. They came to ask Kunj’s day for marriage. This news flew like a wind. When, it came to me, I busted out my feelings.
“I love him, yes I love him and I can’t live without my gaboo even one second.” I shouted. My mother entered my room, I busted out in her lap.
Kunj called me. I attended it.
“Hi” he said happily.
“Hi” I said, hiding my sadness from him.
“Twinkle, my marriage with Kavya is fixed on next Monday. Please come here for my help because u r the one who helped me to get Kavya.”
“Yes Kunj. I will definitely attend your marriage.” I said and sobbed a little. Kunj recognized that I was crying. He spoke “Don’t cry I will be your gaboo only.”
“Yes.” i said. I ended the call.
I went to his house for the marriage rituals, I never wanted this to happen but it happened. I couldn’t release my feelings.
The day came when Kunj and Kavya’s marriage was to happen. I made my mind prepared that Kunj will never be mine. I saw Kavya coming down the stairs; she was looking very beautiful, just like a princess. I knew it now why Kunj loved her.
Kunj and Kavya were sitting in the mandap, when the pandit said “Phero ka samay hai.” I was unable for me to see their marriage happening, therefore went in a side. Kunj and Kavya got up for the phere. After sometime Kunj and Kavya were married. It broke my heart.

I accidently met Kunj and Kavya in London. But, that time I was to married to Yuvi as I had to move on in my life. Kunj had a baby girl whom they named Inaara. As Kunj met me he hugged me very tightly as he did in the café. he said “This wasn’t possible without u.” I smiled at him. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him.
“Kunj I want to tell u something.” He said “hmm”
“I lo….” “What” he said.
“I’m married.” I said, keeping stone on my heart.
“That’s great, but to whom.”
“Yuvi.” I said.
“Oh! that Yuvi, school one.” I nodded. Just then, Yuvi and my baby boy, Ayaan came. Kunj greeted Yuvi and said that he was lucky to Twinkle as his wife. Yuvi nodded. Kunj excused us and he went from there. I saw him going from there. and thought that this time too I couldn’t reveal my feelings to Kunj. Oh No!

Guys I hope u liked it.
Comment below.
I will be going to write one more os.
Till then take care.
Stay blessed.

Credit to: Mitali

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