Mehrya My version Part 9

On next day Shaurya and Mehak went to Fun Park as Mehak wanted to go for Fun Park to have fun in the rides and water play. Both reached the fun park and had lots of fun in the rides. Mehak giggled, laughed and made funny faces as Shaurya keep taking her pictures. They came out of one of the rides and Shaurya keep staring at her, she turned and asked what he is looking at, seeing her as if seeing for first time. He said you are full of surprise and bubbly like small child. Asked you lets plan to go for outing and you said you wanted to go to Fun Park to play in rides and water. She replied I like beach too can we go another time, he hold her and said yes we will go to the best beach. She hugged him. Both continue to enjoy themselves at the Fun Park, splashing with waters on each other giggled and shared laughter.

Shaurya booked a suite at a hotel. The room decorated with flower petals and candles. Mehak surprised to see the decorations. She asked as if she don’t understand what this is all about. Why they are not going home. Shaurya hugged her tightly by her waist and said this is a surprise and it’s our first night. Mehak’s eyes opened big and she blushed. She turn her head down, Shaurya asked aren’t you excited for our first night. Mehak pushed him away and walks away and said she is sleepy, he hugged her and said well you can’t escape today as I have planned all these for you. He give her a gift bag ask her to wear this and come, she asked what this inside is, and she reluctantly took the gift bag and walked into the bathroom. Shaurya playfully said you can change here too if you want I don’t mind. Mehak took the pillow and throw at him and run into the bathroom.

Shaurya waited nearly 20 minutes for Mehak to come out from the bathroom. Mehak refuse to wear the lingerie saying it’s too short and revealing and she is shy to wear such dress. He saying he bought it from Singapore for her and she can’t even wear it for him and she finally came out from the bathroom. She ask him to turn away and don’t see her, he turned and close his eyes. He kept asking what this that he can’t see her. Mehak complain is too short and she is very shy. Shaurya turned and hugged her and seeing her bare leg in the short black dress and said she looks so hot and s*xy, she blushed and looks down. Shaurya feeds her with chocolate cake. Shaurya played gentle music and both danced looking at each other eyes, they are lost and enjoying their dance. Shaurya gently kissed Mehak in her neck then her ears. He moved her hair and kissed at the shoulder. Mehak melted in his warmness and said I love you Shaurya and kiss on his nose and gently kissed on his chin. Shaurya hold by her waist and draw her lip with his fingers and bend to kiss her on her lips. Mehak unbuttoned his shirt, Shaurya carry her to the bed and lie her down on the bed and switch off the light and consummate their first night.

The next day morning, Mehak sleeping on Shaurya’s bare chest, Shaurya admiring her beauty while she is sleeping and tucked her hair and kissed her on her fingers. She turned the other side and continue to sleep. Shaurya smiled and said why are you sleeping too long today, she replied I am so tired let me sleep for a while. He hugged her from back and asking why are you tired. Mehak said you do all the naughty things throughout night and asking me why am I tired. Go away let me sleep. Shaurya kissed her ears and shoulders and said I love you my jaan. They slept for a while together cuddling each other. After short while Mehak gets up covering herself in the blanket and searching for her night robe. Shaurya pulled her and asking where is she going, she said want to shower and get ready, she is hungry. He said she is not going anywhere and covered with the blanket and both had cute fight under the blanket.

Mehak showered and came out and saw Shaurya already called for room service for their breakfast. He ask her to sit and eat first. She came and sit with him and enjoyed their breakfast. He keep smiling at her. She asked why he keep smiling at her. He shakes his head and continue to have breakfast. Mehak rolls her eyes. They checked out and went back home. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi welcomed them at home and asked about their outings, Mehak hugged her and said everything was good. Karuna maa kissed on her forehead. Vick busy with Shaurya discussing on business matters and new projects.

White chilies business gets better with Mehak’s new recipes and ideas. Shaurya busy with new business ventures. Some asking him to open up his restaurant into franchise. He travel out of Delhi quite often. At one fine morning while all having breakfast Dolly maasi said Karva chauth is coming and this will be Mehak’s first Karva Chauth. Shaurya interrupted said Mehak does Karva chauth even before she married. Dolly maasi asked how he knows, he replied last year she did Karva chauth fasting and both trapped in an apartment. She fainted and he is the one who rescued her by giving her energy bar. Dolly maasi eyes open big and asked so both of you spent Karva chauth together last year, Mehak signaled Shaurya don’t say anything much he just realized that he said all out already. He asked why all these fasting for, if women fast and husbands live longer than what the husbands is doing for their wives.

Is just doesn’t make sense. Mehak replied this is shows how much love they share and willing to be hunger for their loved ones. It’s a culture and should be continued. Shaurya replied do whatever you want but I don’t encourage this. He took his jacket and leaving for his work. Kanta chachi, Mansi chachi, Nehal walked in with gifts. He welcomed all and ask them to be seated and called Awara to bring refreshments. He asked what this is all about. Kanta chachi said it will be Mehak’s first Karva chauth after marriage and it’s the custom for sending gifts from her mom’s house. So we came to pass the gifts. Mehak hugged Kanta and Mansi chachi. They passed the gifts and ask her to do the Karva chauth puja properly for her husband’s wellbeing. She took the gifts and get their blessings.

The next day early morning Mehak showered and gets dress up, Shaurya saw her standing in front of the dressing table. He asked where is she going so early in the morning she replied today Karva Chauth and she need to go have her rituals . He ask her come near for a while, she went to him near the bed and he wants to kiss her, she pushed him and said she already showered and don’t do naughty things today. She give a peck on the cheek and came downstairs to start the Karva chauth customs. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi prepared the sargee and some other dishes and asked her to eat properly as she will not be able to eat till moon comes out. She also offered to prepare the dishes like kada prasad for the breaking fast session in the evening, She finished preparing the prasad and Dolly maasi brings her to sit down and put mehndi. Don’t work at least for a day. Mehak sat with the mehndi artist and asking her to nice design on her both hands. Shaurya watching them and taking Mehak’s pictures. Dolly maasi ask her to get up and dance around, Mehak having fun with the other ladies and dancing around.

Karuna maa bring her to a room and pass a jewelry box. She ask what is this. Karuna maa is a gift for my daughter. You are fasting first time after marriage for my son and it’s a shagun for you. Mehak asked as it is you have given me so much gifts and now you are giving me more gifts. Karuna maa replied you are my only daughter and I will give you so much gifts and pamper you and you don’t question me ok, it’s my rights as a mom to give for my daughter. Mehak hugged her and receive the gifts. She went back to her room put the gift on the table and blowing her mehndi to dry. Shaurya came to room and saw her sitting at the bed. Her hair fell on her face and she was trying to blow the hair off, Shaurya came and tucked her hair behind the ears. He asked her what gifts she wants from him as she is fasting for him, she asked if I asked then it won’t be gift and gifts supposed to be surprise right?

He ask I don’t know what to get exactly, maybe you have something in your mind and I want to know exactly so I can get for you. Better tell quickly so he can go and get it and come home before the moonrise. Mehak rolls her eyes and replied I am fasting for you and you are asking me for a gift for myself. Why don’t you at least your mind to think what I really want and get it for me. Shaurya makes a puppy face and said these women are a hard nutshell to crack they want something but they won’t tell and make men life miserable. Mehak told him don’t waste time arguing with me think quickly and get me the gift I want. Shaurya miffed and left the room, Mehak saw him and laughed.

At evening Mehak dressing up for the puja. She was draping the saree, Shaurya saw her as she look s*xy in the red saree. Mehak was making the pleats and didn’t notice that Shaurya is seeing her, he came behind her and kiss on her back. She jumped and ask what is he doing, she is fasting and asked him to behave himself for today. He keep coming at her back to touch her back and bare waist. Mehak pushed him on the bed and don’t do anything naughty now she need to get ready for puja and check on preparations. She gets ready quickly wearing the jewelries and makeup. She about to leave the room and Shaurya pulled her and pinned her on the wall and said she forgot something. Mehak asked him to let her go maa and maasi waiting, he gently moved her hair and fix her earrings, as she forgot to wear earring on one of the ear. She pushed and smiled and went off from the room.

At downstairs Mehak prepare the puja trays and food for the breaking fast rituals. She lit up the diyas around the lawn. The pool decorated with floating flowers and candles. Other married ladies who observing the Karva chauth fast also sat together and chanting the mantras while waiting for the moon. Shaurya came in blue and red kurta and giving her flying kiss she blushed at him. Karuna maa asked where is the puja’s one of the thing is not there, Mehak offered to go and get it, as she was walking she looking at the sky and mumbling moon where you are, I am already dying of hunger and you are playing hide and seek today. Shaurya came behind her and secretly offered her a laddoo and ask her quietly eat it as moon will rise late today.

Mehak return the laddoo back to Shaurya and said this will be a sin for cheating and how if anything bad happens? She replied him I will wait till the moon comes . He hold her hand and pull her and said today you look so beautiful and s*xy give me a kiss please or else I won’t let go, Mehak was struggling to with him she covers his lips with her palms and kiss on her hands now you will only get this others all after I break my fast, he smiled and let her go. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi came and blessed Mehak she looks beautiful and hope all be good and blessed for her. Is just a little while and moon will come out and ask her to sit and rest for a while. All the ladies sat around waiting for the moon.

Mehak sat and waited patiently looking at the sky, Shaurya sent her whatSapp ask her turn behind and she turn he sent her a flying kiss she rolled her eyes and turn away. Just then Dolly maasi said the moon is here, Mehak quickly gets up and signaled Shaurya to come. She took her puja tray and the puja and gets ready to break her fast. Shaurya offered her to drink water and break her fast. He feed her food. Vicky came near Mehak and said bhaiya didn’t eat at all since morning, I think he also did Karva chauth. Shaurya signaled him to keep quite but he manage to run away. Mehak asked is it? He cupped her face and said when you fast for me for my longevity and what can I do for you to live with me. There is no meaning for me to live longer when you are not around. Your love is the air I breathe, you are my joy, my gift sent by God.

My life cannot be as beautiful without you. So I fasted for your longevity. Mehak hugged him and said I love you. Shaurya replied I love you my jaan. Now quickly feed me some food or else both of us will die today due to hunger both laughed and Mehak feed him the puriya with the kala prasad. He said is so delicious when feed by her. The food becomes tastier. Just then Karuna maa and Dolly maasi came from behind and teasing Shaurya he is becoming majnun and becoming romantic. He who don’t belief in God and always don’t like Karva Chauth is also fasting for his wife. Shaurya and Mehak blushed. Karuna maa blessed both of them and hugged them. Vicky came and asked how it is the feeling of first Karva chauth bhaiya? All laughed. All of them sat together for dinner and Dolly maasi ask both Shaurya and Mehak to eat from one plate. All guest enjoyed the meals together.

Mehak sent off guests and saw an envelope on the walk way. She took and opened them. There was riddle written in it ask her to solve this, she is sure this must be Shaurya started some new game, she read again the riddle and she thinks and goes to her room and checked on the bed and under the pillows, she found another envelope, she opened that saw another riddle asking her to check in the balcony. She found another envelope near the flower pots and opened it as she open she mumbling if this is some pranks you are playing with me he will get it from me. The riddle asked her to go to the lawn, she runs downstairs again, and she runs around the garden and reached the swimming pool side as she was catching up her breathe.

Then she saw a piñata hanging near the pool area. There was note hanging there too asking her to take a stick and hit the piñata. She search around and finds a stick and calling for Shaurya, why he doing like this and never do anything in straight forward and always does a game. She asked him to come out as she is tired now. He didn’t show up. She tried to hit the piñata after few attempts the piñata break and glitters and confetti falls on Mehak, she swirled in surprise and an envelope fell from the piñata. She picked the envelope and Shaurya just walked in she asked him what is this, he ask her to open it and she will know. She anxiously opened the envelope and a printout saying as:

Dear Wifey laddoo, thank you for fasting for me on this Karva chauth. As a gift for you I have planned for our long awaited honeymoon to Maldives and have all the fun and more surprises are on the way for you.

Mehak was so surprised she jumped and hugged Shaurya and said thank you, this is such a nice surprise. Shaurya hold her cheeks and said anything for my jaan. She cutely said you are spoiling me so much and you will regret it later. Shaurya replied to love you my whole life is not enough and I will spoil you more and more with my love and kissed her on her neck.

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