Mehyra ff – Ae dil hai muskil – Chapter 5 ( will shaurya convince mehak)

shaurya recieved mehak’s address in his mobile, he smiled first time genuinely shaurya khanna smiled and got ready as he is going to meet love of his life mehak.

Mehak woke up morning , mehak was tensed whether to go to work or not, she did not meet shaurya or let anyone to know about her past.

Nehal saw her di coming towards dining table with confusion and spoke ” di i know what are u thinking but facing the situation is the best option , ur not a coward di to run away”, mehak smiled towards nehal and said ” yes nehal, i think u should leave now as today u had to reach ur college fastly right”. ” yes di, bye” said nehal.
Mehak closed the door and went back to have her breakfast, suddendly she heard a knock and thought ” maybe nehal have forgotten something, she always does this” , opening the door without seeing she started to scream ” nehal how many times to tell u not to forget things” as mehak finished fighting she found shaurya there instead of nehal, mehak thought for sometime she was imagining things but shaurya’s one voice was enough to make her realise it is reality.

Shaurya: mehak how are u? Why did leave me come? U know i searched u everywhere.
Mehak was lost in his eyes, she hated the fact that till shaurya has a affect on her.mehak controlled her emotions.
Mehak: oh really shaurya , thank u so much for searching me but as i remember u left me in the madap and ran , came back to tell about ur fake love, why have u come here?
Shaurya: mehak i am sorry, give me a chance to explain , i will make everything correct.

Mehak : a chance again to break my trust or ur recipes have got over that u need more recipes from me, i was business for u , now also u came for business get lost.
Shaurya : mehak u are not a business, give a chance to explain.
Mehak: u had so much chances shaurya but did u not try but know i have started a new life where there is no place for ur fake love, leave before something. mehak shut the door on shaurya’s face and started crying

shaurya was shocked but he expected this after the foolishness he had done, he knows mehak will not let him explain but he will make her listen to him. But as he came out of his thoughts and was going he saw arjun there , he got another shock ” is mehak and arjun in relationship as mehak said she has new life and arjun was praising her and concered no this cannot happen”, shaurya came out of her thought as arjun shouted ” mr shaurya khanna ur the one because of whom mehak is not trusting anyone , not giving a chance”, shaurya was reliefed to hear it and said ” i do not own any explanation and stay away from mehak, i am back in her life” and went away leaving shocked arjun, arjun knocked mehak’s house door, mehak opened the door this time with a stick and started hitting arjun, arjun’s screams bought a angry mehak to see it is not shaurya whom she is hiting.

Arjun: mehak have u gone mad?
Mehak: sorry arjun i thought it was shaurya , what u are doing here?.
Arjun: i came to see ur okay and wanted to run away but came to know the reason of everything now, u know shaurya warned me to stay away from u.
Mehak : kadoos fellow who is to interfere in my life, today he is gone.
Arjun: mehak i have solution , act ur in relationship with me infront of him, he will automatically go away from ur life, before how will i benefit maybe been with me with sometime will make to realise to give chance to me.
Mehak : okay , do not keep exceptitions, i am ur fake girlfriend only.
Arjun: yes my fake girlfriend bye see u tmrrw.
Arjun left.

Precap : arjun and mehak fake relationship to hurt shaurya.
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  1. Superb superb episode kashaf I love it. … n eagerly waiting for the next one. …

  2. Darshini

    Kashaf dear…it’s really awesome…
    So shaurie gonna get jealous…ha ha..
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    Post soon na dear…

  3. Wow kashaf darling u rocked again I loved it doing very good but it is little small try to make it big and post them fast waiting for next all the best dear very well done

  4. Bhuvs

    Gud one… but our brilliant hero will find the truth very easily

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    nice episode
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  6. its very nice!!!!!!

  7. amazing one….
    you impressed me….
    you wrote so well….
    its grate, I just want to read & read & read….
    I can’t have words…
    you just rocked… post next episode soon…
    loads of love…

  8. Kashaf

    Thank u everyone for ur support


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    Amazing yaar waiting for your upcoming one post it soon and loved it very much.

  10. Nice amazing keep on going its interesting hmmm waiting for next update

  11. Nice amazing keep on going its interesting hmmm waiting for next update

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    when are we getting more bring it on excited like 3 in a day will be great

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