mehyra os valentines day special

Okay guys i am back and sorry i could not write my ff for a long time , i am busy i will try to post it soon it then enjoy this os.
It is on current track and the way i want the track to procced

one month as passed away for mehak trying to change shaurya whenever she feels he will change again he will break her heart, belief. Sometimes mehak feels to leave him and go but her heart is just not letting her leave him, as she saw the calender mehak remembers her time is over, she recieves a call from her kanta chachi , she recieves it as she knows what her chachi will tell today.
“hello chachi” says mehak ,” mehak i do not need to remember u that today the time u asked from me u change shaurya as gotten over, i hope u know what to do” says kanta ” yes chachi ” says mehak and cuts the call.

After mehak cuts the call she roams whole mansion of shaurya remembering her moments with everyone, her fights with shaurya, her moments with karuna aunty.
” mehak” shouted karuna , mehak came out of her memories as she heard aunty’s voice, ” ha maa what happened?” said mehak.
Karuna: where are u lost ? beta, did shaurya again said u something and hurt u.
Mehak: maa i did not see him from morning, but its okay, maa i am leaving now.
Karuna: mehak what are saying beta? No mehak u should not accept defeat , we will surely change shaurya beta.
Mehak: yes maa maybe shaurya will realise his mistakes by himself someday , but i cannot be here and crush my self respect i have done enough for the person who broke me. I know people have broken shaurya’s trust many times but he also did the same so what is the difference between him and them, maa do me a help if atall shaurya realises his mistake someday,please tell him i have forgiven him and not to come my way if he regrets what he has done. please do not stop, i have promised my family to come back, for their happiness this defeat is little.

Karuna was speechless, just blessed mehak as she could not be selfish for her son to crush one girl’s self respect more, she saw as mehak dissappered with her belonging and her hope of changing shaurya ever.
Shaurya came back late as he had hetic day for his new restuarant’s work has to be fastened, he entered his room to irrirate mehak as her annoyed face gives him relief but to his suprise no one was there , he searched his garden , whole house but could not find her, he suddendly noticed again when he entered his room that there is no mehak’s things remaining there, for a second he thought she has left the house but removed maybe she shifted to guesthouse to avoid his ways to get physical with her not that shaurya wanted to get physical with mehak but her shyness makes him to see her to get shy , he loves the effect he has on her, if she thinks she can escape this she is wrong, he would not sleep before irritating her and with the smirk he entered the guest room but not finding mehak made shaurya more frustrated , he returned to his main hall to see his mother arranging his dinner, he sat to eat his dinner as his mother spoke something.

Karuna: i know u were trying to find mehak but she has left the house , u won shaurya but u lost a person who loved u truly while winning this, who will never come back, if u have realised ur mistakes please bring her back for yourself, in this selfish world finding a person like mehak is not so easy and if u not going to keep ur ego aside now , u will lose her for always as finding her is not easy if any other person knows her value will not let her go away , please before anyone enter her life u ask forgiveness and bring her back. Mehak has given a letter for u after eating ur food. Before shaurya could speak, karuna left, as Shaurya unfolded the letter to read it, Shaurya begin reading it
dear Shaurya,

when ur reading this letter, i would have gone away from u, i know u would have happier as u wanted this any ways i just want to tell u were good actor and please never break anyone’s trust as one’s broken will never come back and before leaving if u ever realise u are wrong, i forgive u but please never come back to me , my new life has no place for u and i am not ready crush my self respect for u anymore not , bye take care.

Shaurya finished reading it , he just to throw the letter and pretend he never read it , how can she leave him? And new life without him? why does he care, shaurya slept trying to sleep, shaurya was dreaming of mehak coming running to him and he smiling but suddenly mehak ran not looking at him in arms of another person, Shaurya suddenly woke up with a jerk and was relief as it was dream , it was worst nightmare but what if it becomes true, but mehak promised to love him forever but she also promised to never forgive him , but she left him once for her family, she was ready to marry ajay for her family then she can marry again for her marry, suddenly realisation struck shaurya when a person like him start loving mehak then a normal person will love her at first meeting, thinking her with anyone else is causing him so much harm , if it happens he will surely die, no he will bring mehak back .
Karuna saw Shaurya leaving morning and asked ” where are going”, shaurya said ” yesterday i realised a part of me is missing before it goes away from me, i will bring it back” and left .

Shaurya found mehak talking with a handsome fellow when he reached the Chawl to meet her she was smiling , he wanted to kill that person but suddenly nehal came and hugged that handsome fellow then shaurya realised that handsome fellow maybe Nehal’s friend , nehal and her friend left when mehak turned to see shaurya starting at her , she knew if she ran away he will follow her to her house she did want a drama in her house to be created she approached shaurya ” did u come to speak with me ? If yes follow me” said mehak, shaurya was shocked to see mehak like this but followed her. Mehak and shaurya reached a park.
Mehak: what happened did i take anything of urs ?

Shaurya : yes u have taken one of my part that is u, i have come back to take it.
Mehak: have u lost my mother’s recipes or ur chef needs help?
Shaurya : why do u think i came for business mehak.
Mehak: look who is talking ? The person who can fake love for business will not come again what is the guarantee.
Shaurya: okay mehak i am sorry please come back.

Mehak: do i look like a doll whom u can break and fix it, i am sorry i am not any doll, i have forgiven and want to forget u, if u want any professional help, i am ready to help u , but will not allow u play with my emotions.
Shaurya: mehak i am saying u sorry , i will tell u hundred more times, but never tell u will forget me , i will never let u do that. See mehak people have broken my trust many times, i was afraid of trusting anyone.
Mehak: if people have broken ur trust , u broke my trust more than one time, what is the difference between u and that people, how can i trust what if u break my trust again.
Shaurya: mehak please give me a chance i promise u to give u more happiness than the hurt i have caused.
Mehak: i need time Shaurya i cannot keep aside my self respect again. Bye
mehak left a hopeful shaurya and went.
Shaurya was checking his fb profile when his fb buddy meera sharma messaged him let’s begin from start from fb to real from meera to mehak, shaurya was shocked to realise his fb friend was mehak he messaged back how did u find out? He got a message ” its really bad habit to leave ur laptop with ur fb profile open in ur bedroom with a very smart girl, anyway thank me if ur getting ur second chance because ur the Karela king my fb buddy see u tmmrw with fresh begining for our story bye” replied mehak .
NeHal came towards mehak and asked ” di are u sure u want to work with shaurya and give him a second chance for ur love what if he repeats the same”, says nehal.
” nothing more nehal , just last time my trust will break, i am strong, working with shaurya is my professional decision and love is a leap of faith i am taking it for last time” said optimist mehak.

One year later
” mehak di shaurya Jiju is waiting half an hour for the pheras, u are busy in taking selfie, this is not done, even kanta chachi is feeling pity on him” said nehal who saw her bride sister taking selfie with her mother in law leaving her marriage half, before mehak speaks her mother in law spoke ” let him wait, little one year earlier he left my poor daughter and ran away to party for days , see my daughter in law having pity on my son is not running away she is just making him wait for hours, even i had booked her tickets to run away but she refused”and continued to take selfie with her daughter in law, nehal came to tell her jiju that it will take one hour more whom she pited, her di’s leap of faith worked as shaurya jiju gained everyone’s trust back with difficulties, but mehak di’s problem started with Shaurya growing possessivess on di, he would never let mehak di befriend with any of the male colleagues, mehak di screamed at shaurya one time infront of everyone and he promised to stop his possessivess to extend and he did that,

shaurya restuarant name changed to meera sharma group of restaurant, mehak di was emotional about it and jiju whole credit to mehak di for his success and introduces his wife as the best chef to his investors, he is proud of di’s achievment and shows off to everyone about it. As nehal came out of the thoughts , she saw mehak coming down finally for pheras and shaurya face turning from frustrated to happy one, love was not a easy way for her di but love had broken the hate of Shaurya , her di’s love won over hate and her Jiju had to bow down in front of her love leaving his ego. Mehak came hugged nehal and cried and went away with her love for a new destination with her final fairytale ending of her love story with a new begining with her love.

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