Mehyra ff – Ae dil hai muskil – Chapter 4( Shaurya and mehak meet)

Mehak was informed that she had meeting to attend with arjun, she wanted to ask with arjun about it but thought he may think wrong about it anyway she was not asked to prepare anything for the meeting, she was just being presented as representative from the resturant , but as heard it is about some collaboration with another hotel group for a project in lucknow , but from morning mehak was feeling uneasy , like something is going to happen in her life but good or bad , god knows. ” mehak be in conference room within 10 minutes , our other partner will be coming soon” said arjun . Mehak shaked her head in a positive manner.

Shaurya reached the hotel and asked the staff directions to conference room which he got, he reached the conference to find a handsome fellow siting there, Shaurya assumed that he is arjun khurrana the only heir of khurrana empire, Shaurya went near him and greeted him with a fake smile, his smile had disappeared the day mehak left him.
Shaurya: hi i am Shaurya khanna
arjun: hi i am arjun khurrana.can u please wait , my staff is yet to come, then we can start the meeting.

Shaurya : why do u give a staff like this , who is not responsible at all.
Arjun : i know u are more experienced then me, but my staff is not bad or irresponsible especially she , she is our main chef and very hard working.
Shaurya : maybe u care about her a lot.
Arjun : yes she is the first genuine person, i meet . She is unique , if u meet her u will understand.

Shaurya thought ” no one is unique as mehak”. As shaurya came out of his thoughts as arjun said the word ” mehak why are u late, its okay”, that’s it shaurya turned in the direction to see the women whom he loved, is loving and will always love in his life standing as beautiful as ever, the one whom he was searching like mad, so many emotions are running through his mind from angry to happy, he could not express, it is like his life has come back to me. Now he will never let her go away no matter what. Shaurya came out of his emotional world when arjun shouted ” mr Shaurya khana are u okay ”, shaurya said one word which shocked arjun as well ” was it mehak ? Where is she”. Arjun was astounded to hear it and asked ” how do u know her? She ran away after seeing u”. Shaurya replied ” i know her better than anyone, she was my friend , can u please give her phone number or address” , arjun said ” i will ask my hr manger to message u, can we have meeting now? I donot think u will like any meeting after meeting ur lost friend”, shaurya said ” off course” and continued the meeting while another staff came to assist arjun.

Mehak had ran away from the hotel without replying any of the colleagues trying to stop her, she had seen him the man she loved, whom she hates the most , whose face which never wanted to see again in her life, her worst nightmare, oh god how many times she had prayed to never see his face again? Why will god listen to her, as life planned only pain in her life, today after two years seeing him made her wounds fresh, love, hate, angry, pain so many emotions ran over her , she was afraid to face me so she ran away from there without thinking about the situation, she just is not ready to face him not now, when she just to recover this shock.
Nehal was shocked to see her di so early home as mehak informed she will late and may reach after ten at night because of some work.

Nehal: di ur back so fast , u said u will be late , did anything happen di.
Mehak : Nehal meeting got cancelled and work got completed fastly , anyway ur at home so early , oh how can i forget u had holiday from both college and workplace.come we will have lunch togather . Nehal stopped mehak from going near the dining table by holding her hand, if this was 2 years ago , nehal could have accepted mehak’s explaination but after being with mehak and spent time with other di, she started to understand her di more than anyone , knows her di as her di knows, she has also kept contacts with her di’s colleagues to know of her, di hided many things to not give tension, Nehal got to know about that from mehak’s colleagues, nehal recently came to know about the problem of arjun khurrana , but she did not interfere in that better that mehak is more stronger to deal with it, but yesterday unexpectedly mehak’s colleague phoned her said ” nehal i think arjun is genuinely likes mehak ”,

Nehal replied ” but as u described arjun, he is a playboy how can he suddenly change for di and it is suspicious, any way i will try to talk with di” , Nehal wantly asked mehak question of moving on , she herself nor will let mehak di do mistake of trusting wrong person not her mehak who only deserved happiness after this pain which she went through. If arjun genuinely wants to heal her di’s wounds and likes her, he should first his worth and gain her trust, then only she will let him enter her di’s life, she had unknownly made Shaurya enter mehak’s life which caused her di only pain which she did not deserve, she will let another person to ruin her di’s life. Nehal came out of her thoughts as mehak screamed ” nehal leave my hand”.

Nehal : di what has happened ? Please do not hide things from me atleast.
That’s it mehak broke down and hugged nehal and started crying and said ” Nehal he is back, shaurya is back”. Nehal counselled mehak by saying ” what if he is back , u will not care about it , be strong di, prove him ur the strong mehak not the weak one okay , come di let’s have lunch”.after lunch mehak locked the room door leaving Nehal alone in the hall. Till now , nehal was in assumption that her di has become strong to face shaurya but today assumption broke, maybe her di became strong not so much to face her love, today seeing mehak broken nehal realised that she never loved ajay as she never experienced the pain that her di experience , she thought her di and she shared the same pain but she was wrong her di’s pain far more painful than hers, that day Nehal understood her real pain was of mms leak not ajay cheating her , yes she was hurt but extend of mehak’s.

If this is love , nehal never wanted to love like mehak, as just do not want to experience pain. There in the locked room was vulnerable mehak crying which she did want to let anyone know unaware her sister had witness her vulnerability and decided never to love.

Precap : shaurya to get mehak’s address.

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