Mein adura tumare bina!!!!! Swasan OS (by srsl)

Hi guys!!!you all know me I am the writer of I won’t hurt you again..I will update the next part soon. This is an os I am writing on the current track..there is no 6 months leap in this.

This starts 2 months after swaragini leaves mm.sanskaar now gets very angry on sara and somehow wants to take revenge from her,so he tries to make her jelouse by marrying Kavitha. It is just his plan to make Swara jealous so he won’t really marry Kavitha.he releases both kavitha and kaveri from jail.( they both become good now). As swaragini are wedding planners. They get a call from Kaveri to arrange kavsan’s wedding as per sanskaar’s plan. She doesn’t tell her name to them and only tell the address to them. So they reach there. When they reach there all started acting. Swaragini was shocked to see sanskaar over there..

Sanskaa- kavitha I am really sorry mene tumara sacha pyaar nahi pehchana balki uss Swara ki nakli pyaar ke piche pad gayi. I am sorry please kavitha wapas mere zindagi mein aao.

Swaragini were shocked. Swara was on verge of crying.

Kavitha- sanskaar mein hamesha we tume pyaar karti to. I will come back to your life…

Kaveri- haan tum dono me shaadi ke liye men’s safari tayariya kar di hai.

Both act happy. Suddenly they here a sound,it was Swara who could not bear their conversation tried on a vase.They look at her.

Sanskaar-swara tum yaha bhi aa gayi…kyun Kya hua bardaash nahi ho raha.

Swara- sanskaar kya hua tume. Haan man liya me mene galti ko par tum mujhe aise chood nahi sakti.

Sanskaar-oh common swara please if you cant love then forget about all things.

Ragini-how can you do this to her sanskaar.

Sanskaar-the way she did to mein kavitha se shaadi kar rahi hu….

Swara ran from there and went to baadi..she kept on crying.

After two days

Sanskaar got information about Laksh and he found him at last and thought him back home. All were happy to see him. He went to baadi to meet ragini. Raglak meet. Ragini gets emotional after seeing Laksh.she goes and hug him. Swara sees this and gets happy. Ragini said that she will come with him only if comes with us back to mm. Swara tries convinencing Ragini.then Swara make her put her ragini had to go to mm. All were happy to see one of their bahu back but sad that the others did not come…sanskaar says that she will never come as swasan’s had done divorce and he is gonna marry kavitha. All gets sad and angry on him.

After three days.

Swara was feeling uneasy.she thought that it may be because she did not eat anything properly. But still she was not feeling good. She goes to consult a doctor. Doctor says that she is three months pregnant. She gets happy. Doctor also says she is expecting twins. She gets emotional and happy. Sanskaar and kavitha had already got married(fake). On the way back home swara sees kavsan walking and talking and laughing (they are very good freinds now nothing more) swara mistook it as if they really love each other. She gets sad and she goes to baadi and tells everything to sumi.sumi gets happy as well as sad. Swara says that she does not wanna stay thete and she want to go to dida’s place and stay there so she dosent interfere kavsan’s life. Ragini hears everything as she had come to visit swara. Swara tells both of them not to tell anything to anyone other than shekhar and that they have her promise.

Next day she leaves baadi and goes to dida’s house.
She reached dida’s house and went to her. She told her everything. Did a gets happy to get her shoru back. She tells her everything will be alright. Swara goes to doctor to do check up. Doctor tells her that if she takes more tension and stays unhappy then she would surely loose her children. Swara gets scared and tells that she will not be unhappy.she solid not want to loose had children as they were sanskaar’s last symbol with her….she stays happily with dida.

After four months

Now swara is on her seventh month. Even ragini is one month Pregnant so both misses each other.

Swara has never taken sanskaar’s name till now because she thought that she lost the right.
One day when dida and swara was talking swara accidently took sanskaar’s name. She felt pain on her stomach. Yes her babies had kicked her when she took sanskaar’s name.she did not understand why first then she again repeated his name and they kicked her. They both get emotional.

Swara- itni jaldi apna papa ko miss kar rahi hu.and cries. Dida consoles her.

After two months when swara was doing some small chores. She felt pain on her stomach and cries hard…dida rushes to her and pacifies. She calls had neighbor to come with the car. They take her to hospital.
Outside the OT. Swara was screaming in pain inside and dida informs sumi. Dida is crying out side. After sometime the nurse comes outside and gives dida two cute boy and girl.
They change swara to a ward.

Dida gives both her children to her and she get emotinal seeing her two junior sanskaar.she names them sakshi and Samar.

After 6 months ragini gives birth two a boy.swara could not resist on seeing them. So she went to baadi with both her children in night. Ragini was staying in baadi because of the customs only after two months she can go back to her night 2:00am .

Swara come with sakmar(sakshi and Samar). She keeps both of them in a baby varying bag which you attach it with yourself. One on the front and another on her back. She slowly tiptoes to ragini’s room.she comes hearing the sound ragini thought it Laksh as he comes there everyday night to see them. Swara puts the light on. Ragini is shocked to see her and gets happy. She runs to hug her but sees two children on front and back. She asks her through eyes and swara answers yes. Ragini take both of them. And swara goes to see ragini’s child. Both of them gets happy. Suddenly Laksh comes in through the window to see raksh and ragini.and gets shocked to see swara there. Laksh explains to her that it was all sanskaar’s drama to make you feel jealous and confess your love.swara gets shocked. Laksh asks her why did you keep his children away from him.swara feels guilty.

Sanskaar knows that Laksh goes to meet ragini.
Ap was not well,so sanskaar went to call him. he reached baadi and went slowly to ragini’s room.he entered saying that maa is not well.but then he was slicked to see swara there.they had a eye lock. It was disturbed by sakshi crying.sanskaar was surprised to see three children there. Laksh tells him everything. Sanskaar looks emotionally at his children. He then looked angrily at swara. Swara took sakshi and tried to calm her down but she didn’t .sanskaar came and took her from swara’s hands and sakshi stopped crying as she could find a fathers love in him. All looked surprise at their very fast bond.Swara tries to talk to him.

Sanskaar- swara why do you do mistake over and over again. Why did you keep me away from my children. You don’t have any right to separate me from my kids. Then why did you do this. Huh!! If you had told me about this I would have left the entire world for you but yo code to hide my children from me . why why??????

Swara-sorry sanskaar please forgive me. I thought you really love kavitha.

Sanskaar-dont make excuses.
Dwara–please can we start a new life.
Sanskaar gets emotional and hugs and kisses her. They both had been in need if this since long.

Laksh-bhai hum yahi hai.

They both leave each other. All four stays there till morning.

Next morning.

All four leaves two mm.rafini had to say there one more month but then dad I allows them to go.
In mm

All gets happy to see swara and children.
All were playing with the kids.
In night
Swara made the two of them sleep.

Sanskaar comes and back hugs her.Swara understands his move and said

Swara-aaj nahi
Sanskaar-aaj nahi to kab and kises her.swara lost her control and they became one again till Samar cries. she feels shy. She goes and takes Samar and feeds him. Sanskaar takes sakshi from her baby cot. And they sleep hugging their children.

After one year swasan was blessed with another boy.they named him sohan.

And raglak with twins a girl and boy. They names them ragya and ansh.

That’s it. Hope you all liked it………????

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      Thanks. Actually I feel that swara is more at fault than sanskaar in current track. She cannot just break all her relations with him. But then this idea popped in my mind that’s why I wrote…..yes even sanskaar has done mistake.

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